The National Gladiator League

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  1. This Roleplay takes place in the year 2023. Not much has changed, politicians argue and make laws, the people work, eat, sleep, and enjoy their lives. But one thing has changed. A new sport has emerged, and has taken the world by storm.

    It is known as "Gladiators!". A deadly sport played only by the brave, or crazy, watched over by the National Gladiator League. Like many professional sport's leagues, the NGL makes up a group of teams, 11 to be exact, who battle against each other, using modern military weapons and equipment, to win the Gladiator Championship.

    All characters will be members of one team who may or may not make it to the finals depending on how good they are. No one will be forced to die. Now contrary to popular belief, not all the gladiators who fought in the arenas to entertain the masses were slaves. Thousands of men and women were lured into battle with promises of gold and glory. And while most were impoverished citizens and ex-soldiers, there were also some members of the upper-class eager to show off their skills. Basically, characters will be volunteers, and can come from all walks of life.
    NGL Scheduling:
    Draft Day: Teams will draft recruits based on their performances in various tests such as obstacle courses, medical examinations, etc. to measure their aptitude as soldiers.
    Training Camp- This is pretty self explanatory. Draftees will learn tactical formations, teamwork, hand-to-hand combat, think basic training in the military.
    Pre-Season- These are basically practice fights, and the first chance for recruits to test their skills in combat. Teams will fight against each other using non-lethal weapons. Deaths can still happen, but it is rare.
    Regular Season- Teams will combat against each other in Ten on Ten matches. The number of personnel per team is fifty people, so all teams can fight in at least five games before being unable to continue. Once only four teams are left standing, that is, having soldiers remaining who can fight. The playoffs start.
    Playoffs- These are all out fights to the death, consisting of two rounds. Round 1: Team A vs. Team B and Team C vs. Team D. Round 2 the winners of round one compete in one last fight to the death. The winners become champions, bathed in riches and glory. What's different from Regular Season games is you're no longer restricted to ten on ten matches. All able bodied men and women fight to annihilate the other team, and the arena may be just a little different. Moving cover, mine fields, that sort of thing.

    Arenas: Keeping in line with other popular sports, every team will have a home arena, which will give them the home-field advantage. Gladiator arenas are large rooms with ample cover looking something like this:
    Gladiator course.jpg
    Each is just a little bit different but not completely. And there is equal protection for both sides. What I mean is one team won't start on an open field where they can be just mowed down immediately by the opposing side.

    Weaponry: We're still working out the specifics. All gladiators will be using modern day arms. An assault rifle, a handgun, a grenade of some kind, a combat knife or other melee weapon, and some other type of equipment depending on personal preference and what is decided before the thread is made

    Off the Arena: This RP will not take place entirely in the arena. Just like sports stars today characters can go out and spend their very high paychecks to do whatever they feel like doing. Whether that means drinking, gambling, joyriding, or just ordering a pizza and hanging out. Your character's choice. Dates are permitted as long as it is consensual and follows Iwaku rules.

    So that's the idea. Looking to see if anyone is interested and am willing to accept input to make this idea better. If interested do say so, because if none is expressed I won't create a thread for this just to feel sad when no one applies. Thank you for reading, and happy RPing.

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  2. I'm interested. =D
  3. I'm interested as well. I'm military, so I can help consult with weapons and tactics.
  4. Edited the post a little. I could use a couple more equipment ideas. Oh and I also got the symbols for the eleven teams I mentioned. Will describe them all when I make a thread. Thank you for your kind words.
    @Vonghese thanks. I'll probably end up relying on your input later.
  5. I think that it would be interesting to have different companies sponsor different teams. So Colt would sponsor one team, and they'd use M4s. Kalashnikov would sponsor another team, and they'd use AK-47s.
  6. Oh that's a good idea. I'm going to sleep but it'd be nice to strike up a conversation on what teams use what later
  7. Groovy. Wicked cool.
  8. Here are the teams. I grabbed a few emblems from all around the internet. If they resemble any other group it's purely accidental. @Vonghese if you'd like we can work out which team carries what equipment. Anyone else who wants to put in any input is welcome to.
    Blackskull emblem.jpg
    The Black Skulls, the word Powerful comes to mind to describe this team. While not overly brutal, this team possesses no mercy, and operates like a well-oiled machine. The crown was added recently, after their forth championship win a row. They're the team to beat.
    Black Boar Emblem.png
    The Raging Boars. These guys are all about attack. Let them outflank you and you're doomed.
    Dog emblem.jpg
    War Dogs. Very cunning and they adapt to their opponent's weaknesses well
    Chipmunk emblem.jpg
    The Screaming Chipmunks. Do not underestimate this team, kinda wanting this one to be ours but I'll make it a group decision xD
    Lion head emblem.jpg
    The Lionhearts. Courageous and heroic. This team relies on it's strength and superior skills to win in battle.
    Raging Minoutar emblem.jpg
    The Minotaurs. These guys are defensive, drawing their opponents in and then winning with one big counter-attack.
    Sphinx Emblem.jpg
    The Sphinx. The most mysterious of all the teams. They are the deadliest team in hand to hand combat, and enjoy getting close enough to stab their opponents. Still just as proficient in a gun fight.
    Eagle emblem.jpg
    Soaring Eagles. The most charismatic of all the teams. While they don't have a particular strength they are very good all around fighters. (this team would be my second pick for the characters' group.)
    Hydra emblem.png
    The Hydra. These guys are ruthless to the point of cruelty. While most shoot to kill these guys shoot to mortally wound, making their victims suffer before putting a bullet in the head, making sure they're not going to get an open casket funeral.
    Stag emblem.png
    The Hunters. This team employs stealth tactics and use of traps and bait to win it's battles. Careful not to get caught in one of their ambushes or you're dead.
  9. Wolf emblem.jpg
    Wolf Pack. These guys are tactical, working as a team to bring down their enemies.

    Sorry. It'll only let me upload ten files per post xD
  10. I like the Screaming Chipmunks idea.

    As far as loadouts, I can discuss it with you whenever we're both on.
  11. But I wanted to be a whimpering rabbit. D=
  12. Interesting... I'm not a militar... but I'm weapon fan and love tactics games.... and explosions o3o but stealthiness too...
  13. Requesting urgently... an Executive Decision from the GM when he comes back... do we RP realistically, or stylized?
  14. I like to keep things realistic. Doesn't mean you can't add a stylized touch as long as it's not too much.
  15. @Vonghese I just got off work and am pretty free the rest of the day whenever you get on
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