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  1. "Your name is the difference between life and death. It became a game many centuries ago when humanity bargained with forces beyond them. It was a joke, you could write someone's name and make them confess their darkest secrets, or rob a store. Names suddenly had so much potential, people recognized this and it was quickly exploited. All of a sudden, millions were dying because of their names; from forced suicide to murder, someone would get rid of another in some way. Now, names are sacred, everyone goes by something else and things are mostly alright... There is one rule to live by now: Never tell anyone your name."

    OOC chat for The Nameless, any questions, planning, or just general discussion, well here you go.

    Name mercenaries: Individuals hired to find out people's name. Highly paid, and can make anywhere from $5,000 the the upward hundred thousands per hit. Most work for a mysterious man who goes by "Sir." No one has ever actually seem him, only heard his voice. Sir handles the clients, and the distribution of weaponry, money, missions, etc. Mercs typically get the first half of their pay when beginning their hit, and the other half when it's completed; however, a corpse is not considered a successful mission, and so the other half of the pay is kept.

    Name clearers: Individuals paid to "clear", or change, someone's name. Though not as well paid as the mercenaries, one with a decent reputation can make far more than the average citizen. ($100- ???? per clear.) It's fairly common for clearers to band together to protect themselves and their clients' identity. The clearers are almost constantly being hunted by the mercs, and the two groups do not get along.
  2. Me and my lurker tendencies found this quickly. Thanks for putting it up, it'll probably prove useful.
  3. No problem, hope it does!
  4. Theres no way that the relation between your username and the idea of using names to manipulate people is coincidence.
  5. Heheh well, the idea actually came to me after watching Future Diary, and I definitely think it's a mix between that and Death Note. But the name is actually a reference to Death the Kid from Soul Eater because I used to RP as him a lot.
  6. Ah. I never watched Soul Eater. The art style was too peculiar. Odd though, this didn't remind me of future diary at all. But then, I had the idea for an RP set in an ancient imagination realm after watching Shakugan no Shana so I guess inspiration doesn't necessarily have to relate to the product.
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