The Mystery of the Tolnia Region

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  1. Welcome to the Tolnia Region, where the skies and waters are crystal blue and clear. Where the citizens are friendly, and so are the Pokémon. Bird Pokémon fly over the trees tweeting their songs and Pokémon of many kinds carry out their daily lives on the various islands that make up this special region. My name is Acashia and I am the Professor of the Tolnia Region. I study the environments in which each Pokémon lives and thrives. I also give trainers what they need to become a trainer here in this region. It's not like Kanto, or Unova, or any other region. See, the Tolnia Region is a chain of islands and is also one big reserve. Pokémon are protected here, so they must be caught a certain way. I teach new trainers, and old ones too! I teach them the technique needed to use the Ranger Styluses, which is used in coordination with the traditional Pokeballs. Here, Pokémon and trainers don't just become partners, they become the best of friends. However, nothing is as perfect as it seems. There are dangers and rumors of some poachers of these protected Pokémon. I believe there's two groups. One calls themselves Team Tropina, and the other, Team Desrana. If you are willing to take on these dangers and meet new Pokémon and people, then your adventure begins!

    ~ Professor Acashia, World Famous Pokémon Professor
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  2. It was a beautiful morning in kanto. Crendai had slowly opened his eyes and hit his alarm clock. He then lazy stepped out of bed and prepared himself for school. He then went downstairs and cooked himself breakfast.

    After he had eaten he then happened to notice that there was a letter on the table. He then opened it and then began reading.

    But from looking at only the first sentence, he then balled up the letter and threw it away. He then left for school.
  3. Damian was sitting on the balcony of his room as the cruise ship was approaching the Tolnia region. Shuppet and Pawniard sat next to him, watching intently as the place kept getting closer. "We are almost there. Won't be much longer. He turns around and goes back into his room. He opens up his messenger bag and pulls out some poke'puffs he had gotten from Kalos. (the region where he last was) "Here you go, eat a little before we get there." Shuppet and Pawniard came inside and each had 2 poke'puffs. Damian grabbed an apple from the fridge in his room. They allsat, eating. Waiting for the ship to arrive at it's destination. He knew the first thing he would have to do is speak to this regions proffesor so he could upgrade his poke'dex to recognize this regions poke'mon. But he would need to find whoever their proffesor was first.
  4. After school. Crendai left for home and then when he got home he opened the door only to find another letter on his banister. He then opened the letter only to find a passport for a cruise. He then read "Tolnia Region" on the passport.

    A letter also came with the passport. The letter read this

    " Dear Crendai.

    I just want to let you know that this is your mother. Now I know it's hard for you but, in order for you to make enough money to be able to take care of yourself, well.....I want you to take this passport and become a Pokémon trainer. I know you care a lot for me and I really do appreciate it but Crendai, I want you to experience the world and not to limit yourself to one thing. I want you to see places and live your life to the fullest. Please do understand....

    Sincerely, your mother."

    Crendai was devastated by these words and ran to the hospital as fast as he could.

    When he got to the hospital, he immediately went to his mom's room and quickly went inside.

    "Mom!!!!" Crendai said in worry.

    "Oh Crendai. Here again? Oh did you get my letter? Listen I know it's hard to leave me behind but please understand that......" before she could finish.

    "No!! Mom I don't want to leave you here alone. I'm not going to be like..." Crendai said.

    "But son, please...I'll tell you this. If you leave then I'll be moved to a caring center. There I'll be sure to have enough attention to live by myself. Is that okay?"

    Crendai then thought for a little bit. After a while he then came up with an answer.

    "Yes, that's fine. Okay mom, I'll become a trainer. I'll make a lifestyle for myself. Okay I'm going now." Crendai said with a bit of unsureness.

    "Alright. You take care."

    Crendai then left the room.
  5. It was a gorgeous hot day and JD was sunbathing on the deck of the cruise ship while his Weavile was in the swimming pool splashing around and his Durant was relaxing in the shade. With a stretch he called out to his Pokemon "Enjoy this while you can guys, its a long journey for us when we hit Tolnia"
    JD was about to to doze of when his Weavile splashed him with a lot of water, the sudden shock of coldness rushed through him which made him jump and stand up. JD stood there for a moment just to get his breath back but it wasn't long until he faced his Weavile "Really" he said with a smirk. Weavile giggled and threw more water onto JD. JD laughed "Ok Weav, your turn" and JD dived into the water to play fight with his Weavile.

    Durant started to laugh at JD and Weavile and by the time JD noticed that Durant was laughing at them he had Weavile in a semi head lock rubbing his fist onto the top of his head. When Weavile tapped JDs shoulder a few times he let go. Weavile gave just have a friendly push to JD and got out and sat on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water.

    JD followed suit and joined Weavile but it wasn't long till JD got pushed back in by Durant. JD splashed around and looked at Durant "Ant" he said while shaking his head but with a smile "Is this why you two wanted to come with me?"

    His 2 Pokemon looked at each other and then back to JD and nodded energetically "Guys" he said in awe as he was swimming up to them. As he got near them both he hugged them "Glad your both with me" and they stayed there for a while in embrace.

    JD brought up Weavile and Durant up from eggs back at the lab and has nicknamed them Weav and Ant but they have always been mischievous but its how they show there affection

    "Come on guys....." JD said breaking the hug "You know how the heat gets to the both of you. Just stay cool". The Pokemon nodded and went off to do what they were doing earlier. JD just walked over to the edge of the ship to watch the waves go by.
  6. Crendai(who was currently on the ship) went to the pool to get his mind off him leaving his mom. He then stepped into the pool and decided to bring in his inflatable chair. He then sat in his chair and put on a pair of shades then closed his eyes.
  7. Damian looked around. "Think we should get some fresh air? I figure we've got some time before we get there." Pawniard and Shuppet looked at him, then at eacother and back to him. They nodded. "All right, lets head to the pool deck. Best enjoy the sun." Damian went into the bathroom and came out in swim trunks with a black towel draped around his neck. He opened the door and the three made their way to the pool deck. Damian sat on one of the chairs and looked out at the view of the water. Various water poke'mon jumped out, none of them recognizable. "Well this place certainley has it's ownecosystem."
    While Damian did that, Shuppet flew around the deck, and Pawniard went over and tried to make friends with a Durant she saw.
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  8. The wind howled loudly outside, rattling the Boutique's windows. Not a day for a hat, that's for sure... But perfect for Rylee's typical goggles and scarf. Today was the day. It was her birthday and her boss, the Region Professor, Acashia, had promised her a Pokémon. She waved farewell to her mother, taking a step into the crisp, chilled air of a typical February day. It was still a warm tropical climate, however, the large gusts dropped the temperature quite a bit. Heading off to the lab, she saw many of the native Pokémon around her. There were Oakids throwing berries at each other, Tweetiels flying over head, and even some Quilectrics running about, sharing their electricity with other Quilectrics. Despite the peaceful aurora, the young blonde had a bored and disinterested look. Nothing was wrong in general, but this was just how she always looked. She couldn't help it. Emotions just bored her... She liked the technical side of things...

    Upon entering the lab, Rylee was met with the Professor almost instantly. "Are you ready for today, Rylee? I already have the perfect Pokémon chosen for you!" His statement confused her, since new trainers always got to choose their own partners. "Oh, please forgive me. Usually I do let trainers choose their own Pokémon partner, however, you are a special case! I have seen your bond grow with a particular Pokémon, and I inferred that you would have chosen him anyway!" Before he finished speaking, and before the Pokémon hopped out from behind the Professor, the girl already knew. "You're giving me Boomer? But I thought he was one of the starters you wanted to keep around?" Her voice was void of emotion, but Acashia could tell she was excited. "I did, but I can't break up this extordinary duo! Most new trainers have to gain their Pokémon's trust, but why must you do that again, if you had already gained Boomer's trust? Well, starter Pokémon I mean! Every Pokémon you capture you have to gain their trust! That's what makes this region so special!" The girl barely heard the Professor's rambling as she bent down to pick up the Fire Kangaroo. "That's not all, dear! You already know how to use a ranger stylus, since I taught you last year, but I had one customized for my new assistant to use!" Getting her favorite Pokémon, getting a customized stylus, and being promoted to assistant in one day?? How awesome of a birthday was that! Well, as awesome as she would show...

    She was handed six Pokeballs, one of which was Boomer's, and a ranger stylus. The stylus was one of the professional ones, where it wraps around the wrist. It was one only the most advanced rangers use. It also was colored differently. Instead of the usual red and yellow, it was a deep silver and dark blue. It even had her own signature carved into the plastic. So that's why the Professor had her sign that transfer paper.... Either way, she wasn't prepared for what happened next. "Rylee, as my new assistant, I want you to do something for me. I want you to go into the field and learn as much as you can about the environments and habitats of the various Pokémon in Tolnia!" She was hesitant, but knew better than to contradict the Professor, for he usually had a reason, and that reason usually ended up being important. And thus begins her adventure....
  9. Crendai then saw what seemed to be a floating tablecloth creature float over him. Out of shock he then jerked backwards and accidentally fell off his chair into the water.

    He then poked his head up and spit water out of his mouth.

    "What in the" Crendai said still scared.
  10. As moonlight filtered through the canopy, the sounds of the night were drowned out by the pounding of sneakers along a dirt road, swishing feathers following it their wake. In the twinkling light, the lithe forms of both boy and pokemon could be seen rushing along the path. Breaking out past the edge of the forest, they hit the ground running, both headed for the light that was the pokemon center just down the road.

    Neither of them had expected the wild pokemon to hold them up for so long. Or rather, the evolution that had slowed them down. The boy's eyes darted down to the pokemon that ran at his side, a Weavile. Until only a few minutes ago it had been a Sneasel that he had raised from an egg given to him by the Day Care Couple in Solaceon Town. There was nothing wrong, only surprise on both of their parts.

    "We'll worry about it later. We need to get to the pokemon center."

    The words were unspoken but Weavile nodded as though he had heard them. The silence was broken by the soft snore of a pokemon on the boy's shoulders. The Abra their bounced lightly from the run but otherwise had remained asleep the entire time. His head rested on the boys, legs draped over shoulders and tail caught in the hood of the boy's jacket.

    Half skidding past the door to the pokemon center, he managed to catch himself on the threshold, both sending up a small cloud of dust. The doors opened for them and went into the pokemon center proper. A few trainers milled about, some with pokemon, others without but many were heading for the sleeping rooms off to the side. Nurse Joy was still at the desk and the boy was quick to jump up to it. Lifting his Abra off his shoulders, he set the still sleeping pokemon on the counter and Weavile jumped up onto it immediately after.

    "If you could heal my pokemon Nurse Joy, I'd be grateful."

    "Certainly. It will only take a few minutes."

    With a sigh of relief, the boy leaned back against the counter. He could swear that he had read something about unusual evolution in one of the books he read recently. In fact... He pulled off his backpack and started rummaging around in his pack for one of the books in it. Sure enough, about a hundred pages before his bookmark, there was a section on evolution through items. Most of it was based on Eevee and similar stone evolutions but there were notes on such things as the magmarizer and electirizer. There wasn't much in this book but it was a start. Of course the only thing that Weavile had was the quick claw but now that was gone.

    Clapping the book shut he remained in silent thought while he waited for Nurse Joy to return.
  11. Matthew had only gotten off the boat a little while ago on the Tolnia region and was already loving it. It was all tropical and forresty and it was warm and he loved it. His Axew, perched upon his head, was long since sleeping even before they left the boat, although his sleep was interrupted a few times because of the random wild Pokemon. Hoping to find a place to sleep for the night before he went to the Professor, he walked down the path to the Pokemon Center.

    A soft sigh escaped his lips as the cool air blasted him as the automatic doors opened. The cool air even seemed to mess with Axew, who stirred and woke with a soft sound that seemed to be a whine.

    "Well look who decided to finally wake up..." Matt said with a laugh as he reached up to scratch the baby dragon's head. The little dragon only sleepily nipped at the finger, but quickly perked up when he realized they were in a Pokemon Center. The little dragon jumped down from Matt's head and dashed towards the counter, bumping into the ankles of people as it stumbled along, still muddled from sleep. Axew ran into someone resting against the counter and attempted to push him out of the way. Giving up and scooting over a bit, he started jumping, tying his hardest to grab onto the counter and pull itself up, but was too small to reach.

    "Axew! Watch where you're going!"

    Matthew rushed after his Pokemon, apologizing to each person that the little butt of a Pokemon ran into. When he reached the counter, he picked up Axew and turned the Pokemon to face him.

    "You need to watch what you're doing, young man! You could have gotten hurt! And you know that it is impolite to push people. You hyperactive little thing..."

    Matt's voice was one that was supposed to be stern, but it failed at the adorable look coming from the Axew. With a soft sigh, Matt shook his head before placing Axew back on it.

    "What am I going to do with you..."

    Axew made a noise that sounded like some form of a laugh as it nuzzled into Matt's hair and attempted to sleep again. Matt rolled his eyes and turned to the other male standing there.

    "I'm really sorry about him... little but just gets so hyper sometimes."
  12. "Well this place certainly has it's own ecosystem." JD heard this and faced the person speaking it was a teenager with black hair. Jd decided to reply to him although he knew it wasn't directed to him "I think it's great" in a cheerful response and he looked back out to sea. JD continued talking as he looked out over to the horizon "There is so many Pokemon to see" JD lifted his arms up "I really have missed being a trainer" He turned to the black haired teenager "Name's JD" he offered his hand out to shake.

    Durant AKA Ant was dozing when a Pawniard came over he was half aware someone was coming and he moved a parasol which he was under over a bit for Pawniard to get in if he wanted.

    Weavile AKA Weav was laughing at the teenager who just fell int he water and decided to splash him more.
  13. Damian looked over at the person who justreplied to him. He took a second to react. "Damian." He said as he shook Jd's hand. He then looked in the direction of a splash. Shuppet was laughing and floating over a guy who had fallen in the water. Maybe he's never seen a Shuppet before? "Shuppet, what did you do?" He said half jokingly, trying not to laugh at the guy who fell in.
    While this happened Pawniard sat down in the shade near Durant. She looked around and laughed slightly at what Shuppet was doing.
  14. Crendai was being splashed with water and the Shuppet was floating over his head.

    "A stop!! What you doing!? Quit it!!!" Crendai said in anguish.

    Crendai then became fed up with the nonsense going on around him and splashed a huge splash back on both the Shuppet and the Weavile.
  15. JD responded to Damion "Pleased to meet you Damian" and soon he followed his glance over to pool

    Ant was laughing with Pawniard as things were playing out

    Weav was enjoying it to much and just kept on splashing, JD knew how out of hand they could get. JD put up his index finger up to Damion "one moment" he said as he walked over to the pool and calmly shouted over the splashes "Come on, Weav that's enough". Weav looked over at JD and started to splash him as well, JD just stood there getting soaked as Weav kept splashing. JD crossed his arms over and kept staring at Weav. When Weav noticed JD wasn't retaliating he stopped and swam over to JD and got out the pool. Weav put with his head down knowing he went to far.

    JD smiled and rubbed the top of his head "I know your playing Weav but I don't think the kid knows, that's the only problem ok?" Weav nodded and then hugged him.
    Weav stayed hugging JD as he spoke over to the kid in the pool "Hey kid you alright? Weav was only playing?"
  16. A bit baffled by the response, Crendai nodded.

    "Yeah I'm fine. Sorry it was my fault for taking things so seriously." Crendai replied.

    "Anyways since I'm aiming to experience new things, allow me to introduce myself. My name is CrendaI. I came fromy Kanto to go to Tolnia and become a Pokémon trainer." Crendai said.
  17. Damian looked at Shuppet, who flew higher to avoid the splash last second. He called Shuppet over with a finger. "Shuppet, did you scare that guy into the water?" Shuppet nodded slowly. "Did you mean to?" Shuppet nodded no. "Are you sorry you did though?" She nodded yes quickly. "Good." He looked over at the guy. "Sorry about that. Shuppet must have surprised you." He looked over at JD. "So, I'm assuming that Weavile and Durant are yours?"
    Pawniard got up when Damian was talking to Shuppet and walked over. As it was passing by Weavile, it waved to it. [Well, as much of a wave as a poke'mon with a blade for a hand can wave]

    Damian looked at Crendal "A poke'mon trainer eh? It's a good life. I enjoy it. Let's me meet all sorts of people and poke'mon."
  18. "Well as you have already told. Ive only seen Kanto Pokémon as of now. I've never seen or heard of a shuppet. But man, did that scare the cap out of me." Crendai said smiling.
  19. Feeling a push at his ankle, the boy looked down to find a small pokemon pushing at him. He blinked a few times at it, the energy of it rather cute to watch before it gave up and started trying to hop onto the counter. Still, it was too small to do so and it's attempts forced the young man to stifle a chuckle. Quick on the pokemon's heels was a trainer who called it Axew. The name dredged up a pokedex entry that had been read ages ago. It was a dragon type, very powerful and rather territorial - they tended to fight with their own kind.

    The trainer had picked it up and had given it a stern talking to. Or at least he tried to be stern about it. Though he couldn't see the Axew's face, he could guess it was pulling something adorable. The boy rolled his eyes; some pokemon could pull Fake Tears whether they knew it or not. The short movement drew his attention back as he watched the other trainer put the Axew on his head where the pokemon nuzzled happily.

    "It's no trouble at all. Really. After dealing with Unown for a few years, it's nice to see something normal. It was the worst when they would rearrange themselves while you were reading their messages, evil little things. Though having my Abra is a nice change. It sleeps most of the time - the entire time I was walking here in fact. Speaking of which..."

    Nurse Joy had returned with both his pokemon. Abra was, of course, asleep and Weavile was as a good as ever, though he was looking at the trainer with an Axew.

    'Who's this guy?'

    The thought came from Weavile, who had turned his look up towards his trainer.

    'I don't know yet. Gimme a sec.'

    The Weavile crossed its arms expectantly and looked over towards the Axew trainer. Picking his Abra up, the trainer placed it back on his shoulders, the psychic pokemon snuffling softly as it settled in.

    "Kaiten," he said, extending a hand. Kaiten Amaya. You wouldn't be heading for the Tolnia region like everyone else, would you?"
  20. JD nodded to Crendai "Now worries kid I'm JD, and yes" JD turned to Damian "These are my mischievous lot Weav and Ant" Nick said in response with a chuckle "Really it's Weav more than Ant, Ant kinda follows suit" JD taped Weavs back for him to go "Go have fun Weav" he asked Weav

    Weav didn't miss a beat so he went of and started jumping up and down towards the shuppet waving madly

    JD smiled he loved how energetic Weav is. JD decided to sit down with his feet in the water which was cool and refreshing "I agree with Damion my son has just started his journey last week back home around Unova" JD had flashes on his first day of becoming a trainer and it brought back good memories. "It's been a while myself but I can't wait to get started once again"

    JD looked over at his Pokemon and saw both of them having a good time with Damions Pokemon "They are fine Pokemon you have there Damion, well brought up I should add"

    JD was enjoying this, meeting new people was one of many things he liked being on the road as a trainer, he'd almost forgot how good it feels.
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