The Mysterious Island (OOC/Sign Ups)

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  1. Welcome To The Mysterious Island OOC/Sign Ups :3
    And Hope You're Having A Merry Christmas.

    This is sourta of my first time creating a Role Play that people may or may not be interested in. So sorry if its not perfection in the heat.

    Well lets get on the role! >w<

    You and a bunch of other people go on a cruise through the Southern Pacific.

    Yea, it was all perfectly fine. There was a big cruise party and then I wrecked. You and a couple of other survivors somehow ended up on a strange unmarked island that no one knew of and you couldn't possibly reach help with the storm clouds eating up any ship that passed. The planes can't see you. So you guys go in and become survivors. Perfectly fine. There's just a slight weirdness.

    Everything that's small in reality is large here.


    And Everything Large Is Small.

    How will you survive?

    Rules (suck):
    ~The normal Iwaku rules still apply.
    ~It would be smart to warn everyone that you are about to post in the OOC before you actually post if a lot is going on.
    ~Romance is an definite okay in this Role Play.
    ~The giant lizards are NOT friendly. The rest of them...shoot yourselves in making up stuff. (AKA letting your character study it.
    ~Im not sure how long it will last. As long as it can I guess
    ~Im Asking For At Least Two Paragraphs And Three Posts Every Other Day


    Now The Big Boy Stuff

    Character Sheet (open)
    Looks:(Please no anime)
    Relationship Status:

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  2. Name:
    Hyun Ki Rhee



    Having a fair share of quirks and strange habits himself, Ki isn't one to judge.
    He's fast on his words and actions but thats mostly because his 'filter system' as well as 'maybe thats a bad idea -scratch that- horrible idea' doesn't exist.
    This on the account of his 'filter system' not existing but also the fact that he dislikes lies in general. This also means that if he doesn't want to share something, rather than lying about it, he just won't answer at all or straight out say that he doesn't want to tell you.
    Nothing like a few sticks and some leaves to make a nice cot.
    Why rush to get to 'later' when you can enjoy 'right now'?
    ||Good Listener||
    On account of also being patient you can splurge about who knows what and he'll give you every ounce of his attention. Or if you're the type to just enjoy the calm silence then he'll fully oblige by keeping his trap shut for a few hours ;p
    ||Playful & Humorous||
    Ever needed a good laugh or just to hear 'a really terrible joke that its hilarious' then stick around. I guarantee its future arrival.
    Trying anything out of his comfort zone is basically what he does in his free time. Besides Ki is pretty much good to go for everything.
    If you haven't got that part yet ;p

    If you're looking for a normal, pretty average run of the mill Joe then you've come to probably the worst place in the world. Ki is without a doubt the most "curious" person you will ever come across, if not a bit perplexing. He has a mindset that basically rather than focusing on one certain perspective, he sees everything through a kaleidoscope of colors. His belief is that there are many sides of life and its up to us to see them.

    Rather than coming off as a 'brooding genius', Ki prefers to lead a more carefree and fulfilling life. Keeping a fairly relaxed and playful attitude tends to make him exude a calm aurora. So if you ever need a breather or just need to let a bit of steam off, a cup of tea with this guy would do you some good. Then there's his abnormally large patience and capacity to understand others points view. Nothing is ever too good or bad just like not everything is black and white to him. So if you ever just need to spurge about something and want someone thats genuinely interested to listen then you're at the right place.

    Ki is a bright young college student who aspires to travel the world. That was why he jumped at the chance to board a cruise to the south pacific waters. His essay had been picked among the hundreds of contestants and the next day he was on board.

    "Its strange how gender is perceived by a slight difference in genitals"

    Relationship Status:
    He's about as dense as a potato and views romantic advances as mere friendly gestures. So drastic measures need to be taken if you really want him to be aware of your feelings.
    Now the other way around is if he likes you he'll let you know. So be warned ;p


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  3. Making Muy CS Now
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  4. Don't Lose Hope In Me Guys! I Don't Really Have The Best Wifi Right Now. When I Said I Was Making My CS My Mother Had Come To Take Me Away For Christmas Right After >w<
  5. I'll probably get a cs up soon. I'm still pretty busy at the moment, what with the holidays and all.
  6. Same
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