The Nation of BISON! (for the bored -.-)

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  1. Welcome to the world of the BISON (yes I know they look like pokemon but they are BISON go see an orthodontist.)
    Ahem. Well Welcome to the random world of the BISON where we do whatever we want in our world. Our BISON create everything with just their minds. But, dont feed your pet BISON and he gets huge mean violent and pissed. so make sure you feed em.



    Kena Isuko (open)

    Name: Kena Isuko
    Personality: Amazing
    Creative Personality: He loves summoning large skyscapers and slides.
    BISON Hungies?: Apples. Just Apples.
    pissed BISON: His tail is used like a giant wrecking ball to smash Kena's building and slides.
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  2. Kena was walking when he noticed a girl walking around with a small tiny BISON. "Full speed ahead B!" Kena stumbled to a stand as the horse giraffe thing ran at her. "I am thinking... GIANT SLIDE!" A random slide appeared underneath the girl causing her to roll down hill. "JAGGED SKYSCRAPER!" A giant skyscraper lifted her in the air. "OK bud super long legs." The BISON lifted Kena to the top of the building. "How do ya do!"
  3. Abby looks at him confused while she flips a knife in her hands petting her bison "Good and how are you wait one second." She Gives her bison a snickers bar and then faces him. " Now do I have to worry about stabbing you or nah?" She creates a small ice slide going around the building and slides down it her bison following her. "I dont very much like heights" Although she seemed perfectly calm up there.
  4. "If you don't like heights why are you in my city?" The part of the landscape they were in was filled with Skyscrapers, apple trees, and slides. Two random mini-moons circled the city as well. He hopped down a small cloud slowing his descent. His BISON ran off somewhere. "So where is your city or were you just created?"
  5. Abby looks at him "Im going to my city I have to pass though yours though" She begins to unwrap a snickers bar splitting it in half with her bison. "Its quite far so I doubt you would even know it." She sticks her knife in her boot her bison happily chewing on the snickers bar she gave it. "What is your name boy." It sounded more of a command then question coming from her.
  6. A giant glittering sign appeared on a building. Fireworks went off. His cloud flew High in the sky before he flipped off. "It's Kena!"
  7. "Wow Nice To meet you" She begins walking by him the fireworks putting no sense of excitement on her face, "I live beyond that hill over there in the kingdom of ice and snow" It was quite odd since she had shorts and a tanktop on.
  8. "You must have just gotten here if you wanted you could be there in split kneck time in style." Kena clapped his hands together forming a ball of wind. Slamming it on the ground and moving out the way a large sports car appeared. "Or you can ask your BISON to enhance it's abilities." He snapped his fingers and the city was all of a sudden busy with people and traffic. "Now if you excuse me I have a city to govern." He sped off outside the city his BISON jumping in the car with an apple.
  9. Adira was floating by happily.
  10. As Kena drove it formed a road behind him. He swerved off the road quickly. Hopping out of his car that was just smashed.

    Name: Ant Spikes
    Personality: Meany
    Destructive Personality: Tall things
    BISON Hungies?: Ice cubes, and cabbage patch dolls.
    pissed BISON: When is it not?
  11. Adira saw the car and gasped at the crash
  12. "Damnit Ant!" The guy stood there laughing at Kena. Pointing at Kena Ant's BISON charged but was knocked out of the way by a giant wrecking ball... tail. "Way to go bud!" Ant hissed they both charged. Ant throwing shadow balls, Kena throwing lightning balls. They clashed as the BISON sat eating around. Kena delivered a clean kick at the same time Ant landed a decisive punch. Kena slid back as well as Ant. Ant called his BISON over Kena doing the same neither going back to their cities.
  13. Adira watched the two bison fighting with curiosity. "Uh.. Eh.. Yeah excuse me? Uh.. Do you mind telling me why you two are fighting?" She asked sweetly.
  14. Kena looked over to the girl, he fell back onto a random tree stump. Resting his head against his hand he explained the situation. "In this world they're many different kinds of people. Violent. Angry. Energetic. So on, each wanting their own thing. Some want to be King of this world and challenge a man with both power to create and destroy. Every so often creative BISON and destructive BISON clash. We try to end these fights in a tie, because of the consequences for losing."

    Kena stretched his arms to the sky as much as he could before laying back, the log adjusting to his size. "So who are you?"
  15. Adira made a chair out of vines appear and sat in it as she listened closely to the boy. "Uh huh. I see, oh me? I'm Adira, nice to meet you. And you are?" She asked curiously.
  16. Abby Was using a small Sled made of ice creating an ice trail in front of her including snow clouds and laying back sledding along kena's city. Her bison was laying next to her as it gently left claw marks in the snow switching sides from time to time. She looked at the passing buildings I bet I can make something better than this. When she got to a plain open spot she and her bison had claimed (Not pee -_-) And began building well creating her city[​IMG] She made sure her city was beautiful but full of ice at the same time creating a frozen river and snow piles.
  17. Kena closed his eyes creating a devious cat like face. Jumping into the air landing on his BISON, a sign with flashing lights pointed at him reading Kena Isuko. "Name's Kena! Nice to meet ya Adira! You must be new around here?" He floated around Adira his BISON nibbling an apple staring.
  18. She looked at her city proud of her work making sure the ice would not melt and that her city would be full of awesome people. She made the people all have cat tails and ears making polar bear people, wolves, cats, and more! Making her city gleam with blue fire that was cold to the touch. "There now I have my own Ice city!" She looked at her bison and her bison made a smile.
  19. Shiro saw the giant city of Ice and gawked. He cleared his throat. "Excuse me Adira." Running to his city he made buildings even larger created a giant wall around this part of the city. Then he raised the elevation of the ground. Running out of room he expanded the planet's diameter. The next thing he built was an apple orchid that circled the inner city. Building another wall he made archways and bridges that went over the grassy meadow of trees directly to the city. He then created a stationary mini-moon slightly bigger than the other two. He then created a skyscraper that pierced straight through it. And lastly he updayed the buildongs with exotic colors, added a park full of child friendly playground sculptures, and the streets were see through allowing you to see the lake the city now rested on.

    "Top that Ms.Abby."
  20. Adira clapped her hands and giggled at the boys display of his name. "Yes I'm new.. is it that obvious?" She asked while watching the two building cities as high to the sky as they fought to build an impressive city just to out do the other. Giggling slightly she pet her bison happily while she watched the two go at it.
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