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    Tck The clock seemed to go by so slowly. The teacher's voice now just a drone in the back of Vanessa's mind as she watched the second hand slowly move along the clock. Tck. How long must this torture go on?? Vanessa longed to be free from this prison that sucked the fun out of everything. Tck. She lived for her life after school. To be creatively free, to let her soul explore past this physical body the cosmos had chained her to. Dnnnnnnngggg!!! There it was! The Bell!! Before the bell had even stopped ringing, Nessa was out the door and waiting for her friends. They were all going over to Chuck's place for band practice. This was going to be a great year! She could feel it!

    There was an impatient bounce to her step as she made her way to the second hand van she had parked on school property, while Mountain Rock boarded students, Nessa lived close enough that she didn't have to stay at the school, which she was grateful considering she felt like she spent enough time at the school. Vanessa climbed in, unlocked the doors, and waited for the rest of her group. Practice wouldn't be very long today, probably just discussion about what they would play at the festival coming up, maybe do some homework together, but she was still anxious to start.

    "Oh come on..where is everyone?" She got back out of her van and stood by the open door, looking towards the school as children poured out.
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    Alex practically jumped out of his seat when the bell rang. School was boring and he had things to do. He packed his bag and took out a list before it was squished and unfolded it. At lunch he had gone to the library and printed off a bunch of numbers of places nearby that might possibly allow a teen band to play. He put it in his pocket and went outside the classroom. He assumed the others knew where to go so he started heading outside.

    He wondered out and glanced back at the school. He was one of the kids that boarded there, he couldn't stand to be around his family, but he had learned how to sneak out of the dorms. So he rarely ended up sleeping there. He walked through the parking lot before spotting the van. He smiled slighly and walked towards it. He walked over to where Nessa was and leaned against the van.
    "So just us two so far?" he asked with a raised eyebrow
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    Valeriya could hear the teacher talking to the class. She was sitting at the back of the classroom, a pencil in her hand as her head looked down. Her posture looked as though she was writing something. In actual fact, her eyes was closed. She couldn't wait to get home. Unlike other students, she and her brothers stays half an hour away from the school. So, every morning, Nikolai, her eldest brother, would drive them to school. Plus, their parents didn't want the three siblings to stay in their school's boarding dorms. They preferred if the family stayed close together.


    Valeriya's head shot up immediately, her eyes wide open. She looked around, everyone was preparing to leave. She sighed, packing her things into her bag before rushing out of the classroom and into the sea of students in the hallway, her bass guitar on her back. As she was making her way through the corridors, she spotted her younger brother leaning against his locker talking to some of his friends. A few minutes later, she reached her locker. She opened it and proceeded to dump most of her books in there, except for her notes, her notebook and the file that contained her homework for the day.

    There was band practice at Chuck's house today. Maybe after that, she could just hang around Chuck's house with the rest, maybe do some homework or slack. Nikolai said he would pick her up once she was done with her business so, transport was settled for her. With that, she closed her locker door and walked out of the school. From the doors, she could see the van, Vanessa and Alex. She was relieved to see that she wasn't the last one. She made her way to the van, standing next to Alex. "Make that three." she said, after Alex. While waiting, she started playing with the wrists bands and bracelets on her left wrist.
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    For goodness sake, could this day get any longer?

    Sitting in the middle of his mandatory study hall, Chuck stared at the clock for what seemed like hours. He was bored out of his wits, and the only thing that could possibly make it better would be if the bell rang and he could run out. The day had sucked, and he just wanted to go back to his house and rehearse for as long as he could with all of his friends.

    Then the bell rang.

    He tripped over the laces of his beat up sneakers as he tried to quickly get out of the room. Stumbling towards his locker, he wrapped his earphones around his neck and quickly shoved his books inside. It wasn't like he was going to study anyway.

    Racing down the stairs and out to the parking lot, Chuck could spot his group of friends by the beat up old van. "Hey, guys," he yelled out, "wait for me! I hope I'm not too late."
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    Calla wasn't in her last class of the day, she had left it early with lame excuse of having a counselor's appointment. Her real plan was to wait outside of another classroom so she could catch a certain student before she headed off to band practice. When the bell rang it hit Calla she should send a text to Nessa telling her she would be a tad bit late.

    Flipping out her phone she watched the door and her phone as she typed up the message, 'Hey, Nessa. I'll be late. Explain it to you later. Promise I won't be too late.' Calla quickly looked over the message and then sent it to her, hoping she wouldn't get it to late. Calla's phone was a very old flip phone and had a tendency to take longer in sending messages than most other phones.

    Calla noticed her target hadn't gotten outside the door yet so instead she walked into the classroom. Scanning the remaining students she noticed a certain unkempt black haired boy, "Hey! Mike George right?" Calla said as she approached him, giving him a friendly smile, "I hear you are an excellent guitar player, correct?" Yes, this is what Calla was doing. They had talked a few times about, missing something in their band, some kind of instrument. It hit Calla near the middle of the day that they needed a lead guitarist. A bass was good, but it only could carry the bass notes. A rhythm guitar was also wonderful! But it wasn't quite everything. They needed a good combination of the three guitars.

    After talking around to people at lunch she heard Mike George's name popped up quite a few times in response to her questions about guitar playing people. Smooth talking her way over in the office she managed to get his last class of the day and now, here she was. Confronting him about his guitar playing skills. She hoped the band wouldn't be to mad if she brought in a new guy, after all, in no way was Calla in charge. She just saw a problem and wanted to fix it.
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    The school day was a normal one, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Just sleeping during classes and halfassing it for the majority of school. When the bell rang he wasn't especially excited to go home, but it was more fun than staying at school. Although right as he was about to leave class he heard a girls voice calling out his name. "Hey! Mike George right?" he turned towards the voice to see a tall, brown haired girl walking towards him. "I hear you are an excellent guitar player, correct?" she asked. He scratched his head, she wasn't wrong. He did have a knack for playing guitar though he was quite inexperienced. Normally people heard about his extensive guitar collection more then they heard he actually played them. “I guess i'm pretty good, why do you ask?” he paused “Wait im sorry I don’t think I caught your name.”
  7. Vanessa was getting tired of waiting for Calla and was about to leave her when her phone went off. "Calla's just texted...I guess she's got her own ride." Vanessa shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and got in the driver's seat. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm stoked for practice!!" She looked at the rearview mirror to be sure people were buckled up. "I also need some help with my biology.. I swear Mr. Freddrickson hates me."

    She put the car in drive and looked to Alex."You find any gigs for us? II'm itching for a performance...something fierce." She giggled to herself as if she had told some kind of hilarious joke.
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    Alex followed Nessa onto the van and sat down, buckling up before turning back to Nessa. "I'm excited to hear what you guys sound like. The better we sound the better you guys will be up on stage." He took out his list and looked at it. "I got a couple from the internet that are in driving range. Personally, I think the pizza place would be a good place to start, or the coffee shop. They hold musical performances every Wednesday afternoon. We would probably have to miss part of school.." He said trailing off.

    Alex glanced around at everyone who was in the car. It was good that almost everyone had been able to make it and it seemed like Calla would be coming too, just a little later. He made a mental note to record the performance. Having a copy of a rehearsal to send to people would probably be good when it came to competions and such. If the band even lasted that long.
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    "I wonder what Calla's up to though..." Valeriya questioned, mostly to herself as she got into the back seat of the van. She placed her bass guitar and school bag in front of her, hugging them. After that, she buckled up. Valeriya smiled slightly to herself, after hearing that Vanessa was excited for practice. She, too, is also excited though she didn't really exclaim it out. Despite not paying attention in her classes, Valeriya still managed to score well for tests and examinations. However, it didn't mean she wasn't struggling with anything. Chemistry was actually dragging her down.

    "I've been practicing one of the new songs we made over the weekend . . . The coffee shop sounds like a nice place to perform. That is, if anyone actually listens to us but there's no harm trying." Valeriya suggested.
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    "Look," Chuck replied from the back, "I'm not the one to ask for advice on anything. Homework, gigs, nothin'. Any of those places sounds fine and dandy; as long as we play, I'm cool."

    Getting situated in the back of the old van, Chuck smiled contently as he put his earphones back on. He had been listening to a song they had been planning on covering all day, and he spent all of his time listening in the background for specific chords to play and how the lyrics went. He had an ear for music, they said, but he didn't believe it. He just thought he felt it more.

    He was nervous, however, at the mention of practice. He had goofed around during the weekend and really didn't do anything in relation to the band. Still, how hard was it going to be messing up a simple chord structure? He sighed and stared at the window, hoping to get to the trusty garage.
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    Calla looked him over before speaking again, she was kind of worried about the way he looked. Would he even want to join a band? And if he did, would he be dedicated? "You guess?" She scoffed, jokingly of course, "Oh, sorry! I am Calla Peterson." She ran her hand through her long brown hair, which by the end of the day had been tangled and a little messed up. A messy hair style was something she could pull off in her attitude and her overall look. Running her hand through her hair was just an automatic reaction when talking to someone, "I am asking because I want to recruit you. You see because I am in a band. A garage band that isn't big, well not yet. I think we need someone like you. We play rock music and we are pretty cool." She smiled, trying to seem warm and welcome.

    A part of her screamed at her, telling her this was a horrible idea. She didn't ask anyone if she should invite him but here she was, asking him anyways! But they needed someone like him, right? She knew they did. She wanted to be helpful, the way Calla sees it she's the least useful in the band. You can find a good singer anywhere, heck Nessa was a wonderful singer! But you couldn't find as many people to play instruments. So hopefully this guy wouldn't be scared off, hopefully he would be good, and hopefully everyone else wouldn't hate her.

    "Um, anyways. We have rehearsal today, actually right now. If you want, you can come watch us rehearse and see what we are all about."
  12. Vanessa laughed. "I wasn't talking to you Chuck.. I was talking to Alex or Double V." She kept her eye on the road while she talked. "I'm smart enough to leave you out of academics." She listened to VV speak and gave a nod of her head. Maybe a coffee shop was a good idea? Maybe they could just throw their own street side concert for the neighborhood, God knows they heard the band play through the walls anyway. "Naw...I'll just ask my mom or something. She has to at least think I'm trying with school." Nessa muttered to herself as she kept driving.

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    Alex stifled a laugh. It was funny, the banter between the band was great. It helped that everyone was friends he supposed. "You know Nessa, I can help you with stuff. Chuck might not be the best person but if worst comes to worst i can. Though maybe your mom would be better....unless you have a photographic memory, I wouldn't know how to teach you." He said with a slight smile. The band was basically perfect and if this practice went well, then they could seriously start looking around for places to perform.
  14. Well that was out of nowhere Mike thought to himself. This girl that he had just met was inviting him to join her band. Why, were the desperate for a guitar player? He had no idea what it took to even be in a band. Why was he even thinking about this when the answer was obviously no. But yet the idea of joining a band seemed like a good change of pace for him. ANd honestly anything was better than just going to sit around at home. After noticing he had been thinking quietly for longer than he should of he said “Watching you guys rehearse couldn’t hurt right? Let me just go grab my bag and I will meet you out front ok.” And if this band thing didn’t work out, at least he could tell his friends that he was invited to hang with a pretty girl
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    During the ride, Valeriya kept quiet, listening to her band mates. Occasionally, she would glance at Chuck or to Alex and Nessa then maybe back to the window. Suddenly, she thought of something, she spoke up, "We can like, ask my brothers to bring their friends along when we perform? You know... the more people, the better, I guess."

    "But then, there's stage fright..."
    she mumbled to herself. In truth, Valeriya has to wear spectacles. Her spectacles weren't nerdy, they were the regular pair of black framed spectacles. Instead, she chose to wear contact lenses when going out. Maybe I can take them off during performance...?
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