The mystery of the No-IC Roleplay

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  • I asked a question, then @Samsterious told me that all RPs have an IC thread. Naturally, my sleep deprived brain decided to take this as a challenge, and so I shall create the No-IC Roleplay!

    I thought about the best way to do this. I will not lie and say I thought hard. It was maybe 5 minutes tops. And so, it shall be a murder mystery. There will not, however, be any characters, so an IC thread is impossible! Instead, it is you yourselves who will be responsible for figuring out how the murder was done.

    I will probably regret this when I wake up, so a message for awake me: Screw it. You already made it so now you have to carry it through to the end, whatever form that may take.
  • There is only one rule for this roleplay, for without characters, how can one do any of the taboo things? The only rule here is that you must remain not-IC the entire time.
  • How can there be a cast when the characters don't exist?
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