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  1. Welcome to the Tolnia Region, where the skies and waters are crystal blue and clear. Where the citizens are friendly, and so are the Pokémon. Bird Pokémon fly over the trees tweeting their songs and Pokémon of many kinds carry out their daily lives on the various islands that make up this special region. My name is Acashia and I am the Professor of the Tolnia Region. I study the environments in which each Pokémon lives and thrives. I also give trainers what they need to become a trainer here in this region. It's not like Kanto, or Unova, or any other region. See, the Tolnia Region is a chain of islands and is also one big reserve. Pokémon are protected here, so they must be caught a certain way. I teach new trainers, and old ones too! I teach them the technique needed to use the Ranger Styluses, which is used in coordination with the traditional Pokeballs. Here, Pokémon and trainers don't just become partners, they become the best of friends. However, nothing is as perfect as it seems. There are dangers and rumors of some poachers of these protected Pokémon. I believe there's two groups. One calls themselves Team Tropina, and the other, Team Desrana. If you are willing to take on these dangers and meet new Pokémon and people, then your adventure begins!

    ~ Professor Acashia, World Famous Pokémon Professor

    This RP isn't your typical Pokémon Roleplay. No, not at all. There will be dark themes behind a paradise cover, people actually getting hurt (not getting zapped by a thunderbolt and suffering no damage), aspects of the Pokémon World being emphasized, etc. That being said, let's talk about the basic plot line!

    So there will be three Arcs. The first Arc is dealing with your new journey. It's you getting your Pokémon, heading out of the house (or existing region), and hitting the roads in Tolnia. This Arc is you training your Pokémon up and getting used to the islands of this region. This Arc is also about you settling yourself into the region and preparing for the upcoming festival and tournament. You will be getting a Pokedex, Pokeballs, and the Ranger Stylus, as well as how to use the stylus. This Arc will be the shorter than the others.

    -The starters of the region are necessary to have. The only exceptions to this is if you get a Pokémon from a family member or friend or if you brought one over from the other regions. Then, when you go to get your stylus, you can have the choice of getting a Tolnia starter or just getting the region Pokedex, the stylus, and the Pokeballs. Another exception is the Eevee line. All Eeveevolutions shall be included, Eevee as well, due to new Eeveevolutions in the Tolnia Pokedex. These are the ONLY exceptions.

    - The Starters to choose from:

    Grass Starter (open)


    Fire Starter (open)


    Water Starter (open)


    The Second Arc will be the Tournament. Trainer will be pitted against other Trainers, NPC or actual players, to win pins and continue onto the next round until the Final Rounds at Paradise Stadium. You need 7 pins, 2 Beginner pins (levels 10-30), 3 Intermediate pins (levels 31-60), and 2 Expert pins (levels 61-80). You MUST have 3 Pokémon of level 10 to enter the Tournament. For those that drop out of the tournament or never participated in, you will be a spectator and/or a festival goer. The festival will travel from city to city alongside the Tournament. It is usually held in the evening and at night, though there are stands and game booths open during the day. In the festival, you can enter contests (like the Poke Beauty Contest), play games, socialize, eat, shop, and just have fun. Many of the Tournament participants will usually relax at the festival after their battles so there's never a dull moment. This will possibly the longest of the Arcs. While this is going on, the villains will be collaborating in PM to plan out the next Arc's storyline.

    The Third Arc will be all the players banding together to face the Villains, Team Desrana and Team Tropina. They will be forced to get along in order to not only save Tolnia, but also to save the entire Pokémon world itself. This Arc is still in the progress of being made. The villains' goals and descriptions will be revealed in IC.

    The Pokedex has over 100 new Pokémon to choose from as partners. There will be two Pokémon that NO ONE can get at any point in the RP. The Legendaries, Foresina and Tiersoma. There is only one of each, so it wouldn't be fair. They will appear in the RP as they are crucial to the villains plot line, however, NO ONE will be able to catch them or defeat them with one or two hits. All starters will be available in the wild, however, their catch rate & encounter rate will be extremely low.

    The Legendaries:

    Foresina (open)


    Tiersoma (open)


    Foresina (Forest Orb) (open)


    Tiersoma (Fire Orb) (open)



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    #2: Don't create unnecessary OOC Drama. If two more more members have trouble with each other, consult a GM. We'll sort everything out through PM. (The last thing we need is a heated argument in the OOC thread.)

    #3 Listen to the Admins. For example, ff we see something wrong with your CS, change it immediately. We have every right to judge your character. If we don't like a certain part, don't create an argument. Our word is law. We have the final say. If you don't like it, then leave!

    #4 Wait for Acceptance. You're not allowed to roleplay until your character is accepted by an Admin.

    #5 Two Characters Per Member. No one is allowed to create more than two characters.

    #6 No Godmodding. We won't accept overpowered, indestructible characters. Incorporated appropriate weaknesses, flaws, and limitations. No Mary Sues / Gary Stues.

    #7 No Metagaming. If you have questions about this term, consult a GM.

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    #16 All Iwaku Rules Apply. I'm sure this is self-explanatory, correct?

    #17 Please keep swearing to a minimum! Not everyone likes it, nor wants to deal with it all the time! Swearing will make people leave if too much is used and it might prevent new people from joining! Please be respectful to others and their preferences!

    CS Skeleton:




    Appearance: (provide anime or drawing image and a written description)


    Home Region:


    First Pokemon: (You can reveal the Pokemon you make your friends in the RP.)

    Dream Team: (Why? Because I wanna know...>w>)




    Kathleen Brooks




    March 5th



    Kathleen has stark black her and grayish blue eyes. She is always seen with her large, DJ style headphones, distinguished with a white skull and crossbones on a red background. She loves to wear necklaces and bracelets she makes, as well as hoop earrings her mother gave to her. Her preferred attire is made up of a low cut white blouse and dark blue jeans.


    Kathleen grew up in a very run down home. Her parents were always arguing, mostly about her father being a drunkard and having spent all the money necessary to stay off the streets. Her mother and Kathleen left her father when she was age 8 and she has been very quiet and shy since. Her mother gave her loop earrings that had belonged to her great-grandmother years ago, on Kathleen's 10th birthday to celebrate becoming a new trainer. Her first Pokémon was a Tereaf.

    Home Region:



    Kathleen used to be a very social and hyper kid until her parents split. Now she has become shy and socially awkward. She's always found listening to her music in a place who she can be alone. This doesn't mean that she isn't helpful or kind, in fact she'll go out of her way to make someone's day. She also wishes to gain a friend, but doesn't know where to start. Her Tereaf, Spade, is her only friend to date and they seem as if they were made for each other. She's often seen talking to Spade about anything she possibly could, and Spade listens closely.

    First Pokémon:

    A Tereaf named Spade

    Dream Team:

    Vidactyl, Kaspark, Pironsea, Pikachu, Dragonite, Spheal

    There are some pre-planned character roles**

    Team Tropina Leader (1st Twin): Taken by @Lady Bernkastel

    Team Desrana Leader (2nd Twin): Possibly Reserved by @Captain Scrubz

    Grunts for Tropina:

    1. Taken by @Merry Berry (Admin)
    2. Open (Admin)
    3. Open
    4. Open

    Grunts for Desrana:

    1. Open (Admin)
    2. Open (Admin)
    3. Open
    4. Open

    International Police (only one!):

    1. Taken by @Trono

    People from other regions:

    1. Taken by @Incubus Prince (Unova Region)
    2. Taken by @Yaoi Master Gavin (Sinnoh Region)
    3. Taken by @Captain Scrubz (Unova Region)
    4. Taken by @Nocturne997 (Hoenn Region)
    5. Taken by @sir-gallade (Kalos Region)
    6. Taken by @Raveg64 (Hoenn Region)
    7. Open
    8. Open
    9. Open
    10. Open

    People from Tolnia:

    1. Taken by @Arius LaVari
    2. Taken by @AnastiaCrest01
    3. Taken by @Slayer of Yellow King
    4. Open
    5. Open
    6. Open
    7. Open
    8. Open
    9. Open
    10. Open

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  2. Name: James Derek AKA JD

    Age: 30

    Birthday: 18 August



    History: JD has been a trainer since he was 10, he has been all over Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. JD did well in his first years when he was 13 he started finishing in top 20 in the tournaments, then top 10 when he turned 15. He caught most of the pokemon apart from the legendary pokemon although he has never came across a wild Whismer which baffled him. He had encountered a few legendary pokemon but they were brief, he was just happy just to see them and input them into his pokedex.

    When he was 16 he started traveling with Jessica, they were rivals at a young age and now they did everything together. Soon enough they married at 19 and settled down together and had a baby boy named Karl. For last 10 years JD has been a family man with Jessica. JD started working with Professor Juniper, while Jessica had her own gym. With their new lifestyle they raised Karl well and soon Karl wanted to follow in his parents footsteps.

    Now Karl is 10 and has started his Pokemon journey in Unova, JD was talking to Jessica and they were talking of the good old days. Jessica persuaded him to start again and take a few new pokemon to start a new journey in Tolnia. JD has never been there and he didn't really want to leave Jessica behind but she can be very persuasive and she said she might be right behind him. She still has to sort out her gym first. With that response and maybe having his misses as a rival once again along with his lad Karl. He couldn't pass it up, time to start fresh once again.

    Home Region: Unova

    Personality: JD is quite laid back and very competitive although he is not a sore loser. He takes a loses with a smile and congratulates his opponent if he deserves it. He really hates trainers who are sore losers and "in your face" winners.

    First Pokemon:

    Weavile, LV 10 Brick Break, Ice Punch, Quick Attack, Feint Attack
    Durant, LV 10 Vice grip, Sand attack, Fury cutter, Thunder Fang
    Walaze, LV 5 Scratch, Tail whip, Ember

    Dream Team: Weavile, Durant, Flygon, Meinshoo, Aerodactyl, Delphox
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  3. The dream team is your personal dream team, not your character's. Sorry for not making that clear. The only reason the example has real and fake Pokémon, and is not my actual dream team, is because it was just an example, ya know? I'm going to be posting my real CS soon. Walaze will start out with scratch, tail whip, and ember. At level 7, it will learn smokescreen. And I think it's cool you have such an experienced Pokémon trainer! I hope to see that experience in the battles!
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  4. WIP

    Name: Lief (pronounced leaf)

    Age: 24

    Birthday: August 8th


    Tall, toned body. Short brown hair, blue eyes. Wears traditional-style ranger clothing. He uses the bow to fire arrows with a capsule that contains a net on the tip, and uses it to illegally capture pokémon.

    History: When he, his brother and his parents were exploring a secret temple somewhere in Tolnia, the two twins wandered off and came across two mysterious orbs. One shone like the sun through the green leaves of a trees canopy, while the other shone like fiery magma. Lief was mesmerized by the green orb, but upon picking it up, he became possessed by the Pokémon slumbering inside it. That Pokémon was the legendary Foresina. Ever since he has been obsessed with discovering how to revive Foresina, and he started team Tropina for this purpose. He also began fighting with his twin brother, the leader of team Desrana, who used to be his best friend.

    Home Region: Tolnia

    Personality: Lief has an ice-cold personality, being very quiet and calculating. Before being possessed by Foresina, he was a cheerful, outgoing, and very warm person.

    First Pokemon: Treecko

    Dream Team: Jellicent, Cofagrigus, Golurk, Chandelure, Froslass, Aegislash

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  5. I like it ^^ You really made him perfect for Foresina! The only thing I would say is add that after the possession, he started to fight with his brother, who had gotten possessed by Tiersoma, when before they were close. Also, you are the first twin, so you get to make the age and birthday. The other person would have to follow your lead, since the other person is not quite here yet ^^'
  6. Walaze doesn't know leer ^^' It knows Tail whip. If you can change that, that would be great. Also, I still think the Weavile should be a Sneasle for right now. Then maybe it could evolve in the tournament. That is, unless there's a certain way to evolve it. If so, can you tell me? I'm not sure how to evolve all the ones by trade or certain stone, etc.
  7. Cool, I made changes accordingly.
  8. Name: Damian Elmore

    Age: 17

    Birthday: August 21st [My actual Birthday]

    Appearance: Anime Guy.jpg

    History: His mother has lived in Johto all her life, she fell in love with a man from Hoenn who had traveled there. Damian was the result of a little "mishap" where his father ran away from Hoenn a few days after finding out his mother was pregnant, his mother died 7 years after his birth from sickness. He then grew depressed and one day he was alone in the woods when he heard some crying. He wandered towards it and there he found a Bannete, it was crying because, like most Bannete, it was a mistreated and misplaced Doll. He went over to it and said "You don't need to cry anymore... You're not alone." He fell asleep next to the Bannete that night, and woke up to find it gone. Ever since then, he has vowed to stop thinking about his problems and worked towards helping others. Now his quest to help others has brought him to Tolnia.

    Home Region: Hoenn

    Personality: Very dark and serious. He tends to look at everything with a somewhat unendearing demeanor. He can make friends, but he's not the best at keeping them. Though he really just wants a true friend, which is why he plans on catching many Dark and Ghost type pokemon. For he feels he will relate to them well.

    First Pokemon: Shuppet ( Dark Pulse, Astonish, Knock Off)
    Pawniard (Fury cutter, Slash, Cut)
    Doble (Pound, Leer, Bubble)

    Dream Team: Froslass, Bisharp, Krookodile, Mawhile, Drifblim, Gardevoir
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  9. I really like it, you had really gone into depth without saying much at all. I personally see no problems with this CS, and I hope you will come join our temporary OOC and chat with the others! I'll give you the link in a little bit.
  10. Here it is ^^
  11. Name: Matthew Winters

    Age: 16

    Birthday: September 27


    History: Matthew is a rich boy who's father was a big time business man in Black City in the Unova Region. His mother was a stay at home mom and made sure to keep the house in pristine condition. With all of the money his father made, the Winters family lived in the penthouse of the most expensive apartment buildings. Because of his family's money, Matthew never had any real friends, those that 'tried' only cared about his money, so he shut himself off from people his age.

    Matthew had always been something of a lover for Pokemon. It was a little thing that barely anyone knew about him, only known by his mother, since she was always home with him. On his tenth birthday, his father was working, as per the norm, and his mother had bought for him, a baby Axew, practically just born. It was then that his mother had told him that it had been arranged for Matthew to go live with his Aunt and Uncle, two Pokemon breeders, at their Daycare on Route 3, thinking it would be good change for him.

    He moved to Route 3 and played with almost all of the Pokemon there, even playing with Axew. He got his Pawniard at age 13 as an egg that a trainer had said they didn't want, so his Aunt and Uncle decided to let Matthew take care of it, with their watch, of course. The Pawniard hatched and he became Matthew's second Pokemon. After this, his Aunt and Uncle finally let him go hunt a couple wild Pokemon every few days, not wanting him to grow too bored.

    When Matthew was 16, he was watching TV with Axew and Pawniard and something about this place called the Tolnia Region showed up and he was instantly amazed. As soon as it was over, he rushed to his Guardians and told them that he wanted to go to the Tolnia Region and start a journey and make new Pokemon friends there. After a while of convincing his Aunt and Uncle, who then took a while to convince Matthew's mother. It eventually led down to Matthew getting on a plane and heading off to the Tolnia region to do whatever he could do on the amazing Pokemon reserve.

    Home Region: Unova

    Personality: Matthew is normally a relatively quiet person and doesn't speak much except to a small number of people. He is incredibly mature for his age, often talking with a voice that makes him sound so much older than he really is, although his age does sometimes come through. He hates socializing with people his age because he feels that most of them are immature, preferring to socialize himself with people relatively older than he is.

    First Pokemon:
    Axew Lv 10, Scratch, Leer, Assurance, Dragon Rage
    Pawniard Lv 8, Psycho Cut, Leer, Fury Cutter, Arial Ace
    Tereaf Lv 5, Scratch, Growl, Vine Whip

    Dream Team: Lucario, Staraptor, Luxray, Haxorus, Bisharp, Zoroark
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  12. I love how you called Tolnia amazing XD For that, I praise you! Also, Tereaf starts off with Scratch, Growl, and Vine Whip. At level 7 it learns Absorb.
  13. Yaaay! ^^ thanks!! I can't wait to start this!
  14. Glad your so excited XD Gives me motivation to get my butt in gear!
  15. Hehe ^^ I'm, like, UBER excited!!!
  16. Name:

    Rylee Evans




    February 2nd


    Show Spoiler


    She has long, straight blonde (almost white) hair and chocolate brown eyes. She is always seen with a white scarf around her neck and goggles upon her head, no matter what she's wearing. Her preferred attire is made up of a red collared, short sleeved jacket, a black tee-shirt, brown jeans, black fingerless long gloves, a red belt with a yellow belt buckle, black tennis shoes, the white scarf, and her goggles. Her skin is fair and her cheeks always have a pink hue, as if she is blushing.


    Poketique Chic Designer Clothes & Accessories, a boutique in which Rylee had spent most of her childhood. It was her mother's store, where she sold various outfits and accessories she herself had made. She had gotten so popular in the Tolnia Region, that her designs were now being sold at various shops in Kalos! Rylee was only four when the shop was made and she took to it instantly. She always begged her mother to take her, and when she did, Rylee would spend the day trying on different outfits, making her mother smile and laugh when the young girl posed in front of the mirror. All was well until Rylee's father left them for another woman, of whom he had been having an affair with for two years. He even had a year old son with the woman, making Rylee jealous. "How could you have cheated on mommy?" She'd say. And though she secretly liked her half-brother, she would never admit it. Eventually, her father, his new wife, and his son moved to Kanto, leaving Rylee and her mother behind. The young girl, now 8, started having a blank expression all the time and acting as if she was always bored. Her mother didn't even see her eyes light up when she saw new designs, like how they used to. She was truly living up to her Zodiac sign's traits. Her sign is Aquarius, a very independent and stoic sign. In truth, she still cared and she didn't mean to upset her mother, but her outside demeanor said otherwise. She ended up becoming sarcastic and rebelled against her mother. She started talking down to others, though for no reason more than being insecure. Despite this, she was still very good with people. She was a good listener and friend (if you were patient enough to become one) and was great with giving advice. When she realized she had hurt her mother, she tried to show that she still cared by wearing clothes her mother made on a daily basis. She even had a scarf her mother made and a pair of goggles, the only pair her mother ever made, as her permanent accessories. This made her mother feel much better about her daughter's sudden change, as she was able to see that it was only a front.

    By the age of 9, Rylee got a part-time job at the local professor's lab. Professor Acashia was thankful for the help as he didn't have anyone to take care of the Pokémon while he was away. She learned quite a bit in the year she worked there, but she yearned for adventure. Professor Acashia saw this, and on her 10th birthday, he made her a new trainer and a personal assistant. He gave her the fire starter, Walaze, but more specifically, the one she seemed to have made a strong connections with. She named the male Pokémon Boomer before she was told what she would do as an assistant. She will travel all over Tolnia and study the environments and the Pokémon, whilst having fun and making new friends. Though she didn't show it, she was very excited. No longer will she be bored. Now she gets to go on an adventure! And thus her adventure began....

    Home Region:



    Strong Personality Traits-

    - Witty
    - Clever
    - Humanitarian
    - Inventive
    - Original

    Weak Personality Traits-

    - Stubborn
    - Unemotional
    - Sarcastic
    - Rebellious
    - Aloof

    First Pokemon:

    Walaze Lv 10 Scratch, Tail Whip, Ember, Smokescreen

    Dream Team:

    Umbreon, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Eevee, Leafeon (And if it was ever possible, all the rest of the Eeveevolutions)


    - She has a guilty pleasure: sweets! Her tooth is so sweet that you will normally always find her eating something sweet.

    - She loves all things fashion. Must run in the family!

    - She is very detached from her emotional state, yet her debates are filled with a lot of emotion (and she has quite a bit of debates for nothing more than the sake of having an argument).

    - She's so stubborn in her ways that even if she knows she'll fail, she'll keep doing the same thing.

    - Her blood type is B.

    - She can be very humorous, but her humor is dry and straightforward. For example, she can look you in the eye after you just fell down a hill, no longer looking your best because of which, and say "Well, that was quite the trip. Did you roll through a Miltank pasture on your way down, too?"

    - She is great with people but hard to befriend.

    - It's hard to keep her in one place for more than a few moments at a time.

    - Though she tends to use the same technique in battle, no matter how many times it fails, she is actually very good at strategies. She just needs to use them...
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  17. Here we go. I hope you don't mind that I drew from the canon a bit.

    Name: Kaiten Amaya

    Age: 16

    Birthday: March 8

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Kaiten has longish red hair and purple eyes with a slender frame. He prefers to wear a hoodie at all times, even in summer and usually wears jeans and sneakers along with it. His pack generally has a book or two in it and he tends to read that along the way, sending them home as he enters town and waiting for the next one to be sent from home.

    History: Kaiten is the son of Sinnoh Elite Four member Lucian and the cousin of Kanto Gym Leader Sabrina through his mother. Despite being loved by both parents, growing up was difficult, mostly because of Lucian's responsibilities as a member of the Elite Four. Most of the time, it seemed like he never saw his father and a as a result bonded more with his mother and the pokemon around him.

    Like his father, he had an affinity for psychic types but it ran even deeper than that - he himself was psychic. Not to the extent of his cousin Sabrina by any stretch, or even his uncle but he had telekinesis and a very limited telepathy. Like his father though, he had a love for reading and it was with books, pokemon, and psychic powers that his childhood was founded on.

    Growing older, he came into his powers more and more: he could telepathically communicate to those he had a close bond to and his telekinesis was powerful enough to toss pokeballs. Such was it that he was able to communicate with the Espeon that was the fourth member of their family who in her own ways, helped Kaiten develop his psychic powers even more.

    On his tenth birthday, he was surprised to find his father at home waiting for him when he awoke. As Lucian began the talk that all parents eventually have with their children, Kaiten listened eagerly, squeeing with delight when his father gave him the pokeball that held his first pokemon: an Abra, the offspiring of Lucian's own Alakazam and bred specially for Kaiten. The two bonded almost instantly, a telepathic flow opening between the two of them in only a short while. Only feelings at first, but it grew stronger until the two were conversing entirely by telepathy.

    Over the next few years, they grew together and Kaiten took interest in the Unown of Solaceon Town and their psychic powers as well as their forms. He began making trips to Solaceon from their home in Hearthome City to observe them. The Day Care couple got to know him rather well as he would often stop to chat with them, wondering about the mechanics of pokemon breeding, an interest of his own brought on by books.

    When he was thirteen, he was approached by the Day Care Man who offered him an egg that a trainer didn't want. With some trepidation that he wasn't ready, but feeling up to the task, Kaiten accepted the responsibility and when it finally hatched into a Sneasel, he was more than surprised at it but completely accepted the new pokemon. Unlike Abra it took some time for the two to bond but when they did, it was a firm friendship.

    By now, his studies on the Unown had left him at the same dead end as so many others better than him had found and his knowledge of breeding was something he wanted to test; that and to follow in his father's footsteps. The opening of the Tolnia region presented an excellent opportunity for him and at the age of 16, he headed off on his own pokemon journey, his proud parents behind him and an odd claw his father had given him with a knowing smirk, telling him that he would find out what it was in time. Traveling to Tolnia, Kaiten heard tales of items pokemon could hold and assumed the claw was a quick claw and let his Sneasel hold it as it was the weaker of his two pokemon.

    Racing to the pokemon center at the edge just before the Tolnia region before dusk fell, he was accosted by wild pokemon. With the help of Sneasel, he managed to defeat them as night devoured them. By the moonlight, he watched as Sneasel evolved before his eyes and the claw was consumed. With a feeling in his gut that this was probably earlier than his father expected, he nonetheless was overjoyed at the turn of events.

    Home Region: Sinnoh

    Personality: Kaiten often sees himself as older than he is, mostly because he's usually far more well-read than most. However, he does show a more immature side, often squeeing when something he finds amazing happens. He has a deep respect for both his and other's pokemon and is more than willing to do what he can to help them. There is also a bit of a flair for the dramatic for him, brought on by the fact that he has psychic powers and he wants to use them to show off. Just a bit.

    First Pokemon:

    Abra Lv 10: Teleport, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball

    Weavile Lv. 8: Quick Attack, Ice Punch, X-Scissor, Leer

    Tereaf Lv. 5: Scratch, Growl, Vine Whip

    Dream Team: Alakazam, Infernape, Salamence, Golurk, Weavile, Magnezone
    Extra: Short-Range Telepathy - only with those he has bonded closely with and only in a range of about 60 ft.

    Telekinesis - strong enough to throw pokeballs and levitate items weighing up to 10 lbs.
  18. I like Kaiten! Very unique! ^^ And I don't really see anything wrong with the CS, either. ^^
  19. Yay for psychic powers. Alakazam and I will bend ALL THE SPOONS! Unbend ALL the spoons?
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  20. Name:juddy


    Appearance:Yuma tzukimo hope zexal form/gallade

    History: born and raised in kalos juddy has been fasinated by the prospect of mega evolving pokemon and has wanted to create a new form of pokemon, hybrids. When a pokemon and it's trainer have a in sync battle, the DNA merge (combination of mega evolving and DNA splice ((to get black an white kyurem)) ) shall then ask if u want to merge with that said pokemon. But one day when he tests it out, someone was mega evolving and screwed his test, permanently merging him with his gallade.

    Personality: strong, adventurous, nerdy, shy, curious, cautious

    First Pokemon: gallade lv:20, moves are: psychic, shadow ball, thunderbolt and power-up punch

    Dream Team: gallade, charizard, Nidoking, vaporeon, sableye and pikachu
    Extra's: Telepathy: when merged with gallade I can use some psychic powers to talk.
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