The Neighbor Kid

WELLLLLLL~ ...some dogs eat toooooo much dog food and they feel all icky they do push ups on your leg. AND WHO TOLD YOU THE WORD HUMP? >: O

Why did daddy get to ride in the cop car after drinking giggle water... and not me?
Cause the only time he gets away from you is when gets thrown in jail, so its like a vacation for him - is what I would tell the neighbor kid.

Why do horses make terrible people>?
If horses were meant to be people, they wouldn't look so charming wearing blinders and a bit. Only a few women I know can pull that off, but every horse can do it flawlessly.

Why are there so many different animals?
Well, you see A man named Noah had an arc.....

Are bats really blind>?
Yes, that way it's harder for vampires to suck our blood at night because it makes it harder to find us...just make sure to keep some garlic on hand just in case!

Does God exist?