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  1. You wake up. Nothing makes sense. One minute, you were saying good night to your parents. Next, you wake up in a cell. No, a cage. There is a bed, a water fountain, and a scalpel. Then something else kicks in: you have some sort mutation. An animal mutation. And you have that ability. That animal's ability. Your locked up in a cage with 99 other teens who have this. Whatever is going on, it isn't good.

    The facility is all metal, so anyone's attempts to get out are useless. This isn't good at all. People are being dragged off day by day to get tested on, and don't come back. One particular group is being placed in one larger cell and studied. This is your group.

    So, basically you have some sort of animal mutation and their power. For example, you have wings and can fly. The story revolves around being inside a provision and meeting other people. You can fall in love, and at some point we will escape. I'll reveal stuff as I go along to you all.

    The plot revolves around us in a cell trying to break out attempt by attempt and soon we will, and I'll reveal what all this is. But please don't do this for a while. It will kill the fun of the rp.

    And questions PM me!


    Age: (14-20)
    Animal Mutation: (wings, beak, flippers, ex.)
    Power: (flight, balance, swimming, etc.)
    Look: (image or description)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.