The Nation of BISON! (for the bored -.-) OOC

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  1. Name: Abby
    Personality: Sweet to those she knows Violent Smart Strong Amazing Curious Agile Carries along a knife with her
    Creative personality: Creating things out of snow and ice and also making different sculptures and buildings
    Bison Food: Snow cones, Ice cream, cookies or snickers bars
    Pissed Bison: Huge absul like creature but much scarier and meaner[​IMG]
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Misty Green
    Personality: Funny, cheerful, bubbly
    Creative Personality: Loves to summon and play with the elements.
    BISON Hungies?: Dum Dum pops
    pissed BISON: Huge big bear.
  3. (Adira's phone doesn't allow pics to be copied this is her CS)
    Name: Adira
    Personality: happy, curious, sweet, kind, stubborn, calm
    Creative Personality: happyyyyy
    Hungry Bison: snickers, chocolate, anything
    Pissed Bison: runs over everything in it's path

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  5. Because I was boooooooioiiooooooguxdhdtjd FGjyhoooooired
  6. Continue thy war!
  7. Oh god xD
  8. You shall face me frenchies or yee shall fry >:I With a side of mash potatoes!
  9. I'm sure Shiro
  10. ~Turns into purple staring monster~ *Heavy breathing* I'm.... Waiting.... For.... You....
  11. Bring it!
  12. -Devours Adira whole- *Burp* Yum... You... Waited... Too... Long... To... Begin... Thy... War...
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