The Mystery of the Stolen Amulet

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  1. A supernatural mystery between myself (dragonesper) and @Dammit Max.


    Kaede was relieved that his new roommate seemed to be a decent guy, for a creature at their boarding school that is, and was more than happy not having to share a room with an incubus that year. Their boarding school was okay, there was no girls but Kaede wasn't too troubled about that. At least half the young ones at this school was busy learning to master their powers and maintaining a glamour to seem human. He himself wasn't half-bad at it, sure, his eyes were still yellow, he wasn't able to morph his black cat-ears into human ones and his tail was still around letting everyone around figure out his mood with ease. Hearing signs of life behind the door to his new room he knocked (do not room with an incubus) and entered, smiling cheerfully all the way.
  2. Charlie was shuffling around his side of his room, scratching the base of one of his elegant curving ram horns, his tail flicking in annoyance. For the life of him he could not figure out where he had left his family photo, every year he brought it with him and would place it on his night stand. The photo consisted of him and all of his brothers, all ten of them together. Which was pretty rare to get all of them to be in the same room together. Satan bless it where was that photo?
    His pointed ears perked up when he heard a knock at the door and turned to see his roommate come inside. He grinned, he had seen this kid around before but never really had talked to him before. Charlie enjoyed getting to know people. "You must be my roommate, I'm Charlie Michaels, Boogeyman. Pleasure to meet ya." he said sticking his hand out for a shake.
  3. "Kuroyami Kaede, bakeneko," Kaede grinned as he returned the handshake. "Nice meeting you too." His tail, with it's characteristic split was calm so it was easy to tell that the teen was telling the truth. His bag was slung casually over his shoulder and he had no other bags than that, he never needed much. "Oh, and if you have any, ah, playmates, let me know in advance so I don't walk in on you. I roomed with an incubus last and yeah... I had no idea a vampire could twist like that..." He grinned sheepishly, the tale being just one of many he had walked in on before he learned to knock, and later just leave of the sounds from the shared room was questionable.
  4. Charlie started laughing "Not to worry about that, I have a couple incubus brothers, I'm a completely different subtype of demon. I have had the trouble of walking in on them a few times," he mocked a shudder "never again." he smiled. "I've had a few nightmarish roommates myself. We should exchange stories some time." He grinned. He lifted up a book on his desk, finding a photo underneath it, he gave a small "Ah-ha!" and picked it up then looked back over at Kaede "I've been looking for this for the past half hour," he smiled widely and placed it on his night stand "Back where it belongs."
  5. "And I thought black cats brought bad luck," Kaede grinned as he dumped his stuff on his bed. "And most of the creatures here are practically something of nightmares, so if we're gonna exchange stories then the classic horror stuff has to be dropped." He joked before stretching out, falling backwards on the bed and returned to his feline form. The human form was a pain to keep up half the time. "So what kinda demon are ya?" He asked casually, too lazy to pack out for now, it could wait until he had his nap.
  6. "We're called boogeymen, basically we see into people's minds and and turn into their deepest fears. We feed off of fear like incubi feed off sexual energy." he grinned and last "Once I scared this one guy by turning into a giant floating penis, that had to be the weirdest thing I've had to turn into. Most of the time it's giant snakes, bugs, especially spiders. We're actually allowed to go to the nearby towns at night to hunt people down, they'd rather us scare humans than other students."
  7. "Just don't scare them to death. It gets messy when humans die," Kaede commented lightly and added: "My diet's so much simpler, anything meaty. Mice can do in an emergency, same with birds, lizards... Once I had to eat a spider, not my proudest moment." Kaede had a joking tone but the subtle flick of his tail told a different story, it was not something he was happy about.
  8. "We can eat regular food if we have to, but it doesn't really sustain us for that long. I actually scared a guy to death once, turned out he had a heart condition. I've always felt guilty about that but it's one of those things, I have to do it to live and how was I supposed to know?" Charlie shrugged "But that was a few millennia ago. No point in holding on to bad events you can't control." he sat down on his bed.
  9. "If you're that old then why are you here? Most around here is at the most a century old you know." Kaede asked curiously, intruiged why someone older than a millenia would bother going to a school when they already must be good at handling their powers.
  10. Charlie shrugged "I'm only 17,000, I'm not that old. Never really had the time until now, coming from a large family we were always fighting each other or something like. Two of my other brothers are here too, Jamie who's the oldest of my brothers, and Dee who's a middle brother like me, although I'm still a bit older than him. My other siblings weren't that keen on coming to school."
  11. Kaede tensed at the familiar nickname. "Wait, Dee?" He asked incrediously, "as in Damion? The 'if I have to sleep with women to then I'm gonna starve'-Dee? So overpierced he looks like a hedgehog?" So they were brothers? Oh man, now things weren't going to go well, were they?
  12. "Better known as 'strictly dickly Strickland' Yeah that's him." Charlie started howling with laughter "I am so sorry you had to deal with rooming with that mess. You must have met Jamie at some point too. Dee and Jamie gotta a well I'm just gonna say unconventional relationship. Jamie is just a bit shorter than me, really muscular, classic devil horns, the family tail," Charlie describes, his tail flicking with emphasis "Jamie really liked 'helping' Dee out from time to time. Demons don't really have boundaries when it comes to sexual relationships."
  13. "I noticed," Kaede commented wryly. "Those were some great nights for star-gazing though, clear weather, not so cold." He added lightly after that. He was closing his 100th birthday but he still wasn't used to the completely different ethics and morals that belonged in the realm of creatures. Eh, he'd live, as long as he didn't have to take part in anything he hated then he'd be fine.
  14. Charlie nodded "Stargazing is pretty relaxing, by brother, Rodger, would sometimes take me out stargazing when everyone else was fighting. Lyel likes stargazing too, which I think is pretty weird since he doesn't have eyes," Charlie said grimacing a bit "Although Lyel is a pretty weird dude in general."
  15. "Being outside at night, the silence and peace is super nice. There's this awesome hidden spot at school not even the most horny incubus knows, it's got a great view." Had he been happier then he would have purred, so much did he love that hideaway of his. It was a great napping spot too.
  16. Charlie smiled "I know a few choice hiding spots myself, we'll have to show each other sometime." he laughed "So do you have any crazy family?" he asks curiously trying to keep the conversation going.
  17. "Nope, I'm kinda a first generation deal. Most of the bakeneko today have mated with each other and gotten kittens, but I was a regular housecat before my tail split." He lightly showed his tail, how from a third out on the tail it split into two tails, the split so neatly it seemed like the tail had been cleaved in half and then healed. "It kinda makes me awesome," he grinned with his cat-smile knowing that he was a part of that fifth of the bakeneko population that could honestly claim to be first generation.
  18. "That's pretty cool," Charlie admitted. "I'm considered a first degree demon because I'm the direct spawn of the current king of hell. That's why my brothers fight all the time, they're fighting over who takes his place when he dies."
  19. "So I'm rooming with the future king of hell or something?" Kaede asked jokingly, "will I suddenly be in danger from nefarious assassins sent by ambitious creatures wanting you dead?" His tone was casual and light as he enjoyed the comfortable warmth of his bed, even if someone wanted his room mate dead he was pretty sure he'd get out of it alive. After all, he hadn't died just yet.
  20. "Nah I'm not interested in demon politics," Charlie said scrunching up his nose "So that luckily makes me not that big of a target. The real rivalry is between Jamie, the eldest, and Michael, the youngest. Jamie stronger, but Michael is likable and smart. I still think either Jamie or one of my older brothers are going to get it, Michael is too young."
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