The Mythical Shapeshifter Combat Academy

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  1. ((OOC AND RULES: This is a modern fantasy high school kind of roleplay with some comedy and romance thrown into the mix based off of Rosary+Vampire and Kanokon animes, if that helps. Don't go too overboard with your characters, i.e. no godmodding please. Weapons are allowed to be owned by any character.))

    It was a relatively passive Sunday evening, the last day of summer vacation. Diran Kurōhito couldn't wait for school to start. He alongside of a few 'special' people had enrolled into a different kind of high school not many knew had existed in the first place. It was an academy for those who were different mythical creatures like for example phoenixes, demons, giants, werewolves, vampires and snow women and for those who could shapeshift into animals and apply some sort of elemental power while in their animal form.

    Diran was a Yatagarasu, a legendary three-legged crow whose right arm and hand transform into a crow-like feathered leg, skinny fingers and sharp claws. His body turns into that of a human-sized crow from the waist down complete with a long-feathered tail. Two black bird wings extend from his upper back.

    The academy in question is an academy for mythical creatures and animal shapeshifters to train themselves on the side of studying, as if it was a sports class of a normal high school. Personal weapons were only allowed in brawls with weapons, but Diran didn't let it stop him to pack his trusty Muramasa with him. There would be times when he would need that blade. This was going to be a change for the boring elementary and secondary school years he had while concealing his true form of a Yatagarasu under a human skin. If anything, this was bound to be extremely exciting and fun.
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  2. Meyuri was a shapeshifter and she was able to take the form of a snow leopard, her hair was pale blonde, bordering on white, with a black fringe that covered a small part of the left side of her face and her hair reached down to her hips, appearing smooth as silk as it danced gently in a passing breeze, her eyes had an ice blue color and her expression displayed curiosity as she walked. She looked around a bit as she walked, appearing quite curious and excited over the fact that now, she wouldn't have to hide her ability when she started in the new academy the next day. She wore a black top with black jeans that over lapsed to grey by her knees and then white down by her feet. She wore sneakers as they were the most comfortable to run in. She didn't carry any weapons as when it came to fighting, she relied on her speed and agility in her feline form. She stretched out her arms as she took a deep breath while she looked around at the different people that were present in town while she hummed low on a song, her fingers twining together on the back of her head. She stopped as she came to a river and she sat down while swaying a bit from left to right with her upper body, watching the water intently as if something was going to jump up at her, a warm smile being plastered on her face. "I wonder if there will be more shapeshifters there and what forms they'll be able to take." She thought to herself and a small giggle escaped her lips. "I can't wait to find out!" She then thought to herself.
  3. *a soft sigh escaped kiriels lips. Surely it would bee alone as it watched the calmed night sky, if not for the small companion on its shoulder. A small mouse sized gray lizard. The path leading into the new high school, cold and solitary. The giving kiriel a sence of calm... Or as calm as he could possibly be in the all but familiar land. Small shining specks seemed to be staring down at him from the skies, its hardened golden hues seemed to look past them and towards the darkness that allowed them to shine. Its silver locks swaying freely in the sudden night breeze. Falling 1" 1/2" down the bridge of its nose partially obscuring his distracted gaze. His framed leaning back, spine erect against the harsh metal that made up his falcata sword. Its arm up and folded back to rest comfortably behind its neck, only a soft humm would soon come from its chest and into the winds as the solitary traveler continued towards the his chance at a new begining, high school."
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    At the MSCA, its headmaster was preparing the courses and grounds for combat alongside studying with his teachers and his niece, another student at the academy. The headmaster's name was Micharō Katatsubasa and he was an archangel. Due to a battle in the past rumored to be against an ifrit, a fire demon living typically in a harsh and inhospitable desert environment, he had his right wing torn off, as per his last name 'Katatsubasa' (jap. one wing). He was a calm and collected man with a thick mustache, business suit, top hat and a cane, which transforms into a rapier with a five feet tall blade. A sophisticated, not very damaging but swift and has good range as a sword. Micharō cannot fly anymore, but has a divine ability to cure poisoning, burns and frostbites quickly and splendid healing magic but slow automatic regeneration of health. Nevertheless, it was better than no regeneration at all. His element is light and can daze opponents with flashing lights, weaken non-physical elemental attacks of enemies with a protective shield made out of light, strengthen the Sun's rays to disband any clouds and make the day sunny and charge up damaging beams of light. His ultimate attack is 'Godly Judgment' which makes light rain out of the sky from every star of outer space on the battlefield. As any ultimate attack move, his drains most of his energy but usually clears those weak or averagely damaged by its associated element out of the battlefield defeated.

    The headmaster's niece, Riko Jibun, was a shadow demon, contrasting sharply to his uncle. As a shadow demon, her body is immune to all physical attacks and her attacks weaken the fighting spirit of his opponents, decreasing their attack power or defensive power. She didn't have a weapon which she would need. She is weakest against light-based attacks and damaged averagely by most other non-physical elemental attacks. She had long, raven black hair, black dress and eyes. She was self-centered as per her full name Riko Jibun (jap. self-interest and myself) and fought only for the sake of winning, humiliating and tormenting her opponents. To her, the pain of others was an entirely foreign concept and she hated losing a battle to anyone she deemed 'inferior' to her more than anything else. She has never won against her uncle, a fact which greatly annoys her. Despite being a female demon, she isn't a succubus and has no interest in seducing anyone. Her only friend is a fellow demon Ian Cubus, an incubus not interested towards Riko. It is unclear whether he will even take part in the upcoming semester, which is of great annoyance to Riko.

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  5. Meyuri looked around a bit as a force of habit before she crouched down, her body was covered in bright light for a moment and once it disappeared, she had turned into her snow leopard form. She stretched out her legs and back for a moment before she began to dash a short distance, the feeling if the wind blowing through her fur as she ran was something she had direly missed.
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  6. >kiriel walking down the solitary road (man that sounds emo) to his new destination would soon heat the distant plat of paws against the earth, they where coming his way. Shifting its gaze from the sky, kiriel would turn to look around for the source of the sound. A four legged creature perhaps? A wolf? No the paws sounded heavy against the soil, perhaps a feline... Yes a feline more likely... The silvered hair traveler wremained quiet as it waited for the sound to get closer and hopefully for the source to come into view<
  7. Finally! Finally the day had come! Diran stepped out of the bus on the bus stop leading to the academy. He knew he should warm up his muscles a bit, stretched out his wings and rose into the skies. Below him he could see a dust cloud heading towards the academy. "Heh. Land creatures... always making a mess", escaped Diran's crow beak. He cawed loudly to announce the world of his existence and swooped downward to get more speed under his raven black feathers. His third leg, which also served as his right hand, was clutching tightly to his backpack. He landed just outside the academy grounds, in front of its entrance. He walked inside ever so casually. Some of the students were already there, in their human forms or otherwise. Socializing would have to come later, when the classes start. Now he had the most free time in his hands he was going to get, pecked up a snake and gulped it down. His crow stomach could neutralize even the strongest organic poisons known by man, but this snake wasn't even poisonous. However, it was incredibly delicious, as if it just had a feast of smaller creatures than itself.
  8. Meyuri skid to a halt as she was running and she bumped into one of the students who fell over, both the student and Meyuri laughed as they were lying on the ground and Meyuri changed to her human form as she stood up and then helped the student up to her feet.
  9. "Hey, watch where you're going, stranger", said Diran to Meyuri back at his human form. "Haven't seen anyone run like that. Impressive. Very cool. Got a name tag on ye, Kitty cat?" he said jokingly and chuckling a little after that. He looked at the academy and thought: This is where I will be learning from now on. Better get used to the surroundings and faces, because we'll be here for a while, eh Mura?
  10. >kiriel making its way into the school courtyard, would walk past the strangers and straight to enter the building. Still in its human form, kiriel would mumble something to the small lizard on its shoulder<...
  11. Meyuri chuckled slightly and she rubbed the back of her neck in an embarrassed manner. "Hehe, sorry, it's been a while since I was able to be in that shape." She said and then nodded once. "I'm Meyuri, what about you?" She asked and she brushed some hair behind her ear but the hair soon fell back to cover a part of her face. "Although Kitty sounded like a cute nickname..." She thought to herself.
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  12. "Diran Kurohito... but because I dress in a such a fancy way to them, my friends call me Kakesu. It's the bird species, you know? Jay? It's even my favorite bird..." he answered Meyuri. What a great way to spark up a conversation: to talk about birds. He assumed that as a snow leopard shapeshifter, she would rather eat the birds than look at them or listen to them. Diran even tried to spark up conversation with them. Crows, rooks, ravens and jackdaws were his only friends back home with his parents deceased, aside from his godfather who was good and encouraging to him. The girl was to his liking for sure, but he had to calm himself, as he knew both of them will have to battle one day.
  13. "Kakesu, huh? Hehe, that's a rather cool name." Admitted Meyuri with a small nod. "I've always loved the singing of birds, it's really beautiful." She then said and she looked at Diran. "I would say a nickname for myself but I don't have one, seeing as I've never really had friends." She said while she rubbed the back of her head in an embarrassed manner.
  14. "If you like the singing of birds, then how about this little crow here?" a voice came from behind Diran with a hand grabbing on his neck and lifting him into the air. A girl with pale skin and raven black long hair and in a black dress lifted him up and started squeezing his throat with her hand she was holding him with. "I'll have your kind know I am the best fighter of this whole academy, like it or not", she said. Diran's face started to turn blue while he was strangled by this girl. His eyes were watering from the sheer pain. All the other present students came to watch what was happening. "I am the shadow demon Riko Jibun, and this bug is the first I will squish out of existence during this semester!" Diran's vision started turning whiter and whiter and with the remaining power he had, he punched Riko, thus blowing her back a bit and making her let go of him. "Oh, so you CAN actually fight? That's a surprise", she said, but without any oxygen entering his brain at the moment, all he did was collapse on the asphalt. "I win! Woohoo!" he heard Riko rejoice and flaunt her victory, then everything went dark. He never thought his life would be at danger even before the actual school started.
  15. Meyuri flinched and she then swiftly turned into her Snow Leopard form and she bared her fangs while growling loudly and she then ran up to Diran to at least lessen the impact of his fall while she glared at Riko and her ears leaned back as she flexed her claws, her fur began to raise as she hissed at her but she didn't want to leave Diran as he laid collapsed on the ground, instead she stood protectivly over him. She didn't say anything, she merely glared at Riko.
  16. "Oh look, someone's girlfriend is angry", Riko insulted Meyuri. "I wouldn't try anything funny if I were you. In my shadow demon form, I am invulnerable to any kind of physical attacks. It doesn't matter how hard you hit, punching shadows is useless", she said. "I have things to do now. You didn't think I have my whole day available for you? Don't flatter yourself. Anyways, hoping to beat you in a battle later...COUGAR." Riko finished as she melted into her shadow and was gone. Diran was slowly coming to with a bursting headache from lack of oxygen and the sorest throat since the dawn of man, he couldn't speak at first and all that came out was crow-like low grunts. Eventually he was able to form a word: "MeYuRi." he said as he opened his eyes, still seeing things a bit whiter than your doctor would recommend.
  17. "Do us all a favor and stay in the shadows so that we don't have to see your ugly ass." Hissed Meyuri as she bared her fangs when Riko melted away into her own shadow and she then turned to her human form and she tried to place Diran's head on her lap. She blinked a few times as he mentioned her name and she felt her cheeks turn red. "I-I uhm... I'm here." She stuttered in a slightly shy manner. "You probably shouldn't move right now, you might've gotten a concussion."
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  18. "GlAgH", grunted Diran while holding his throat. It felt like it was going to burst any minute from the pain and pressure that was inflicted upon it a minute ago. "L-LiGhT . . . ShE iS wEaK . . . tO", he spoke mostly inaudibly, trying to form words with strained vocal chords. His head felt very heavy. "Hey bro, you okay there?" Diran heard from nearby. It was still too difficult for him to even see clearly with even his eyesight obscured. "Come on, I wanna help you. You need to get up..." said the voice again. He could see a fuzzy figure of a high school student in front of him, but when he blinked, he was gone. "wHaT..." he said again trying to form a sentence, but it was no use. Everything blacked out again.
  19. Meyuri placed her hand carefully on Diran's forehead as she looked down at him and she narrowed her eyes in a confused manner, she took out a bottle of water she had in her backpack and she then tried to place the bottle gently against Diran's lips. "You need to get some water, your throat is really sore and you need to come to." She said while she carefully stroked his forehead with her other hand as she most likely had his head resting on her lap.
  20. "Oof...damn my head...the heck happened?" said Diran as he came to. His seizure due to oxygen deprivation was over. He took the water bottle from Meyuri's hand and chugged on it. "My throat burns", he said. "Hold on a sec...THE HELL!?" he freaked out as he realized his head was resting on Meyuri's lap. "Are me a lap pillow?" he said, a little startled, eyes like plates.
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