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  1. The Name Game

    Note: Before I go any further, I'd like to mention that there will be a possibility character death. This is a survival game roleplay, so if that isn't your cup of tea, please refrain from joining. If you're still interested, please read on.

    This roleplay revolves around eight people becoming involved in a survival game called, "The Name Game," which occurs once every one hundred years. The participants are called "players", and the game is played in the form of a three-level tournament (eight participants, then four, then the last two). Each player is matched to another one, whose initials are stamped upon their wrist. The goal is for each player is to kill the player whose initials are stamped upon their wrist. The prize for winning is one wish.

    1. You must kill the player whose initials are stamped upon your wrist in order to advance to the next round.
    2. Killing another player's target is prohibited, and will result in disqualification and death.
    3. Once you kill your target, you will be considered "idle" until the next round begins.
    4. How you kill your target is up to you. Anything goes, so long as the above rules are adhered to.
    5. While "idle", you cannot see the initials on the other players' wrists.
    6. Non-players cannot see the initials.
    7. Committing suicide will result in disqualification, and the player whose target committed suicide automatically advances to the next round. Likewise, if your target should die through any means other than you killing them (either directly or indirectly), you shall advance to the next round.
    8. If the wrist with the initials stamped onto it is somehow disconnected from the body (i.e. your arm gets cut off) it is cause for disqualification and death.
    9. Initials are based on birth names, so all currently legal names are not put into consideration, as well as legal name changes that may take place during the game.
    10. Breaking any of the above stated rules will be punished with disqualification and death.

    1. I can't stress this enough. Be a good sport. If your character dies, so be it. The warning was put in place, so please don't start an argument if your character is killed. Thank you.
    2. No godmodding or power playing. You can't control the other characters, and you aren't invincible.
    3. No auto-attacking and please use logic. If someone tries to shoot you at point blank range, you're probably going to get shot. Also, give the other character a chance to react. Don't say something like, "Hanzu shot Mary in the leg." Instead, say this, "Hanzu aimed for Maru's leg and fired."
    4. This roleplay will not have any time skips, to prevent anyone from coming out of nowhere and killing someone else. Please be as specific as about where your character is and what they're doing. Don't say they're in a building looking through some magazines. Tell us what the building is, and what they're specifically looking for in the magazines (if anything).
    5. Please try to be active at least once or twice a day. It's fine so long as your character isn't close to interacting with others, but give us a warning that you'll be away. Because the characters are matched, please try to keep absences reasonable, and for those waiting, please try to remain patient. At most, I'll allow for a three day absence before your spot becomes vacant (after your first post).
    6. Location is EXTREMELY important in this roleplay. If you change cities and/or states/provinces, you NEED to describe that you're doing so in your post. If you're on a plane, just listing what state you're currently over is fine.
    7. Because of the basis of this RP, there needs to be a medium for how much one can do in one post. Since I'm the first poster, I'll set the 'time limit'. In other words, if my character partakes in events that would take him about an hour to complete, all posts after that can only partake in actions that would be completed in about an hour. Granted, there will be times when a time skip may be used to speed things up, but they will be rare.
    8. Do NOT abuse OOC information. Just because you know it, it doesn't mean your character automatically does. I will be checking for realism and coherence in posts, and I will ask you to change it if it seems unrealistic or to be abusing OOC information. More than two warnings will result in getting kicked from the roleplay.
    9. Respect your fellow role players and all forum rules. Thank you.







    Appearance (description or image):


    1. Ichida Hamura (@Chryse Zvezda)
    2. Keiko Yamaguchi (@Lyra Meiko)
    3. Reina Santos (@Krista Szitai)
    4. Leah Hummel (@Jerelin)
    5. Roan Hishimiki (@Roan Hishimiki)
    6. Harumi Takamoto (@creational.meth.od)
    7. Kira Evans (@Alice Lance)​
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  2. Name: Ichida Hamura

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Background: Ichida is an intelligent student that lives in the rural part of Los Angeles, California with his grandmother. His parents died when he was a young child, so his grandmother took him in and raised him since he was 6 years old. Throughout school, he was more of a loner, choosing to remain by himself rather than interact with his classmates. Upon entering college, he's become a much more sociable person. He's currently majoring in Psychology while managing a part-time job at a local supermarket.

    Personality: Ichida is a very caring and respectful person, who always looks out for the needs of others. He's very intelligent, and is able to remain calm and collected during dire situations. He always tries to find compromises that best accompany everyone involved - a quality that has led him to being a well-liked individual within his college.



    Other: He's not a very romantic person, as he isn't currently looking for a relationship. He tries to focus on one thing at a time (which is currently his college work).
  3. Name: Keiko Yamaguchi

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Background: Keiko is a high school student in her senior year. Keiko has always hated school a lot. She is glad to be almost free. She hates everyone who goes there except for her best friend, Aina. Keiko has a mother and father, both who work all day and are never home. Keiko hates both of them too. She want's to move out. Keiko hates most people. Keiko also hates herself. Actually, Keiko hates the entire human population except for the angel who is her best friend. Keiko loves Aina very much. Aina stopped Keiko from taking her life at one point, so Keiko is very appreciative of Aina. Keiko still thinks the idea of death is beautiful, however. She believes anyone who gets to know death is lucky. She would attempt to again, but because Aina wants her alive she will stay alive. She loves Aina.

    Personality: Keiko is generally very apathetic to everyone. She is quiet and anything that comes out of her mouth is usually very creepy and does not make much sense. To put it bluntly, she is very weird and unpredictable.


    Other: Keiko has a love for anything red and silver. She also loves the feeling of the cold. Weirdly enough, she does not do well around blood so she can not stay in a room if someone has accidentally cut them self or something along the sort.
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  4. Name: Reina Santos
    Age: 18 1/2
    Gender: Female
    Background/Bio: Reina was what could be considered a run away, around her middle to high school years she was weak, both mentally and physically. Finally fed up with her families standers she ran away from home living on the streets for three weeks, before running into a jewel thief. From there she was taken in and raised as what she hoped would be considered a daughter, naturally now being placed in a new environment she began to change, mentally. Physically she remained weak but was rather agile. At 17 she 'mastered' the art of deception, creating a face name and profile.

    Personality: She is often seen as shy, but is rather introvert, favoring the time alone, but of course she will go out with friends like any other normal collage student. She doesn't look beyond her capabilities, nor does she look down on them. Naturally she would use everything within her power to reach her goal, and often is a one track mind. A trait that is both admired and disliked by those around her.

    Others: She often shows little interest in things she gains nothing from, and often pushes others she considers dull away. Currently she plans to get into her adoptive mothers former work; also no longer acknowledges her biological parents, but holds no grudges against them.
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  5. Awesome bios, guys! ^-^ You can go ahead and make your first post whenever you're ready.
  6. I'm updating the game rules, due to apparent vagueness. Be sure to read them again.
  7. [​IMG]

    Leah Hummel

    20 Years Old
    Leah is hospitable, whimsical, quick and perhaps a little too anxious. She's very bright and intense but she makes judgements too quickly and can often be wrong. She is consistent and loves life, being very people-oriented. Leah is selfless and prefers not to control others. She loves life and can be very sensitive to the world around her.

    She was born in a small family in a large community. She lived in peace until she was about 17 years old, but at that point things changed. She became more important to society and was making many new friends. Alongside trusted friends, Leah is unstoppable in a amazing world. And with her perseverance, there's nothing to stop her from staying ahead of the game. She could quickly become an ally you'd want by your side.

    But who really knows what will happen; she is currently still learning, exploring and discovering. She feels like there's more than meets the eye in this world. Luckily she has great people around to support her. This includes three bothers, loving mother and father, and aging grandparents.​
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  8. 328142-bigthumbnail.jpg

    Name:Roan Hishimiki


    Gender:Male, but at times considers himself female.

    Background: Roan Hishimiki was born into a working life, but was often confused about who he was. His family was a labor intensive family, often their backs giving out before their age. Nevertheless,they enjoyed their lives and lived it to the fullest. In the more recent years, he has taken up residence in Italy, and has had no contact with his family in a few years.

    Personality: Roan is a rather...odd character. While bubbly at times to the point of making jokes while in a fight, he can switch to an anger intensive mood that is borderline insanity. This stems from the brutally intense training he endured.

    Other: meh. This is drop of the hat thoughts.
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  9. Yours checks out, Roan. Feel free to make your first post whenever you're ready. ^-^
  10. We only need three more players! ^o^
  11. Be sure to include your physical starting location in your first post. Everyone should know where you geographically are.
  12. May I make a suggestion to make this a bit more ...random-ish based? What if we use a type of dice roll system? Very minor and only when asked for. As GM, you would have complete control. I had a Hunger Games RP that had a system similar but it was far more detailed. For this, I suggest doing something on a scale from 1-10.

    1-4 would mean that no one dies in the "altercation."
    5-7 would mean that Character 1 dies.
    8-10 would mean that Character 2 dies.

    If the characters are in combat, they could drag it out until they decide that they want to roll the dice and then tag it at the bottom of their post: [Roll for Character 1 and Character 2]. And so on.

    Just a suggestion. I would be fine with or without it, lol.
  13. The characters seem to be spread out far enough from each other that I have some time to figure out some sort of combat system to keep things organized. I'd rather not have deaths be as random as that, but I would like to come up with a cleaner system.
  14. Oh yeah, you definitely have time! :) Like I said, it was only a suggestion.
  15. Feel free to message me with any more suggestions you come up with. ^-^
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  16. [​IMG]


    Harumi Takamoto


    Ten Years Old





    Harumi grew up in an awful household, surrounded by alcoholic parents and relatives 24/7. Although her brother has been trying his very best to support them financially, both Harumi and him are in mourning after their parents had previously taken their lives this year, and the reason for that remains completely unknown. Her brother, Kaouru, is twenty years old and is currently busting his butt trying to make a living for the two. Sometimes Harumi will help out by peddeling flowers around town, but the majority of the time she tries her best to do well academically by studying and attending school.


    Harumi is an all-smiles type of girl. She is very excitable and will always seem like she's having a great time, or is always seen as "The Glass Half Full" girl because of her positivety. But Harumi is one of the few people who can admit to being a dangerous sociopath, and she's known her whole life. Given this, she has a temperate trait, where she is constantly holding back her alternative thoughts of her sociopathic side. It's difficult, but she's learned how to persevere.




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  17. himiko-beatmania-1600x1200.jpg Name: Kira Evans



    The girl lived with both of her parents, blossoming into a small genius at a young age from the plethora of texts that her father kept. Her life was very stable from partaking in church every Sunday to attending a private school where her father taught a variety of sciences. Strict but loving parents pressured their child to all types of instruments before grooming her for their own parties to showcase her. However, at the ripe age of fifteen, her face was plastered on the walls under the title of "Missing Children". Abducted, raped and tortured to a degree, the girl's world was shattered into bits before she was released. Physically defeated, yet mentally stilled, she created a new life under a falsified name and was reborn in a world full of hatred.

    Considered "Reasonably paranoid", quiet and always observant. Prefers to watch and understand her opponents before placing down her own move. With a skilled photographic memory, she had pull any information from her books and apply it to her situation. From her traumatic history, she has developed a thick guard and will freak out if touched. If a potential friendship is created, the girl could be a beneficial asset before the opponent would be able to strike.

    She has a small degree of sympathy for those younger than her and a burning hatred for men. Her nose also can generally be found in the pages of a book.
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  18. Is Kira Evans her birth name?
  19. Yes'sir.
  20. Thank you. Falsified names are allowed, but the initials are based on birth names.~
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