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Name:Hisashi Tamotsu




2nd son of the Oni who goes by the name "Akihiro",and the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. not quite as spectacular compared to the rest of his family,even to his own daughter and son. Having only managed to get his Oni Mentality and Divine Mentality to cooperate (as he was unable to learn any ability techniques),he could only use 2 abilities. Even then,it doesn't stop him from dashing in to help anyone whenever he can. One such occasion would be now,where he wishes to restore the light in his world that has been devoured.

A bit of an airhead sometimes,Hisashi has a strict exterior which gives off the impression that he does not take lightly to anyone joking around. In reality,he's actually a kind-hearted man who does have his silly moments. If he were to meet an experienced blacksmith,he would have a puppy-like joy (which further proves he isn't exactly fully stoic). Even if it isn't about smithing,he will still display a curious personality,wishing to learn about things that he does not understsnd of (unless it has something to do with spiders.)

1)Damage Reversal - An abilities in which a spherical light appears,hovering above his palm which emits particles that will reverse the damage inflicted on a living being or on an inanimate object. Depending on the severity of the damage sand his knowledge on what he's fixing/healing,it'll drain his stamina quite a lot unless he gets experienced with using it. It cannot revive the dead
2)Flame and Heat Manipulation - As the name suggests,he can create flames and manipulate the size,shape,brightness and heat of them. This ability is his most used ability due to his affinity with heat (being the son of an Oni who is pretty good at using flame abilities despite relying on his physical strengths all the time and the Sun Goddess sort of helps)

Before he had his powers,he had relied on using the Gaia Memory's powers as Kamen Rider W and the Destiny Gundam Form (turns into man-sized MS) when facing against an enemy stronger than him ability-wise and strength-wise. Even now he still does turn into W or Destiny when the situation calls for it

As W
1)Heat2-rigger W - The primary form Hisashi and his partner "Renegade" turns into instantly most of the times they become Kamen Rider W. The 2-rigger Memory being the upgraded version of the Trigger Memory allows W's gun to change from Magnum form to a Rifle form (either being an assault rifle or sniper rifle). Due to the influence of the Heat Memory,the bullets fired are all compressed flames. Heat2-rigger's Maximum Drive (a Super Move of sorts) using the Trigger Magnum shoots a continuous beam of fire towards his target(s). The Maximum Drive for Rifle Form is still unknown.

2)Luna2-rigger W - Another form in which Hisashi uses in case his own aiming skills isn't good enough in a situation. The bullets fired can change direction as the pursue the target(s). The Maximum Drive using Magnum and Rifle form allows W to instantly fire multiple bullets at once at his target(s)

1)A Zweigmesser sword
2)A barrier-gadget shield
3)W Driver (that belt) and Heat,Luna and 2-rigger Memory
Other Information:
1)The Destiny Form is ultimately scrapped for this RP
2)Physical strength wise,he's as strong as Kratos
3)He is 182cm tall
4)The W Diver he uses is different compared to the one from the source material in some ways. One such being that Hisashi does not require a data-human as a partner to turn into W
5)He does have a normal to indicate he is a half-oni. He had someone cast a illusion spell to hide it
(The model used for Hisashi is currently a stand in,i plan to edit the textures later)

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