The Musician: Signup Thread.

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  1. Music. A common thread to all life; the one single universal emotion vessel. From the soothing base rythms to the energetic synthetic beats, it was, is and always has been a staple of life; whether they listened to it through the rain and winds, or created it with increasingly sophisticated instruments.

    Weirder still; the cultural history, if applied to the historical shift to accommodate fo
    r different progress speeds, was strikingly similar... So similar, in fact, that there are several songs, stories and legends that have a direct analogue between several civilizations across the galaxy.

    None knows why though... yet. That's a mystery the Galaxy's best volunteer artists aim to solve.

    ((Yes I changed my mind. All art, in one way or another, can affect the universe using a Stellar Link))

    Name: Your appellation, the way people call you.
    Age: Since different species have different lives, the general galactic civilization has developed a 2-number method for determining age in people: first number is the actual number of standard galactic years lived, and the other is a percentage of life; someone at 1 would be pretty much a child, while someone at 99 would be on Death's doorframe.
    Gender: Male? Female? Other? Nonapplicable?
    Species: What species are you. Provide the name, homeworld and a description of the species.
    Art type and subtype: What medium do you use, and what do you create on that medium? I can accept anything as an art provided it makes sense. Also, remember that THIS IS THE FUTURE :D
    Appearance: Apart from being your species, what do you look like? What sets you apart?
    Inventory: Self explaining. What your character carries. For all intents and purposes, your character always has some form of ID and a pocket computer that has access to the galactic network.

    Feel free to comment or ask questions or make suggestions or whatever too.
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