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  1. Want me to post my profile first? Like picture name and age?
  2. Can you post it first though?
  3. Name: James Lin
    Age: 32
    Personality: Quiet individual who only says what needs to be said.
    Likes: He has a fondness for alcohol.
    Dislikes: He actually doesn't care for his job but does it anyways.
  4. James was sitting in his chair behind his desk waiting for the girl who had applied recently. He checked his watch and saw it was still 5 minutes before the agreed upon time. He twirled a pen in his fingers and peered through his glasses at her application in front of him, "Hmm. An interesting resume..."
  5. Angel had put on a skirt and a tank top. So she would look nice. She put on her heels fixing her hair before she went to go to her cute car. She grabbed her purse thinking. She then went to her car and started driving. She smiled softly soon she made it before she went to the door sje knocked on it.
  6. He heard a soft knock at his door and checked his watch. Right on time. Smiling he calls out, "Enter." as she opens the door he looks up at the pretty young girl before him, "You must be Angel."
  7. Angel smiled hearing this. She slowly enters before she smiled and headed over a to him. Sne went to sit down smiled and nodded " I am " she said softly. Looking over at him thinking. What was he looking for. " look this job would mean a lot I mean I would do anything to keep this job or to get this job. " sje didn't know how he would take that.
  8. He nodded almost to himself as she sat down, "So you really want this job and I really need someone to fill the position. What can you do for me?" he started with a basic question to find out what she is capable of.
  9. Angel smiled as she looked at him. " i can give you some coffee.. and run errands like get you food while you work , organize your table.. and anything else you want me to do " she smiled at him softly. she said " I am very open and can work around things pretty well "
  10. "I see." he leaned back in his chair and regarded her with scrutinizing eyes looking her up and down, "So you can work around things? Give me an example."
  11. Angel sighed softly looking down knowing he wanted to. She leaned back as she Crosse her legs. She said " I have too many" she thought hard " well I have lots of siblings so try working three jobs while going home yo raise them " she smiled lightly. Sje was happy. " also I was going to school at the time. And raising them"
  12. He looks at a paper on his desk grabbing it and reading a little, "Ok then." he set the paper down smiling and stood up, "Thank you for the application. I will think about it and if I want you I will give you a call." he extended his hand to her.
  13. Angel smiled softly. She then nodded " alrighty " she nodded she stood up fixing the skirt before she went to grab hos hamd. Sje smiled lightly. She looked over at him. She tilted her head and smiled.she went to go. " that all you need?"
  14. "Unless there is something you want to say at the moment." he let go of her hand, "Yes that should be it." he chuckled lightly and shook his head, "Actually I will give you a deal since no one else has applied. If you can do something right now that will convince me to hire you. I will hire you right now."
  15. Angel smiled abd then felt hum let go. She grinned thinking if she should. She then said " ok well when I said anything you want help with.. I meant anything. " she winked and smiled. " you'll be the boss... you call the shots" she said tk gim. She whispered into his ear. " I truly do mean anything. " she whispered in his ear.
  16. He shivered and laughed a little, "Technically I'm not your boss yet. So you still get to make your own choices." he whispered in her ear, "I was hoping you meant anything."
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