The Mysterious Land Rashara

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    • There are five continents on the planet Othana:

      Agros - Agros is mainly Grassland, forests and mountains. It is the smallest continent, but is also the most organized. There isn't a lot of civil wars because there is a king that has united most of the land together, with only a few independent organizations. Defense is the key word for Agros' people, with the king's many law enforcement groups scattered across the continent to ensure peace. The crime rate is as low as Esnor's because of this. The King and his organization is far from corrupt, and because of this they have the loyalty of the population.

      Esnor - Esnor is the most diverse in terms of biomes, as it is home to just about everyone you can think of. It has deserts, forests, rainforests, snow, windy grasslands, and much more, all at the same time since there are no seasons in the world. It is the second largest continent, and is known as the land of trade. Every other continent goes to them for resources, whether it be for agricultural needs, ore, weapons, and many other things. Unlike Agros, Esnor isn't as organized, but organizations don't wage senseless war against each other either, since every group has something valuable enough to keep them as allies rather than enemies. Esnor is also the liveliest continent. With their excessive amount of resources, it is the best place to live out the dream of having a great home and family. It is pretty much neutral ground here. There is a huge capital which is known for having the biggest annual trading events in the world. There are no rules against coming or going in Esnor, but there are bandits that reside on the coasts and require you to trade them something or they will either kill you or just keep you out(or in if you are trying to leave).

      Esparia - Esparia is almost identical to Agros in terms of their biomes, except it is much larger. It is also known as the land of the brave. The motto in Esparia is to not cower at any dangerous adventure, but embrace it's challenges! The strongest men have hailed from this continent. Almost everyone here knows how to at least defend themselves a little bit, because if you didn't there would be no chance for you out in the open. Many large and vicious animals travel around the land, so it is never safe if you are traveling across cities. There are always events to show your strength, like tournaments and other cool activities.

      Fluya - Fluya is known mainly for two things. Firstly, it is mostly desert, which means that there isn't a lot of food grown there. There are some grasslands, and it rains sometimes, but not enough to ensure that everyone can eat. The second thing is a result of the first. It is a lawless land where most people do whatever they can to live. War goes on everyday for food, whether it be bandits raiding cities to get their food, armies attacking other armies to capture the small grasslands scattered across the continent, and much more. Most people eventually either die or strive to survive by doing these bad things. There is a small percentage of the population that are rich in terms of food, since their armies are well equipped with weapons to ensure that no one is getting their grassland. As you can assume, Esnor doesn't really trade with Fluya in fear of their ships getting jacked if they get anywhere near the place.

      Rashara - Rashara is the largest and most mysterious of the five continents. There aren't a lot of people that leave the place if they go in. A lot of people assume that they die while exploring the land, but perhaps they are just so enchanted with it that they don't want to come back? There are some who claim they have been there and have seen bizarre things like demons, magic, angels, and many other insane things. No one ever believes them, but who knows? You will never know unless you go for yourself.

      Two siblings named Haruko and Kaiyo of the Uchida family have been to the Agros, Esnor, Esparia and Fluya. They plan to set forth on the journey to Rashara very soon. They have only heard rumors of the place, ones that don't speak about it very kindly, but they are still set on adventuring in the land, because Haruko promised his older sister that he would take her to see everything the world had to offer. Watch as the two get into some various situations, ranging from harmless fun to deadly challenges! Will they survive to tell the tale of their findings to the people too scared to set foot in Rashara?

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      Haruko Uchida




      175 lbs

      Haruko is a fairly tall man with an athletic build and rough skin, which is filled with scars, mainly around his torso. He has dark brown eyes and blonde hair, sideburns and a beard. He has small ears and an average size nose and forehead. His usual attire is a white suit of armor with cross-like designs embedded in the shoulder and breast plates. He also tends to wear a vest as well as silk pants over it to give himself a unique appearance than a simple man with armor on. The weapons always seen on him are his trusty Dagger attached to the left side of his waist, and a Longsword attached to the right side of his waist.

      Haruko is a very kind man with a large sense of wanderlust. There is no where he wouldn't travel to, making tons of friends along the way. During his travels, he just can't ignore people in need of help, whether it be a small problem or something that could lead to their death. The man always had a strong urge to reserve all human life, except for when the only thing he could do to stop enemies were to kill them. Regardless, he believes that everyone can eventually change, so if there is a chance, Haruko likes to lock up criminals rather than take their lives.

      Haruko can always be seen smiling, even when fighting enemies, confident that he can get them to stop their villainy! When these people succeed in heinous crimes in front of his face however, that is when he gets into his rage mode. At that point, the look on Haruko's face turns into pure disgust, and thus he charges the enemy with everything he has.

      - A great Swordsman who is a master with the Longsword and Dagger.

      - A master of many martial arts including Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, etc.

      - A mighty tank who can take a dozen slashes to the body but still function properly.

      - A Blacksmith who is very good with fixing equipment on the go.

      - An expert at setting traps as well as detecting them.

      - An artist on the side.

      His heavy armor slows him down a considerable amount.

      - Not so great at detecting threats among people like he is detecting traps.

      - Can be easily conned due to his heavy trust in humanity for some reason.

      - Doesn't perform well over emotional grief, as he is very soft under that heavy exterior.

      - Couldn't be stealthy to save his own life (which is why the best course of action in that kind of situation is to lure the enemies to him, thus sending them straight into the traps he set up beforehand).

      Image (open)

      Name: Kaiyo (Kai) Uchida

      Gender: Female

      Age: 29

      Height: 5'5"

      Weight: 135

      Appearance: Kai has rather long sandy blonde hair framing her face and a set of full lips that are often found forming a light grin. Her visible skin is flawless but a few scars lay hidden away on her back and forearm. Kai is of average height and is adorn with tone muscle. She has minimal amounts of fat on her body. The only part of Kai's body that she doesn't like is her rather large chest which gets in her way quite often.

      Personality: Kai is a practical girl that likes to plan ahead. While she has an absolute love for adventure she also likes to be prepared for just about every scenario. Kai is quick to chastise however she is very slow to anger. While she will chew one out for making a stupid mistake, being lazy, or being careless, it's easy to see she isn't upset over it. Instead she would best be described as worried.

      Kai gets excited before fights, she loves the feel of tension just before the first strike and she can't help but feel the thrill of danger looming in the air however Kai is a very calm fighter. On the inside Kai might be ecstatic however on the outside she won't show even a hint of emotion. Instead she'll wear a very grim face that might make one think she hates fighting.

      Expert wielding spears

      Cooking (both with an oven and over a fire)



      Excellent Auditory Range

      Slightly above average night vision


      Quick to learn languages.

      Strength. Kai is very fast but not very strong

      Poisons seem to be very effective against her

      Fear of Giant Insects

      Can't stand the cold

      Easily scammed when it comes to children

      Weak Swimmer​

    "Uh, yea, I will need one dagger, a few dozen feet of barbed wire, a few dozen feet of plain old steel wire, nets that aren't easy to cut, and.... let me look at my list here. Hold on a second," Haruko went on, making sure that he was about to buy everything he needed on his list that was written down on a sheet of paper. The warrior didn't know what to expect from all of the mysterious dangers of Rashara, so he needed to be prepared before him and his sister left on the ship he bought with his savings from all of the small jobs he did during their travels. Even captains who have been through the toughest pirate raids and most relentless storms wouldn't go anywhere near Rashara, so if a person wanted to go there, they had to get there by themselves.

    Batavia City which was known as the trading capital of Esnor was where the two adventurers stopped before going on their final journey. The amount of items for sale there was an unbeatable number since not only were shops set up inside of buildings, but there were open areas outside that allowed hundreds of merchants to set up shop, which was only a small square of land they could set there stuff on, usually putting a carpet and tables on the floor before doing so, but it worked out well. With so many sellers, there were hardly any lines you had to wait in. Sure, it was very hot outside, but Haruko wasn't complaining as he just obtained everything he needed from one of the merchants, which had to be put in a large un-rip-able bag. He strolled through the shopping area, which looked exactly like a carnival but without the rides. The man's destination was a large inn that he and his sister were staying in.

    "Alright, now we have everything we need to leave this place tomorrow! For now, I should go to the bar downstairs and have a drink or two, and then catch some shut-eye!" Haruko announced his plans out-loud while smiling as put his bag down on his bed in the room that him and Kaiyo slept in, on the third floor of the inn. It had two beds that were on opposite walls from each other. There were a few tables in the room, but other that that, it was plain and brown. If they needed to go to the bathroom there was one for each floor, which was hectic when everyone wanted to take showers all at the same time at night, but that was eventually handled somehow each time.
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  1. Kai practically pranced down the docks with a huge smile on her face, a basket of herbs in one hand and a bar of flint in the other. It was quite obvious that she was happy and for good reason too. After all she had just gotten the herbs for half off and the bar of flint practically for free. The man she bought them from was in tears by the time she walked away but according to various witnesses that man had been scamming just about everyone that went to his stand. He even tried to scam her as well, luckily she knew the difference between grass and the rare green pinnate leaf.

    Kai boarded the rickety wooden ship and quickly made her way to the lower hold where nonperishable foods and equipment for their adventure were stored. She already had made basic medicines that they might need such as things to relieve pain, heal cuts, and settle stomachs. She also had plenty of preserved herbs that would be used to create just about anything she didn't already have. Medicine could only be used for what it was created for, but the herbs used to create it could be used in many, many different ways. Normally Kai didn't bring as many herbs with her. She knew the different herbs of each of the four inhabited continents and how to find them. It would be pointless to bring herbs with her that she could get for free. The only difference was this time they were going to a continent that they knew very little about. For all she knew it might not even have a single known herb growing there... so naturally she wanted to be prepared.

    After Kai finished organizing and putting away the herbs she had bought she made her way back to an old inn located near the harbor. It wasn't the greatest of places but because Haru couldn't find anyone brave enough to drop them off at Rashara they had to buy a boat themselves which was a huge expense and in order to not go completely broke they ended up cutting back on luxuries such as a nice inn. Not that Kai minded though, she had spent more than enough nights sleeping against a tree, compared to that any bed was a lot nicer. Kai listened to the creaking of the floorboards as she walked down the hall to their room. The sound was dampened by the carpet but never the less one wrong step made an obnoxiously loud creaking sound.

    Kai approached the room and poked her head in just in time to find Haru setting down a bag. "Haru-chan, shouldn't you be putting that on the boat before going out to drink?" Kai slipped into the room and approached her brother, "What did you buy anyways?" She mumbled before nudging him over with her shoulder and peeking inside the bag. "Don't you already have wire on the boat?" Not that it really mattered. They hadn't the slightest clue what they would find on Rashara, having extra supplies wouldn't hurt.
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  2. "I didn't see the point of going all the way to the dock to put bag on the ship when we will be going their tomorrow anyway. I am not trying to be crazy like you, going every other time you get some items. If anything, thieves are more likely to break into the hold of the ship than this room, since there are so many people here who are friendly and would help to ensure that criminals would never get their way. I don't see you befriending any sea monsters, so this bag is sleeping with me for the next few hours, heh," Haruko smiled and replied to his sister's bickering while adjusting the bag and putting it in the middle of the bed so it wouldn't tip over. They didn't need to make it hard to get across the room after all. "And yes, I do have some wire on the ship, but you could never have enough of the stuff. We don't know how durable the men in Rashara are, so it may take several yards of traps before they go down," he added, finally turning around after he got the bag sorted out and looked into his sister's eyes with his neck bent downwards, since the swordsman was half a foot taller than the woman, even though she was a year older. "Anyway, we can continue to talk as we go downstairs. I need something to drink before I die of dehydration," Haruko instructed Kai as he opened the door to the hall and began to walk towards the stairs that eventually lead the duo to the bar. A duo only assuming that Kai actually came with him.

    "So, what do you think about going to Rashara? We have both heard the rumors, but do you believe them to be true?" Haruko asked his sister as they sat at the counter. He ordered a glass of mead and sipped it as he waited for an answer. For the last few weeks all the man could think about was how their last journey would go, and if they would even survive the first day. The rumors about Rashara are vicious, with some of them detailing demons powerful enough to kill a man with the flick of their wrists.
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  3. "Fine, you can leave it here, but you're still carrying the trunk of clothes as well!" She warned him. He calmly turned to face her and looked her in the eyes apparently completely ignoring her warning. "Anyway, we can continue to talk as we go downstairs. I need something to drink before I die of dehydration," She sighed, honestly Haruko could probubly carry the chest of cloths and the bag of wire without any trouble at all. While she struggled to do any sort of heavy lifting her brother could carry more than a horse. Honestly sometimes she felt a little jealous of his strength... but there wasn't anything she could do about it. Her strength was speed and stealth so she would continue to focus on that.

    She followed behind him as they started descending the stairs. She listened to the echo of their footsteps as they descended in silence. It seemed her brother was more interested in what he could get in the bar than continuing their conversation but she honestly didn't mind. They both must be feeling the pressure of tomorrows trip... well at least she was. They were heading out to an island that no one know much about. She felt like they were prepared, the ship was loaded with plenty of supplies and she spent months gathering anything and everything she thought they might need.

    Neither of them spoke a word until they entered the bar and sat down. Only then did her brother start a conversation, "The rumors? I'm sure they are over exaggerated and even if they aren't it's nothing we can't handle... unless our boat sinks before we get there..." She mumbled. Honestly that was her only fear concerning the trip. Apparently large sea creatures dwelt in the deep waters around Rashara and they liked to prey on ships. Theirs was rather old and rickety, if it were to fall apart... well she wouldn't make it to land, and though her brother was a better swimmer than she was... if they were too far out he wouldn't be able to help her.
  4. "Uh, I am pretty sure if there really were demons, even my strength and traps wouldn't be able to scratch them," Haruko laughed as he replied to his sister, who didn't seem to fear anything except for the ship sinking. "And you don't have to worry about the ship. While I am captain, I won't let the tiniest of holes form on it!" he added, rudely taking on the head role without even discussing it with Kai. He didn't now everything about ships, but over the week the warrior read as much as he could, since the trip would be long, and their would be challenges to overcome before the duo could even step on the land of Rashara.

    "Speaking of that, I guess I forgot to buy us some artillery in case any sea monsters attack us during the trip, heh," the man had an innocent stressful smile on his face. Unless either of them could fly, they would be able to take out those types of monsters any other way. "I will get them before we leave in the morning. Anyway, let's enjoy our time until then. I saved up a little extra on the side to gamble it away. Don't worry, we still have the main bag of cash in tact," Haruko mentioned to his sister, adding in that last part so he didn't get in trouble. After gulping down the rest of his mead, Haruko left to go play blackjack on one of the open tables in the middle of the inn. "Get some rest! I am sure the entertainment around here won't suit you!" the male shouted to Kai before finally sitting down to play some cards.
  5. Kai crossed her arms as she boastfully replied to her brothers less than confident response, "If it's the two of us, we'll think of something. Even a demon would fall before us." 'He's the captain now? Well fine, boy's need to have their pride...' "That boat would fall apart even if a guppy bumped against it... fine, you can be captain but I'm the navigator. You'll get us lost otherwise." While it was true her brother was terrible at navigating she didn't fare much better... though she could still easily get them to Rashara, seeing how large it was, but there was just no telling where on Rashara they would land.

    "Speaking of that, I guess I forgot to buy us some artillery in case any sea monsters attack us during the trip, heh," 'Was he serious?' She sighed at her brothers incompetence. "You know, first you don't bring the wire to the boat, then you forget to buy artillery. Honestly, if we ever go on another adventure I'm not going to let you go shopping alone. You lost your privileges." "I will get them before we leave in the morning. Anyway, let's enjoy our time until then. I saved up a little extra on the side to gamble it away. Don't worry, we still have the main bag of cash in tact," "Hay, don't change the subject." But it was too late, her brother had already made his way across the room and was sitting down the gamble. "Get some rest! I am sure the entertainment around here won't suit you!" He knew very well that she didn't approve of gambling... and not just because she was aweful at it. None the less she wasn't her brothers keeper. So long as he gave himself a set amount and didn't lose all of it she didn't have any right to complain. "Fine... Don't stay up too late! Remember you're waking up before the sun to pack the boat!" She said with a wave and a smile.

    Kai got up and set some money on the counter to pay for her brothers drink before making her way back up to the room. She hadn't even gotten the chance to tell him about how she made the con-artist cry, or about how she beat up a thug that was trying to steal from a cart, or about how she fed a homeless child (leaving out the part where he stole a small amount of gold out of her coin purse). Still not talking too much was fine before a big trip. He needed to have his fun and it's best to keep a few discussion topics set aside for the long journey across the ocean. When she got back to the room she changed into a night gown and curled up under the sheets in the middle of the bed.
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