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  1. It all started in Sacred Hearts Academy.
    Everything was normal, that was until the school bell chimed.
    Ms. Silburt was running late, and I mean extremely late.
    Most students even considered going home at this point,
    thankfully, the vice principal let everyone in.
    But the sight that greeted everyone was everything but pleasant.
    There on the floor was your teacher, dead.
    The vice principal hushed everyone out and called the police...
    This is when the Mystery club formed.


    As you might be able to tell,
    The Mystery Club roleplay is about a few students grouping together to find out about their teacher's murderer
    That's how it'll start anyways. Once you guys finish this case, we'll move onto more.
    But I'll also need some help. So if you're interested in making mysteries, then just say so.
    As for people who are interested in solving ones instead, here's the form.

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Self-explanatory
    Gender: Also self-explanatory
    Age: You can't be younger than 15 or older than 18
    Appearance: Image or description, idc. Whatever you're comfortable with.
    Personality: You're free to update it whenever
    Specialty: In the club, what are you the best at doing? Look below or make your own. When you make your own, please explain why it'do be helpful.
    Why?: Why are they interested in joining the mystery club?

    Specialties are basically power ups for your character. I'll add whenever something new pops up.
    Knowledgable: Whenever you look at a crime scene, I'll add additional information that may be beneficial to the investigation.
    Observent: Whenever you look at a crime scene, there'll be a better chance you'll see something your fellow partners won't.
    Connections: Need access to get or see something? No problem, you have connections that'd help you with that.
    Techie: Will help the case through computers and such. This includes surveillance camera videos.
    Fighter: Your abilities will usually be needed when physical abilities are needed. You're probably going to be the most fit in the group.

    1. All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. No perfect characters.
    3. No godmodding.
    4. Mild swearing is allowed.
    5. Remember that if someone hasn't said it, your character won't know certain things.


    The roleplay will start with everyone going to school and getting reacquainted, unless you don't want to.
    As soon as everybody posts, I'll begin the mystery. It will go along the lines of the one above.
    Of course, with greater detail as well. In most of my posts, I'll also include the time and place on the top. Eventually the case name as well. Then I'll post everyone's pov.
    So like this:

    September 5th XXXX, 9:00am | Sacred Heart Academy, Hallway | Starting Case
    Name's pov:
    Blah blah blah blah....

    Name's pov:
    More blah blah blahs....You get the point.


    The Mystery Club Members:
    Micah Laurel | Techie | Played by Kaz
    RafaDark | Fighter | Played by RafaDark
    Pip Romero | Knowledgable | Played by Tart
    Mackenzie Toulon | Connections | Played by Rieezy
    Nora Emmins | Observent | Played by Blue Skies
    Grayson Nicols | Leader | Played by Blue Jay

    If you have any questions just ask.​
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  2. Case Files:
    Will be updated
    Starting Case

    • Name of victim: Jennifer Silburt
      Gender: Female
      Age: 32
      Occupation: History teacher
      There's nothing really special about the victim, she wore average clothes and nothing made her stand out. She has wavy dirty blonde hair, which stopped at her shoulders. She was about 5’7 and probably weighed around 130lbs. Though she often wore heels, which probably meant she was shorter than mentioned.
      Cause of death: Unknown
      Students found her to be alright. Not too bad and not that great either, she was a teacher that tried to be fun but didn't work out too great. Thus, she was pretty laid back, but a little too laid back.
      Nobody in the club knows how the rest of the staff feel about her.

    • Nobody has suggested anybody as a suspect.

    • Nobody has yet to find out what it is.

  3. This sounds pretty fun. c: I'll put a CS together to join.
  4. Same here!
  5. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. :)
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  6. Name:
    Micah Laurel



    Click Here For Appearance

    Micah is usually one to keep to himself and just watch everything go on around him, but on the occasion that he feels the need to get involved, he will go all out. When interacting with others, he's pretty soft-spoken, but kind and always eager to help when he can.


    Mrs. Silbert was Micah's favorite teacher. He would often stay behind in class to ask about homework or projects, and really liked her laid back personality. It was easy to talk to her. Because of this, he feels as though he has to help in any way he can to figure out what exactly happened to her.​
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  7. Accepted!
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  8. CS

    Name: RafaDark.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 16.

    Personality: Friendly but a little anti-social, like to keep friends close not to lose them and he's a little arrogant because he don't want to feel useless.
    Specialty: Fighter.
    Why?: Why? to get known and to punch anyone in the face... maybe win a little money... and destroy some things.
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  9. Accepted! Thanks for joining.
  10. Wait, is your character named RafaDark?
  11. Yup...
  12. Alright, sorry for the misunderstanding.
  13. It's ok.
  14. So... we are waiting on @BlueSkies to begin the RP?
  15. Pretty much, but there's no rush! She can take her time.
  16. @RafaDark
    I have to say, for the point of constructive criticism, naming your character after your username is very immersion-breaking. Especially when it sounds far more like a username than a name. Wouldn't it be best if you threw in a space to make it Rafa Dark as a first and last name?

    Also, @WhoopDau -- When I found the thread I showed BlueSkies and another friend, both of which said they would join. I'll ask them if they're still going to. c:
  17. It would, but i feel more comfy to put my own name on my chars to make them look more like me, almost like make me incorporate the char but i keep being myself incorporating an char... It's a little complicated to explain...
  18. The Bookworm

    "Yo! The name's Pip Romero."
    Nicknames include: Pip Pip Cheerio, Pippy, Pippy Long Stocking, and Lil Pipster.

    "Totes a female."

    "OVER 9000!!!"

    "So, basically, I'm your prince charming babe."
    Pip definitely isn't bad looking with his honey brown medium cut hair and hazel eyes.
    He has a bit of an narrowed face, and nicely arched eyebrows and a fairly normal nose.
    His complexion is rather fair, moving closer to the pale side, and his body build is that of
    a normal teenage boy; average weight with some slight muscle. He's pretty tall
    for his age with a whopping 6 feet and 3 inches.

    "A drop dead sexy whale."
    Pip is a total goofball, and doesn't really take things all that seriously. Sure, he's taking this mystery
    very seriously, but that's... about it. Pip doesn't like to let little things get him down, so if
    anyone ever bashes him or says something insulting, he ends up joking about it himself and
    brushing it off completely. He may not look the part, but he's actually quite smart in that geeky brain of his,
    and he's good with researching things in books and such. He gets
    verrrry clingy to his friends, which yes, totally
    means he's a touchy person, meaning he'd hug you for no reason. He likes to show his affection, and
    'Personal Space' is not in his vocabulary. So if you're friends with him, I'd advise you getting used to about 3 hugs a day,
    and cheek kisses. That's just Pip for ya.

    "Specialty; Noun. A pursuit, area of study, or skill to which someone has
    devoted much time and effort and in which they are expert. Yeah! I won multiple
    spelling bees in Elementary and Middle school."

    Book-Smart, Knowledgeable

    "Well, obviously I'm in it for the money."
    Pip really liked Mrs.Silburt. She was friendly and good with the students, and her
    class never really had a dull day. When he walked into the class and saw her body, he
    instantly wanted to avenge her. He was going to find the killer.

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  19. Totally didn't mean to post that yet... ehehehehe.....
  20. Thanks Kaz!
    It's fine, Tart, that's why edit buttons exist! :D
    If it didn't, most of my threads would be littered with delete posts and I would die because I have O.C.D. ;-;
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