The Neko Pack

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  1. Deep in the woods, a loyal yet bloodthirsty pack of nekos roam about, seeking their kill...

    Pack name: Star

    Other packs:

    I will rp as the alpha, but here are the ranks as go:
    Beta (dating Alpha, can be homo or bi or straight)
    Peace Keeper
    Hunting Leader
    Captain of the Army
    Soldier (can be 2 or more)
    Hunters (can be 2 or more)
    Ordinary Pack Member



    Here's mine:

    Name: Peko
    Appearance: Strong, thin short man with short cut black hair and tribal paintings.
    Personality: Quiet, strong, leader type.
    Rank: Alpha
    History: Abandoned as a cub from Sky Pack, sent out into the wild to fend for himself. Started pack Star with several other abandoned nekos.
  2. Name:Nero
    Apperence:Well built,slender,white hair with ice blue eyes that are commanly thought of as grey due to the mixture of colour in them
    Personality:Sarcastic,sly,cunning and smart
    rank:Captain of the army
    History:Grew up without a pack but slowly worked his way up the ranks in star
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  3. Awesome! We'll rp when all the places are filled.
  4. i was wondering if there was healer?
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  5. Do you mind if I make a male Beta? and maybe one other?
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  6. We can have a Healer! Sign up!

    And btw absolutely!
  7. awsome ill have it up tommorow ^^
  8. Name: Emoline
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Dark and mysterious silent. and always seam to wise for her own good
    Rank: Healer.
    History: she was found in the forset near the Sun
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Kaeto
    Personality: Quiet, Calm, Strong, Quick
    Rank: Soldier
    History: His background was that of him surviving a violent attack to his old pack, which wiped them out except him and a few of his relatives. He had lost eye sight in one of his eyes which now has an eye patch over it, but if the eye patch is removed you can see the white eye which makes his red eye seem more to stick out. (i left the relative thing in there if any would like to be related to me)
  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Snow
    Personality: Stubborn, altruistic, strong, outspoken
    Rank: Teen (occasional helper in hunting)
    History: Her parents were from opposing packs and as an outcast that didn't belong to either one, she was abandoned by both and left to fend for herself
  11. Name: Ritatsu
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Calm and nice to everyone he meets. Keeps a smile on his face and helps everyone he can through their problems and never lets anyone know about his problems. He hates seeing people worry about him.
    Rank: Beta
    History: Being the little brother of Kaeto, he had lost most of his family, save for his brother, and all of his friends were killed. They wandered for a long time until coming across the new Star clan.
  12. Name: Hektia​
    Personality: Hektia is a quiet one and will keep words to a minimum unless there is a good reason. Though she is very kind to her own people, she can become deceiving and secretive to protect someone or herself.
    Rank: Peace Keeper
    History: Hektia was abandoned by her own mother when she was still young without a word. As years went by, she got more and more quiet and fended for herself. For the longest time she would think she didn't need anyone but one day she spotted a clan known as the Star Clan and warmed up easily. Hektia hates fights and seeing others hurt and tries to stop them, but if she is given no choice, she won't have a problem sneaking around. ​