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  1. Ok! Here's the basic plot (I say basic because its just something to get the roleplay going):

    Our story begins with 5(possibly 6) students who go to our prestigious Co-ed Mountain Rock Preparatory School for the Exceptionally Gifted. However..this roleplay doesn't revolved around their school education: it revolves around a small garage band that eventually makes it big. Our beginning conflict will be a new member in the band. Some of you will like them, some of you will not. Is there a possible love triangle? Who knows?

    There are a few rules that I insist be followed:
    • Keep a posting order: I can not stress this enough. I do NOT want to leave somebody in the dust because they're simply not online at the moment. The order in which we post our introduction into the roleplay will be our permanent posting order unless otherwise stated by myself.
    • If, for some reason, you are unable to post when its your turn, please let me know! I will be more then happy to help you figure something out, or momentarily trade places with someone in our order.
    • If you wish to quit the roleplay, or are unable to continue, please let me know! Nothing stops a roleplay dead in its tracks like waiting for someone to post that never will. Please just be considerate. I understand that things get boring, or life gets in the way: There is no judgment here.
    • I ask that you post at least a paragraph (6 sentences minimum). I understand writers block, but if you are unable to do so consistently, please let me know. I'd be more then happy to help you grow in your roleplay ability.
    • Please give us something to work with! And include everyone in your roleplay! Its perfectly fine if you zone in on one role player at a specific time, but please remember this is a GROUP effort.
    • If you want to add in a little twist, please contact me as well as whoever you want to twist with. This is a "go with the flow" roleplay, so feel free to add your own essence to it!
    • Have fun! If at any point you aren't enjoying yourself, please feel free to leave with no hard feelings.
    Ok! CS' must include:


    Instrument/ vocals:

    Appearance: Description/picture or both. Anime or real. It doesn't matter

    Bio: A brief history into your characters past

    Any other relevant information:

    Positions for band include, but are not limited to:

    Lead Guitar:
    Bass: Taken
    Drummer: Taken
    Vocalist(backup or otherwise): Taken
    Rhythm Guitar: Taken

    We don't need a specific lead singer. They can play an instrument and sing too. It depends on if we get another person or not.

    ((Let me know if you need any more information! I'm not entirely sure how well I've set this up lol))
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  2. Oh yes! In order to get it going, one of you will need to be a new band member. If you decide to be that person, just put it in your instrument option slot!
  3. Do you mean there are other people who have privately joined already, or...?
  4. They showed interest in an interest check thread, so I'm saving them positions. If you'd like to join feel free too!! You can chose any instrument that isn't currently taken!
  5. Is this still open for other people? I noticed you posted an interest check in this, and I rated it love, but I could not post at the time because I was busy. If this is still open I would love to join whatever spot is left.
  6. Of course! Someone actually just came up with the idea as a manager for the band, so if you both want to join, feel free too! Just post yourself a CS and chose an instrument that isn't currently taken.
  7. Awesome! I'll get started now!
  8. Ok. I'm gonna close it for now! And if we get some open slots I'll open it again. Just post your CS whenever you get the chance. There's no rush
  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Valeriya Vargas

    Age: 16

    Instrument: Bass guitar
    This is also my real life bass guitar~
    Her Bass Guitar (open)


    Valeriya has straight black hair that stops mid-back. Her fringe touches her eyebrows and almost covers her eyes. Her fringe is swept to the left. She stands at 5'4" and has a 'pear' shaped body. Usually, she has a her hair tied in a high ponytail or a half ponytail. Her skin is pale while her eyes are chestnut brown. Usually, she dresses in monotonous colours; like black, white and grey. She likes wearing skirts and knee high socks. Most of her shirts are long-sleeved. If it isn't long-sleeved, she would wear a jacket or cardigan over it. Sometimes, she wears hoodies. One of the most prominent accessory on her is the number of wrist bands and bracelets are on her wrists. She usually has a scowl on her face, making people think she is angry or sad when she isn't. She has three piercings on her right ear while she has two on her left.


    Valeriya was born into a musical family. She grew up with two brothers, an older brother, Nikolai Vargas and a younger brother, Alexei Vargas. Her father was the one who influenced her interest in rock music as he would usually blast Avenged Sevenfold and a few other rock bands in the car. Her father used to play the guitar in a band while her mother is musically inclined. Both brothers inherited their mother's talent. They were fast learners when it came to music. Valeriya, however, had trouble and wasn't musically inclined like her family members. It took her years of hard work and good hearing to achieve what she has today.

    Any other relevant information

    -- Is called Val or VV (because of the double Vs in her name) by friends
    -- It is hard for her to accept anything or anyone new.
    -- She is cold towards new people but she'll slowly open up to them.
    -- She is a kuudere.
    -- She is close with her brothers and they go to the same school as her.
    -- Serious when it comes to practice.

    -- Despite not paying attention in class, she still scores well for examinations.
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  10. Name:Alex Batz


    Instrument/ vocals:Manager


    Bio: Alex was born into a family of hard works. He grew up with an older sister-Felicia Batz and a younger brother-Nick Batz. His parents both worked high up jobs and so weren't around a whole lot. He has always loved music but doesn't have the talent to go far. He found, however, that he can still be part of the music world and be a manager of a band. None of his family shares his love for music and they all think that he should instead be thinking of going to Law school "So he can actually get somewhere in life".

    Any other relevant information:
    -Has a photographic memory
    -Loves trying new things
    -Isn't close with his family at all
  11. Name: Vanessa "Nessa" Smith
    Age: 16
    Instrument/vocals: Drums as well as backup vocals
    Appearance: Vanessa usually dresses up extremely modestly for school, wearing bright colors like blue, yellow, or green. However, when it comes to performing on stage, she wears very risque clothing.
    Bio: Vanessa is an only child and grew up in a very totalitarian household. She learned to be silent when adults were taking at a very young age and always does what she's told. Vanessa has no brothers or sisters and her parents don't even know she's part of a rock band: She told them it was an after school orchestra. It was only after she had joined the band that she discovered her love for singing as well, which led her to create rather elaborate backup vocals, and while Vanessa has the talent to be a lead singer, she would rather stay on the drums and beat her frustration out with the occasional harmonies, then stand center stage.
    While Vanessa is a very respectful girl, her character seems to change when she's onstage. She's still quiet Vanessa, but she dresses very differently, embraces her sexuality, and is overall a very different, confident person
    Any other relevant information:
    -She has a secret crush on a member of the band, but has yet to tell them
    -She doesn't mind change as along as it doesn't affect her very much
    -outside of band performances or interviews, Vanessa is a very pensive, shy girl
  12. Name: Charles "Chuck" Bittle

    Age: 17

    Instrument/ vocals: rhythm guitar, and he would sing if he didn't sound like a dying cat when he did.

    Appearance: [​IMG] He often wears t-shirts with his favorite bands on them and always has a pair of beaten up Converse shoes on.

    Bio: Chuck is a huge slacker and always has been. Being the youngest in a family of under-achievers, the fact that he has any extra-curricular activities at all is a shock. He had learned how to play guitar when he was 10, but never really got as far as to learn how to shred like the rock stars he looked up to. When he learned that a band was opening up, he decided to give it a shot. He has a hard time balancing the band and school, but as long as he has fun on the way that's all that matters.

    Any other relevant information:
    - He's a huge metalhead and has mastered the death metal scream.
    - He's totally open to any drugs.
    - He's got a very understanding family and would probably most willing to host rehearsals in his garage.
  13. Name:
    Calla Peterson​


    Instrument/ vocals:
    Lead Vocalist​

    -Height: 5'8"
    -Blueish green eyes
    -Brown hair with blue highlights
    -Very defined facial features
    -Tall and skinny
    -Pale complexion
    -Almost always wears heels and the color black, she dresses nice.

    Calla has grown up in a home with foster kids. She herself is not a foster kid, she was adopted at birth by her parents. She has seen and heard a lot of heart wrenching stories and met almost every kind of person thanks to the constant bringing kids out and in of her house. Calla has grown attached to people and the next day have them ripped out of her life, never seen again.

    Because of this Calla grew kind of distant, realizing nobody was ever permanent in her life. Everyone would always leave and people would always change. Calla learned to love people but never let them close to her.

    The only thing that was a tradition in her life that remained was singing. Ever since she was little she has sung. She sung on road trips about the trees or when she was doing dishes she would sing about the dishes! Her parents realized that she wasn't too bad or tone deaf and they wanted her to have something constant in her life. So when Calla was 5 they set up vocal lessons for her. Every Tuesday at 4 PM she had voice lessons. And this continued throughout her whole life. She would always be busy Tuesday at 4 PM. She loves to sing and it has always been the one thing that lets somebody close to Calla, as close as you can get.​

    Any other relevant information:
    -Secretly has a strong fetish for fish, like not eating them, but actual alive fish.
    -She has always wanted to learn an instrument but is incapable of being able to coordinate her hands.
    -Even though Calla is older now she still sings about whatever she is doing. You will almost always hear her humming a tune or singing about how squeaky clean the dishes are.​
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  14. Ok! We just need one more person to join as our "new band member". If we don't get one I'll just make another character, unless one of you guys want to play two? I'll give it 24 hrs, I think
  15. Hmm this seems like a fun time, if its ok with you guys I would like to join.
  16. Go for it! Just post your CS when you have time
  17. Yup! Post your cs whenever you can!
  18. Name: Mike George
    Age: 16
    Instrument/ vocals: Lead Guitar- Has a small collection of custom guitars so he has no set one he plays. He also no issue with singing but finds it hard to multitask while playing.

    -Height: 5’11”
    -Brown eyes
    -Black hair, usually unkempt
    -Is well built but is still on the skinnier side
    -Has no real preference for clothing, just wears whatever's comfortable


    Bio: Mike was born into a higher middle class family and grew up to be the oldest of three. His father knew how to play acoustic guitar and started Mikes interest of music at an early age. And while receiving a acoustic guitar for his 8th birthday, he never actually started practicing until recently. Most of his time was spent participating in sports or just being lazy, but that all changed after a major head injury. With all the free time he was given after not being able to participate in sports, Mike's love of music the turned into his life. He began practicing guitar regularly and even started his own collection of both electrics and acoustics.

    Any other relevant information:
    -Hates with a passion almost all music that doesn't fall under Classic Rock.
    -While brash and outspoken, is still more or less friendly.
    -Has names for all of his guitars, and even talks with them when no one is around.
    -Prefers chords to tabs.
  19. Awesome! I'm gonna get started on the roleplay! Could we discuss a possible name for the bad while I make the thread?
  20. Nya~ ._. I cant think of a good name
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