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  1. Hello errybody! Daignard here with a positively first world problem known as; Should I buy Sims 4 or Dragon Age: Inquisition?

    But I digress, I am here to introduce myself, right? So let's get started with a little questionnaire of my own making mostly because I want to influence what does and do not get out about me. Anyways! Let's get this show started!

    What do you prefer to be called?
    LORD MISTRESS DAIGNARD! Daign is fine! :3

    How old are you?
    Twenty-three and a few handfuls of stardust!

    Where have you traveled in your lifetime?
    In my mind? Everywhere. In reality, jackall... :c

    Are you a boy, a girl, a boygirl, androgynous, or maybe a tentacle monster?
    Tentacle monster would be cool, but I am a mere mortal woman, alas! :(

    What genre do you like most?
    Cutesy Horror! Seriously, I didn't see any in forever but that would be so rad to do!

    Do you consider yourself a Free, Casual or Advanced player?
    Good question, Me! I guess, on bad day I barely consider myself casual and on others I wrongfully believe that I'm some sort of bestseller writer? Yah, don't ask, just see for yourself!

    Are we done already!?
    Yeah, yeah, sourpuss >:c!

    So yeah, that's all for my silliness today, nice to meet you all, and I hope to see some of you soon!
  2. Hallo Daign! Welcome to the community! :D
  3. Hmm a cutesy horror person? I might have to kidnap you and use for some kind of dark and twisted thing. I mean...No I stand by what I just said.

  4. That is a bit worrying. Thank you for your welcomes, everyone!
  5. It's only worrying if you let it~ 8D
  6. Well, bring it on sometimes, if you dare!
  7. But that'd require me to actually do something....So maybe one day I will.
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