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    The Book
    Stories have been told of monsters and mayhem. War and bloodshed. Demons manipulating mortals in a continuous struggle between good and evil.
    Swords to battle axes and spells to incantations. Though all of these weapons and tools were used for uncanny things, only one object has yet to be used, only because even the darkest of evils stray away from the madness it contains.
    A long long time ago, before the Earth had even existed as an idea to the Gods, a single page floated out from the darkness and rested upon the lap of the Goddess Narcissa. She prior to this event, was mourning the death of her now mortal husband. She was aware of who had killed her mate and her heart filled with rage. Revenge was now her only desire. As she looked down at the page, black with red writing almost as if oozing with the blood of a thousand men. It needed to be deciphered, so she visited the banished Endo for he knew the ancient texts better than anyone else.
    Endo was a old mage who prided himself on his vast knowledge of everything that could be known. One look at the solemn tome and he refused to reveal it's secrets to her at the cost of his life. No where to turn she locked herself away to study it and learn why it was slowly making her mad, madder than madness itself. Finally at the brink of her insanity she decoded the mysterious text, leaving behind a massive book, filled with research and undiscovered magic that anyone yet to even comprehend let alone read.
    Through the ages the book was kept a secret, buried with Narcissa's soul and evil, with no knowledge of it's whereabouts, let alone the true depth of it's writings. The book was thrown out of the tomb from wince it came and ended up on a bookshelf in a little worn down book store located in the desolated part of a city called Freed thousands of years later.
    Freed was known for it's violence and crime, mostly thieves and drug dealers. It's infamous ghettos housed many down and out people which most resorted to the easily accessed gangs for protection and employment only increasing its bad reputation. Dirty, filled with working complexes and power plants, you could say Freed had the look of a post apocalyptic even though the world was at it's peak of technology and business.
    On the corner of Hemming, one of the ghettos famous for it's punks and squatters lived a young boy named Endo who had been named after the old mage mentioned earlier. Each day he would wake up to sirens and screams. He went to Turtle High school, surprisingly it had a B rating from the government. "A for effort" a banner hanged lowly across the face of the school building, almost hitting you in the face as you tried to walk in.
    Now, Endo was a frail boy. Always getting picked on and pushed around. With his almost glowing white hair (His parents thought it was from living so close to the nuclear fusion plant.) and abstract green eyes he was too noticeable. He never talked to anyone, though some tried to talk to him. He wanted nothing to do with anyone, he was focused on one thing and one thing only. Revenge.​
  • Any characters I would prefer be anime styled (If you choose to have photos.)
    I will have a code for you to use when you post to maintain a certain look for the roleplay.
    Other than that, anything goes!~
  • List of Characters being played by either myself or someone else.

    Goddess Narcissa

    Stern, hateful, and completely obsessed with violence.
    She is unpredictable and dangerous. Killing anything for any reason.
    The Void

    Played by NyxTheNash
    Laid back and quiet. Loathes the human race and is disgusted by everything though little does every know any of this as he maintains a fake smile.
    Hemming, Freed
    • Comprehension
    • Social Skills

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