【 The Necromancer 】MxM 18+


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This is an "original" idea inspired by my wattpad story "Grave Adventures". You can skim through the three chapters I have if you want to get a general feel of how the RP is going to go BUT that's completely optional.

The premises: Set in Victorian London, a necromancer and his undead assistant live within a world reliant on corpses. Through the years society had become largely desensitized, viewing 'funerals' as obsolete, and treating the reanimated bodies as mere objects. This was largely due to the fact that corpses become dangerously violent when exposed to strong feelings of 'love' and 'affection'. There are still, however, a dwindling number of people referred to as 'necrophiliacs' who still bury their loved ones and believe in treasuring the dead. Due to the backlash and danger, they may encounter these groups tend to live on the outskirts of society.

Important Background Context:
  • Necromancers are a very sparse and largely mysterious group of individuals. No more than five currently exist as far as humanity is aware. They are governed by 'The Council', which is compromised of ancestral Necromancers who have ascended into another realm of existence. They are the force that both guides, commands, and punishes those under their rule.
    • While no one in their right mind would outright insult a Necromancer they are still inadvertently shunned by humanity. Due to their secretive nature and constant isolation, many disturbing rumors have circulated and taken root. Most humans go out of their way to avoid them when and if they appear (although their appearances are entirely unknown to the majority).
  • Ghouls were originally humans who had survived on the flesh and blood of their own kind for a prolonged amount of time before finally succumbing and transforming into a brain-dead, flesh-eating monster.
    • The 'assistant' role is a Ghoul who had been 'reanimated' and because of this, they've regained awareness. As a side-effect, however, they don't remember any of their past human memories. Due to their Ghoul anatomy, they need to consume fresh or live human flesh as dead and decomposing meat is poisonous to them. The Necromancer provides this by letting their assistant 'feed' on them as Necromancers are endowed with ridiculous healing capabilities and can regrow limbs if need be.
  • Corpses are currently the backbone of humanities labor-work force after a devastating war that had killed billions of people. They've been integrated so well that most speculate that society would capitulate without them.
    • Their uses can be 'customized' through the power and skill of a Necromancer. (Ex: The corpse of a little girl could be 'customized' to be able to carry ten tons of weight)
That's all I have so far and I'm entirely open to any ideas or plot candies.
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