The Negotiations

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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
The world of Vataihin, a bountiful world filled with residents of every type from the plain humans to the otherworldly demons. In one such continent there are a few wealthy kingdoms, each blessed with it's own trades and skills. The two most prominent ones though are Hauden, which is a kingdom full of humans and a few other peaceful beings, and Onhonwar, a bountiful land of blood-lust and sin ruled over by a most powerful overlord .For years Onhonwar has slowly expanded its borders more and more, taking over weaker kingdoms without a second though and showing no mercy to those who defied them. The King of Hauden knew that if Onhonwar continued to grow at such an alarming rate that his own kingdom would quickly fall into it's grasp. Not wishing a horrid fate on his people, he quickly set out in hopes of forming peace with the violent and expanding country offering his kingdom's trade and help in battle.

This brought forth much commotion throughout the continent. Groups quickly formed with plans on ruining the negotiations or assassinating the Overlord in hopes of dividing the land among the other kingdoms. The other kingdoms either joined the King or made their own plans on preventing the possible alliance. Elsewhere in uncharted territory a storm of malicious intent brewed in darkness, waiting for the opportune chance to rise to power and bring an even greater threat to all.

This is where the story begins, which kingdom are you with? Are you a demon? Human? Or merely a vagabond waiting to line their pockets with gold.

Character Name:




Place of Birth:

Current Residence:



General Appearance:

Distinguishing Marks:


Current Goal/Purpose:





General Personality:

Inner Personality:





General History:

Present Life:
This map shows the borders of the Kingdoms and the Major water masses. Kingdom landscape is not shown at all.


Empire of Onhonwar: The Empire of Onhonwar is the largest and probably most deadly of all the kingdoms. The majority of its civilians are in fact demons and those who aren't are humans who devil in the dark arts or are criminals. However, just because most of the people are lawless doesn't mean the country as a whole is. There is always a ready and able militia in each town in order to keep the peace among all and to put an end to any brawls that break out. The Land is rather lush and full of unfarmed fields and thick forests ripe for the picking, however a major mountain range runs from east to west in the middle of the country, running along the borders of Kishmot and Onnar, which cuts off much or the north from the south. A pass was built into the mountains to fix this but the mountains still hinder inner trade.

Kingdom of Hauden: Hauden is the most stable and second largest kingdom. Its civilians come in a wide array of races, from elves to dwarfs. It is a lawful land and has one of the best judicial systems developed. It is also quite lush and is a major exporter of food, lumber and metals. It is rather flat save for a few valleys and and hilly areas. This land is also known for its use of light magic and purification techniques to ward of deadly curses and such. The only really trouble this kingdom has is the inner fight of whether they should make peace with Onhonwar or not.

Territory of Onnar: Onnar is in fact a giant dessert slapped between the Western Sea and Lake Tooki, it isn't even really a kingdom at all. This territory is controlled by a group of dessert nomads who travel along the Tooki coast. The land has a variety of dessert plant life but what it is most known for is for its herds of rare giant insects which the nomads hunt for food and trade away their precious exoskeletons for money or supplies. The nomads to not discriminate against anyone and trade equally with Onhonwar and Hauden, as well as the other kingdoms if they ever come into their territory.

Kingdom of Ashliquent: Ashliquent is a mountainous country full of small valley villages all connected by giant tunnels carved into the mountains. It is said there is even an underground capital city where the Royal family lives but most don't dare to find it since the tunnels are designed make anyone who does not know the way get lost and wander around until they starve or are caught in one of the many traps. The cilvilians are a mix of rugged humans and dwarfs. Ashliquent exports metals and gems majorly and it's small villages are known for growing hardy foods and herding goats on the step mountain sides. They are peaceful to most people and trade with all accept Onhonwar at the moment though it seems that they might be open to peace talks.

Kingdom of Kishmot: Kishmot is a small kingdom completely covered in forest. It is said that the forest is magical and that it is guarded by a tribe of pixies. Mostly elves live in this kingdom along with other light creatures such as nymphs and faeries. Some Humans live along the borders much not many and in rather small villages. The elves live in the forest in a tree top city connected by bridges and ropes. Kishmot has no ties to any other kingdom and seems content with taking care of it's self, the only connect to the outside it has are the humans who import supplies to keep their villages running. Kishmot also seem to be on the defensive against Onhonwar and has completely sealed off that border.

Uncharted Land: No one knows what is out there. It is dark and rainy and looks swampy. Most people don't tread there for creatures far worse than the demons of Onhonwar roam in the murky waters. It is said that there is an old abandoned tower there were a once great King lived before the land was consumed by darkness and swamp.

Character Name: Suikotsu Sanada

Gender: Male

Species/Race: ????

Age: ????

Place of Birth: Unkown Territory

Current Residence: Onhonwar

Occupation: Traveler


General Appearance:

Distinguishing Marks: Chakram like symbols on his hands feet and the back of his neck along with his seemingly empty eyes


Current Goal/Purpose: None

Likes: Extravagant weapons, exotic women, strong wine

Dislikes: Children, standing still

Talents: Highly advanced swordplay, lock picking, tracking

Inabilities: Staying in the rain, Fighting longer than a half hour

General Personality: Calm collected and efficient

Inner Personality: Dark, vicious, brooding


Weapons: Katana, Gauntlets, Knives

Magics: Weak shield, Spectral ward (ghost of himself that he controls and sees through)


General History: He used to be a greatly feared person in the unknown lands and was often sighted killing wanderers on the outskirts of onhonwar and near any others who seemed to got close to the unknown lands.

Present Life: Wanders around the continent in search of weapons and strong wines. He travels with a rather hellish looking horse twice the size of any war horse of the humans, the horse often carts around his goods without even a breath or neigh of complaint. While on his travels he tends to leave a path of destruction or salvation.

Character Name: Inaon Nykul

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human

Age: 20

Place of Birth: The Kingdom on Tennt, taken over by Onhonwar

Current Residence: Onhonwar capital

Occupation: The Overlord and Empress


General Appearance:

Distinguishing Marks: When she is wearing more revealing clothing, which is very rare, small scars become visible along her back , shoulders and upper arms. The seem to form some kind of pattern but they are so light it is rather hard to tell.


Current Goal/Purpose: To continue to grow and develop Onhonwar or to make peace with the existing Kingdoms

Likes: Outrageous gowns and clothing, Symbolic makeup, Her numerous pets, Her loyal subjects, Power and Peace

Dislikes: Threats to her people and empire, those who try to over throw her, those bent on ruining her, criminals who break her laws.

Talents: A master of the Dark Art, A skilled mediator, A great planner of battle strategies, Can sing and play the lute.

Inabilities: Light magic of any kind, Hand-to-hand combat, Cannot draw,

General Personality: Cool and aloof, Inaon seems to be the typical Overlord as she rules her land with an iron first. She shows no mercy to those who break her laws and is quick to give them proper punishment publicly so that others know what awaits them if they dare to try the same thing. She is harsh and critical in the war room but at the same time seems to listen to everyone one of her advisers with great attention. She doesn't seem to express much emotion around others and is coolly polite to people, avoiding getting close to any certain person.

Inner Personality: Privately she is still quite the young and eager girl. She smiles and laughs and jokes only with people that she truly and deeply trusts. She is gentle and kind and has much more mercy than many think her to have. Deep down she wishes for nothing more than peace and prosperity upon her land, and only takes over kingdoms that are a treat to that wish of hers. If she cannot befriend them than she will take them.


Weapons: A small dagger tucked into a sheath on her thigh.

Magics: Dark magic and curses of all sorts.


General History: Inaon's background is a tightly kept secert and only those who have been with her since the beginning know of it. What is known about the strange woman is that she spent her childhood as a servant in a temple of the dark arts where she mastered many of the spells and curses. However, no temple in Onhonwar can claim to have taught her anything so it is assumed the temple that had raised her was destroyed at some point before her come to rule and her leaving the place. By what no one is completely sure.

She has also been ruling and waring from the young age of 17, meaning that she had some type of contact with a battle master of some sort early on. As how she had been able to take over the most people with tell is that she came in one day, pearched on a giant horse with an army of men and demons alike, the front line stretching for miles and miles both ways. Her amry charged into battle and soon the kingdom of Tennt was claimed and the royal army either killed or captured.

Present Life: Since her first battle she had been claming land left and right, building up her empire to its current size. She has stopped her onward march of destruction in hopes of stabalizing her kingdom on the inside and forming a peace of some sort for the chaotic bunch she calls civilians. She is currently starting up help programs for beginning farmers as well as organizing a police force and army to watch over her people and keep the peace, the only protection they currently have being small organized militias.


Character Name: Atai Stonebarren

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Age: 26

Place of Birth:
Kingdom of Ashliquent

Current Residence: Wanderer. Changes locations day to day.

Occupation: Ex-Knight of Ashliquent


General Appearance:

View attachment 3308

Distinguishing Marks:

Branded with the royal crest of Ashliquent on his upper back. Various scars, the largest of which is across his midsection.


Current Goal/Purpose: To regain respect in his kingdom.

Likes: Nature, the earth, precious metals, weapons, meat, ale, the dark

Dislikes: Sunshine, running (metaphorically), treason, the life he currently lives

Talents: Swordsmanship, various weapon skills, mining, horse-riding, survival

Swimming, social grace, keeping his cool. PTSD

General Personality: Detached, edgy, paranoid, good-natured and kind despite his mental disabilities. Inept, observant, brave, cautious

Inner Personality: Sad, lonely, resentful, hateful


Weapons: A gift from the king, The Nature's Kiss. Created by the dwarfs and named so because of the earth elemental powers it possesses. It was forged of rare metal harvested deep within the earth from his home in Ashliquent.

Magics: None.


General History: Born to a noble family living in the kingdom of Ashliquent, he was raised in a human community that shared the land with Dwarfs. Although most of the humans lived above ground, some lived under. The extensive underground capitol city, that would be considered Ashliquent proper, boasted an intricate Tunnel system as a method of defense. During his childhood years Atai would spend much of his time below the ground, running messages for his father to the above ground section of Asliquent. During this time he would also spend hours watching the soldiers train, he mirrored their actions and was more than proficient with the sword by the age of 13.

Atai quickly rose through the ranks, showing exceptional sword mastery as well as leadership skills. At the age of 19 he was promoted to Knight and from there went to defend the kingdom against those that brought war and malice into it's lands. Four years of righteous defense, four years of blood soaked battle fields and four years of unwavering dedication. Atai showed time and time again that his skills on the battle field were second to none, tearing through enemy armies -sometimes even greatly outnumbered. Eventually his skill and dedication were noticed by the king, and became near legend in the kingdom. It was said that Atail controlled the vicious elements of nature due to his upbringing underground with the Dwarfs. This is actually only part true. Atai has no natural magic ability, but his sword, the natures Kiss, does. It was given to him from the King as a gift. On the day Atai received the weapon he was also made personal defender to the king; A royal retainer and body guard.

Atai, although happy to be serving his king, was in internal chaos. He had a gripping guilty feeling about being taken off the battle field, knowing his fellow knights were dying and shedding blood for the kingdom, while he was stuck in the throne room. Nightmares of blood haunted his dreams, a direct result of the guilt he felt. His brothers were dying and he was helpless to do anything about it, in his dreams, he was helpless as the screams haunted him night after sleepless night. After a year of this, Atai was ragged and beat. During one of his guard duty shifts in the outer halls of the throne room, an assassin slipped by him. Although his attempt on the kings life was not successful, Atail was banished from the kingdom for a thousand years.

Present Life: Draped in dark greens and browns, Atai waders from town to town, forest to forest, kingdom to kingdom. He travels day after day, as if running from his past. His only thoughts are that of restoring his honer in Ashliquent. He knows that bringing peace to the land might be his first step in doing this, but he is completely alone and nothing in the world seems more out of reach.

Harpy, ya need a necromancer adviser/diplomat for your empress?
Oh~ That would be great Vay!

Character Name: Jace AKA Jace the Shunned AKA Jace of Avarice

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Age: 24

Place of Birth: Unknown/Possibly Kingdom of Hauden

Current Residence: Wanderer/Nomad

Occupation: Nomad/Thief/"Treasure Hunter"


General Appearance:

Distinguishing Marks: Long, deep, red and blackened scars are visible on his back. He refuses to talk about them.


Current Goal/Purpose: To take what he deserves from the world, to collect on royalties long overdue in his life, and to just try and make his life easier.

Likes: Money, women, thievery, alcohol, music, adventure

Dislikes: Children, other thieves, being underestimated, being poor/broke

Talents: First class thief, expert in knife/dagger wielding, acrobatic, silver tongue

Inabilities: Charity, manners, keeping his cool around other thieves, sandstorms/dust devils

General Personality: Persuasive, curt, lecherous, greedy, aplomb, fearless

Inner Personality: Scared of the future, lonely, repentant


Weapons: Two daggers; Avarice and Greed, slew of small throwing knives, emergency daggers in boots.

Magics: Knows only enough to make a small flame on his fingers, a trick taught by a elf thief from his vagabond group.


General History: Given up by his biological parents to the nomads of the Kingdom of Onnar, Jace never knew his parents. He grew up with the nomads, being taught by the elders the same as they would their own children. However, among the other children his age, and even some of the parents and other nomads, he was rather disliked, seen as an outsider and a nuiscance, it being frowned upon to teach a total outsider the trade of the nomads. They may be open minded to traders, but they guarded their secrets closely. It made Jace into a rather hardy kid, learning to fend for himself early on in life. When he was old enough to be considered an adult, he immediately left the nomad tribe, tired of their constant chastising. Memory serves of him kicking a rather prominent nomad who disliked him between the legs, laughing and walking off to the Kingdom of Hauden and Ashlinquent.

There, in Ashlinquent, he was scouted by a group of local vagabonds and thieves, learning their trade and becoming a skilled thief. Here, he stumbled on the idea; "Why should I still suffer being poor when I can just take what I deserve?" He left the troupe to simply wander the many kingdoms, to simply enjoy his freedom and life of leisure, stealing and womanizing anyone and anything he wanted

Present Life: Jace now wanders around, staying in towns for maybe a few weeks tops, enjoying the new venue and scoping out possible high profile heists and any ladies that catch his fancy.


Theme Song: Shadow Man - The OneUps

Character Name:



Age: 26

Place of Birth: Deshnec (country now part of the empire)

Current Residence: Onhonwar capital

Occupation: Imperial Onhonwar Advisor bearing the title of lord, Necromancer.


General Appearance:

Distinguishing Marks:

Electric blue eyes that darken to black of he over extends his powers as his soul is drawn closer to the underworld to calls upon.

Burn scar in the center of his chest from a 'training accident'.


Current Goal/Purpose: To facilitate the expansion of and to protect the interests of the empire. To marry Juno.

Likes: Studying his art, the intrigue of the courts, the march of progress, the drums of war, the dead, Juno.

Dislikes: Substandard lodgings, wind mages, clerics, rebels, self righteous assholes.

Talents: Dedicated scholar, advisor and diplomat. He had been trained for his role since birth and his title and position in courthas been passed though his family for generations.

Inabilities: Light magic, impatient, no sense of humor.

General Personality: A typical necromancer, cold, logical, almost soulless at times with a tendency not to say what he really means. This does not mean he lies but you might have to look past the surface to catch his meaning.

Inner Personality: Unlike some necromancers Vindicus did not have to barter away his soul to master the art, while he would undoubtedly become more powerful if he did he still has very human feelings under the icy exterior, though don't expect him to show them unless he chooses to.


Weapons: Chillbone: A longsword seemingly made from a large jagged piece of ice that never melts, it contains the trapped souls of all it has slain in its long history.

Magics: Dark attack magic, summoning and turning undead. Communicating with the dead. Traveling through the underworld.


General History: Born and groomed for a life on court even before the empire was founded, he never knew his mother and there are doubts she was human. His father never spoke of her though and in fact spoke very little spending much of his time in court, study, travel or negotiation he was mainly raised by servants who came and went and grew detached from most and began reading books from his father's library.

When he reached his teens he was sent away to study magic it an academy far from Onhonwar as a way of gaining experience with people of other nations. There he was largely recluse yet still learned a great deal and met Juno.

Present Life: After his father's death he was forced to return early and take his appointed role in the court, still adjusting to life back in the capitol he is nonetheless determined to help heal the ill the criminals bring to Onhonwar and help it become great as well as somehow to get Juno's hand.

Note, Juno will be played by Nino.. her sheet should be up soon. Jealous fiancee anyone?
Love all of the characters guys! They all look wonderful!

Vay~ You guys sounds perfect but I would just like to add that Onhonwar was not established until long after he was born. If you could just add that fact to his history and such I would appreciate it very much. Otherwise I love him and can't wait to see how things play out with him! ^w^

Character Name: Leanna
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Dryad
Age: Her tree is nearly 50, although that's fairly young for a tree and it shows in her humanoid form. She appears as a girl in her late teens.
Place of Birth: Kishmot
Current Residence: Flitting around the world. Currently in Hauden.
Occupation: N/A


General Appearance: Warning ya now, image is kind of NSFW. Here: Thick vines cover anything that humans might deem "inappropriate", but there's still a vast amount of tanned arms, legs and stomach in plain sight.
Distinguishing Marks: You might call the lack of clothes somewhat distinguishing.


Current Goal/Purpose: Learning about the world outside her home.
Likes: Adores music and dancing. Enjoys learning about other people, races and countries.
Dislikes: Deathly afraid of fire. Hates those that desecrate or damage nature.
Talents: She can change her form, essentially transforming into a tree. She can take aspects of nature and grow them around her human form or manipulate them to aid her in violent situations, but both of these are typical traits for most dryads. Other than that, she is very light on her feet, making her skilled at stealth-based tasks.
Inabilities: She is rather useless with weapons, never having had to use them before. She's also pretty inept at cooking given she normally absorbs nutrients from the earth through her arboreal body.
General Personality: Fairly quiet for the most part, and incredibly stubborn, though her heart's in the right place. Seems to prefer the darkness of the night to the light of day. Happiest in a peaceful atmosphere.
Inner Personality: She's a lot more curious than she appears and tends to listen rather than speak, hence her quiet nature. She is attuned to the earth and animals, and can tell when they're in pain; she wishes to protect them from that pain and it gives birth to a longing for peace.


Weapons: N/A
Magics: If there is nature around, she can manipulate it. Vines can be used as potentially deadly whips or nooses. Tree roots become akin to bear traps, and the bark of trees can be encouraged to grow around a victim to hold them.


General History: She's lived in the woods of Kishmot for most of her life, given that it was her natural habitat and she was most comfortable there. She would lurk around the borders, watching people who came and went. She built up fictional lives for them in her mind and was satisfied with that for long years. Eventually though, she found herself wondering what actually happened outside of the forest and made the decision to find out for herself.

Present Life: Leanna has found her way to the empire of Onhonwar in an attempt to learn more about the world outside her forest, although she's so jumpy that it's clear she'd be back to her home in next to no time if she heard word of danger.
Alright, the characters are looking good! Now if anyone is interested in playing the King of Hauden I think we'll be good to start out!

Character Name: Junario Ashliquent

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human

Age: 23

Place of Birth: Ashliquent

Current Residence: She travels pretty much everywhere her parents aren't- so right now, Onhonwar. She is on her way to meet the Empress.

Occupation: Princess of Ashliquent, Scholar and Tudor.


General Appearance: Junario looks very much like her mother, with fiery red hair and green eyes. Even though she has left her kingdom for now, she still dons the robes of her lineage. She is tall and slender, much like her father and is very fast when she needs to be. Most of the time, she has small bifocals on her nose and when she is not teaching, removes them.

Distinguishing Marks: A scar on her shoulder, from one of her "battles".


Current Goal/Purpose: To avoid her arranged marriage and eventually gain the throne.

Likes: Training, sharing her knowledge, fire, cooking meals, her father and Vindicus.

Dislikes: Her "fiancée", her mother, being tied down, losing, politics, being underestimated and necromancers.

Talents: Much to her mother's dislike, Junario excelled in her studies as well as the use of her magic. Now, she travels around, summoned by all sorts of delegates to assist and often train.

Inabilities: She is a scholar, yet Junario is incapable of understanding politics. She gets frustrated and angry when her mother makes her attend court and she also avoids politics in her teachings. In her mind, her father died because of them, so she avoids it at all costs.

General Personality: Junario was raised in a very strict household; when she left her kingdom, she tried to lower the walls built up around her. Since knowledge of her abilities has traveled as far (if not further) than she has, she tries her hardest to keep serious. A very stern and bossy teacher, she (as well as her student) is proud of the results when she finally leaves.

Inner Personality: She is very kind, passionate and sweet when she wants to be; something that is only known by close friends and Vindicus. Junario rarely shows it, but she chooses to work with dealings of her heart, rather than her mind. Knowledge has its boundaries, like her father used to say…


Weapons: Her late father's claymore and her fists, if needed.

Magics: Like her mother and father, Junario is an exceptional fire mage.


General History: Junario was born from two very opposite people; her mother, the socialite and politician and her father, the fighter and scholar. Since her birth, she had been a disappointment to her mother- when the princess took her first steps; she also carried around a little wooden sword.

The queen watched in agony for years that her daughter would rather be a skilled fighter and scholar than a fearsome dictator.

She chose the path of the enlightened and when her father was killed, the queen was pleased. Now, she could mold Junario into what she wanted, without interruptions. Years had passed without the princess's attention and when she was put in an arranged marriage, she suddenly vanished.

Present Life:
Junario now roams the land and trains those who seek her knowledge; she has dismissed her last name and tries to hide from the fate that her mother decided for her. At this point, she is traveling to meet with the Empress Inaon.

Character Name: Camus Sal'dien

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Age: 16

Place of Birth: Hauden City, Kingdom of Hauden

Current Residence: Hauden City

Occupation: Kingling


General Appearance: Camus stands at roughly five feet seven inches. He has an athletic build and august features, something akin to that of a young roman emperor. He has blonde short hair and blue eyes.

Distinguishing Marks
: long scar on his left hand starting at the first digit and extending across the back of the hand to near the wrist.


Current Goal/Purpose: Bring peace to his country and prevent war to the continent

Likes: Cookies, Swordplay, Stories

Dislikes: War

Talents: Silver Tongue, Magical Training

Inabilities: Naivety, Magical Ineptness

General Personality: Camus comes off as a charming young man, albeit naive and shelterd. He seems excited at some of the most simplest of things and always seems to be hurried at the drop of the hat for those things.
Inner Personality: In rare cases however he shows this to be a very good act or a form of mental protection as he has in rare cases shown to be a very methodical and serious person.



Royale - The symbol of his authority, albeit not the only one. The royal scepter of his family has been passed down from king to king and as well as being an weapon (albeit an improvised one) it acts as a magical focus.

Astra - Another weapon handed down among successors. A longsword with a thinner then normal blade, it's manufacture is unknown outside of myth. Crafted from metal that fell from the stars it bears a series of markings in a lost language on the blade. Besides this however the word's meaning has been passed down between King and successor since the sword's manufacture.


Summon Rodent - A perfect example of his ineptness with magic. This spell should be self explanatory.

Cure Bruises - Another example of his ineptness. A minor healing spell.

Flame Burst - Camus summons up a arrow of fire that shoots from his hand at a target. When it hits it bursts out as a small explosion.

Dragon's Humbler
- Camus can, on rare occasions excel in magic. Using Royale as a focus and pouring all but a fraction of his concentration into it he can generate a fire ball that is large and powerful enough to obliterate villages in one shot. However the drain from this is immense and leaves him needing at least a few days of rest before he can use magic again.


General History: Camus grew up the only son of the King of Hauden. As such it was his place to inherent the throne. Since he was young he has been learning the art of statecraft, warfare, economics, magic, and many other. When he was thirteen a rebellion occurred along the boarder. He was assigned to follow the war and study how the generals led, so that he may one day lead his people in war should it come. During one skirmish the lines fell into disarray and he found himself fighting in the thick of it. Luck would have him and he survived, however he was wounded.
On the day of his sixteenth birthday however tragedy occurred. The palace was attacked by would be assassins during the royal birthday party. While the guard struggled against the crowds and the assassins at the same time his father, the King, was mortally wounded. He himself was also a target however they failed. Rushing to his father's side he comforted him until he died. Then he took the circlet from his father's head and placed upon his head in a on the spot coronation, vowing to hunt down those responsible.

Present Life: Suspicion has filled his head since even before he took on the crown regaurding the Empire to the south and it's involvment in his father's death. Coupled with that is it's hasty expansion. Judging that they plan to start a war that will engulf the entire continent he has began to form a delegation to try and sway the Empire from it's course.