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  1. A thousand years has passed since the Great War referred to as "The Dragon’s Bane." Power and greed have given birth to the destruction of two countries, while the remaining two continue the fight for control over all.

    Arcadia and Co'Wan...

    A fierce battle ensued for ten long years and in the end, the great Arcadia prevailed with the help from their army of monsters. Co'Wan was left in near ruins while Arcadia prospered.

    Three hundred years passed with limited contact between the two countries and then one night it went silent. They say a mist of darkness appeared on the shores of Arcadia and within a week, the country vanished without warning.

    Seven hundred years have passed since, leaving many on the outside world with the belief that Arcadia is long gone. Yet what’s more concerning is the appearance of Mist on the Ocean’s waters…

    Terms of Interest:

    Frayal'lox – This planet is called Frayal’lox. The countries of Arcadia, Co'Wan, Patheylin and Lun’ar reside here.

    Arcadia - The country that lies in the North, surrounded by the "Dark Mist." The kingdom resides in the center and was last ruled by King E'Stien II. There are four cities/towns surrounding the kingdom.

    • Barriel, a farming village to east.
    • Unixel, the city of scholars lies far west.
    • Ignal, city.
    • Flashir, a port town.

    Co'Wan - The Fire nation towards the South. Old documents say they are barbarians and amazons, or savage people if you must, who live near a volcano deep in the desert. There have also been reports of a sort of miasma in the desert, making it impossible for visitors to travel unless they use a Hover wagon. Not much else is known at this time.

    Patheylin - One of the destroyed civilizations that has since rebuild. Their Crystal still shines its bright blue. Not much else is known at this time.

    Lun’ar - A total wipe out has ensured after the death of their Crystal leaving a large carter in the center of Lun’ar. It has long been forgotten as to what kind of Crystal they had. Not much else is known at this time.

    The Mystics - A trio of stars intertwined together to form a triangle. They are said to be the source of power for the crystals. These stars have individual names.

    • Amyesth being the youngest of the three.
    • Fria'ier being the bravest of the three.
    • Omet being the oldest and wisest of the three.

    The Dragon’s Bane - A war that occurred due to Co'Wan's greed for power over the other crystals. During this war, the young princess of Arcadia vanished while her father died from heartache leaving his son, E'Stien II, as his successor.

    Crystals - There are three known crystals; Fire, Water and Wind. Arcadia is in the care of Water while Co'Wan is protected by fire and Patheylin with Wind. The last one has long been dead and forgotten like the heroes of old.

    Crystal Shards - A piece of a Crystal destroyed.

    Crystal poisoning - The darkening of a Pure Crystal. As of now, no one knows why such an event has occurred.

    Chaos - The complete shattering of a whole crystal can cause severe damage to the surrounding area. Like a sort of explosion, basically wiping the land away. The rare reports on this event consider it deadly.

    Dark Mist - Darkened clouds that appeared suddenly and consumes everything it touches. Many who go in are never heard from again due too the monsters who bred in the darkness.

    Mist poisoning - Inhaling a large amount of dark mist can cause your soul to be tainted. There are ways to travel through the Mist but it's very risky.

    Tainted Souls - A person touched by the mist is usually a lost cause. They will change slightly at the beginning, from things like want for raw meat or traveling at night farther from their home. By the third week, they usually disappear.... never to be heard from again. There is no cure at this time.

    Monsters or Shadow watchers - They are creatures that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They tend to strike in the darkness, light usually hurts their eyes. But there have been reports of shadows walking in the daylight. Could it be true?

    Shadow traps - If a town is about to be overrun with mist, sometimes it's not safe to sit near the shadows. You will be grabbed.

    Your characters:
    (A simple sheet will do.)
  2. Late is as late can be with adding a small plot, lol.


    As of now, scholars and scientist have made various announcements of the Mist spreading at an alarming rate, concluding the world would be covered within the next century. As they scramble to find a cure or some form of defense, a small group of five have decide to take it upon themselves and find a way into Arcadia itself.

    Taking possession of a newly developed steam powered airship (along with a few unwilling companions), they’ve set off. Each having their own goals from fame and glory to curing the lands or even finding the treasure of legends.

    As of right now, Arcadia is still very much alive. Just barely though. They've lost 2/3's of the country, most in ruin however the Kingdom and a few small villages are still left standing. At the time, the Royal family are rarely seen while Law and Order is carried out by the King's Guard. People in Arcadia believe the outside world is gone and they are the only survivors, the chosen one to raise into the heavens and be with their Gods.

    Now how do I play this?
    You can either be a one of the four companions on the ship or a native of Arcadia.

    Is it possible to be infected with Mist poisoning?

    Yes, yes it is. It can lead to your character’s death or a monster hiding in the shadows.

    Can I use magic? Or a handgun? Or is it swords and arrows?

    Magic is acceptable, however I would really like more balanced out players. As for guns, well think flintlocks or guns around that era. Nothing fancy or modern. And yes, swords and arrows are always acceptable!


    If you have questions, ask away! This is our story, not mines and I don’t mind plot building.