The Music Masters: Falling

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Even Michael had to admit that he felt a little torn between all of the things going on around him. On one side, this girl Denny was talking to him, and had been nice enough to give him the extra copy of Michael Jackson's Off The Wall. On the other side, Kim seemed to be venomous as usual, and was already asking when they would leave.

Then there was Michael in the middle, who was far too busy looking at the liner notes of the album. He was practically salivating at the prospect of actually listening to it. How many years had it been since he last heard it? A lot, probably. Michael could scarcely remember.

So, confronted by multiple forces and not knowing how to really respond, Michael's mind proceeded to do what it always did best; it tuned them all out.

"...Oh, Denny, this is...Kim. She's new around here. From uptown." Michael lied, his eyes suddenly focused on the record player sitting on the counter ahead. "...You two talk for a little bit...there's no rush to leave..."

By the time he had reached the counter and picked up Rob's record player, he was in another world. Still, Michael couldn't help but notice something. It was something miniscule, but he had somehow managed to notice it anyway.

Where was Rickie? He had been at the counter just a minute ago, and now he was gone. Michael raised a curious eyebrow as he made sure to hold the record player in his arms carefully. A sudden disappearance was certainly strange, to say the least.

"Kimberely...Ramone, right?" Denny said, her smile suddenly becoming just a bit too sly. "I've heard of you, I think. Did you play in a band or something?"

Denny had to control herself from giggling. She didn't really realize that what she had said was more than incredibly suspicious. After all, she didn't know Kim personally. She had just heard of her countless times. So after a minute, Denny giggled again like an idiot.

"I'm's just that your friend Michael is interesting. And between you and me...he's kind of cute. Not in the cute young Michael Jackson way. In the cute older Michael Jackson way..." Denny said, suddenly becoming just a little starry eyed as she glanced at Michael by the counter.
"...Oh, Denny, this is...Kim. She's new around here. From uptown."

"Don't introduce me." She muttered beneath her breath, before staring at Denny for a few moments. She felt that there was something off about this girl. She knew that there was something off about her. Was it the gleam in her eye, the weird way she spoke? Kim didn't know, but she didn't exactly want to stick around to find out. Shrugging her shoulders, she slowly slumped, kind of slouching a bit as she glanced at Denny, sizing her up once more. Couldn't be that much trouble.

"...You two talk for a little bit...there's no rush to leave..."

"MICHAEL! C'mooooon." She couldn't believe that she was whining to Michael. But to be honest she knew that if she broke Rob's rule of being away from Michael, she'd probably get in trouble. And possibly, Michael could get in trouble. Despite him being so annoying that she could tear off his afro and use it as a duster, she didn't exactly want Zero Beat to nab him and try to murder him themselves, where was the fun in that? She directed her thoughts back to Denny, and winced, literally.

It hurt to think about her. There was something about her sickly sweet ways that totally gave Kim a tooth ache. Okay, maybe not a tooth ache, but Kim's head already hurt from hearing Denny screech her name so many times. Kim put on a slow, poisonous smile and regarded Denny with the utmost irritation, and hate. She was actually putting the anger in her eyes full blast against this blonde bimbo wearing some sparkly shit. Shaking back her hair, she stood her ground, making sure that her stance suggested she wasn't afraid at all, which was pretty much true.

"Kimberely...Ramone, right?"

Kim didn't show the surprise that she felt. This girl, something about her... It wasn't just off anymore. But she nodded at the indirect question. She was... Kimberely Ramone. The minute Denny had said "Kimberely" Kim hated her. Congratulations, Denny. You've just broken the record for how many seconds it takes for Kim to hate you. Kim gritted her teeth, and felt her nails poke her skin. Tightening her grip around her arms, she mentally groaned. Why couldn't this girl just... Go jump in front of a train or something?

"I've heard of you, I think. Did you play in a band or something?"

This, she didn't answer. Denny was crossing the line already. She'd just met her today, and Denny seemed to know quite a lot about her. The way she'd said "Ramone", hesitating like that before she said Kim's last name made it seem like Denny knew a lot more than she gave on to having. Kim's eyes were darkening slowly, but despite her heightening anger, she saw that a sly look was in Denny's eye as well. She noticed the way this girl was toying with her. She didn't like that, not one bit. Straightening from her slouch, she shot Denny daggers before turning away slightly, still half facing Denny.

"You probably haven't heard of me." She said stiffly. Why couldn't she just go away? Wishful thinking. Kim gazed absently at a neon colored sign that was blinking, probably about to die. Watching the flashing color for a bit longer, she realized that Denny was speaking to her.

"I'm's just that your friend Michael is interesting. And between you and me...he's kind of cute. Not in the cute young Michael Jackson way. In the cute older Michael Jackson way..."

"Ugh, what is wrong with you?" Kim recoiled away from Denny the moment she heard Michael's name. Taking a step back from Denny, she thought for a moment before speaking. "Well, you two would be a pair. You're both equally... Charming, and I saw your little move over there, I'm sure you guys would be a great couple." She said cheerfully. What was she saying? As soon as she finished those words, she felt a twinge somewhere. It wasn't what she thought it would be. It wasn't anger, or sadness, or happiness. It was this emotion that made Denny even more enraging than she had been before. Somehow Kim felt possessive of Michael. But she laughed it off, shrugging her shoulders, and attempting to wipe away the emotion she hadn't asked for.

"He's all yours." Game on. Kim wasn't about to let Denny take away her punching bag... Or did she really think of him that way? Shaking her head slowly, she leaned back and grinned at Denny, but the grin slid off of her face. There was still something unnerving about this girl. She vowed to find out what it is.
Michael looked across the counter, waiting for a full minute, thinking in his head that Rickie might spontaneously appear. When he didn't, Michael craned his head over the counter, leaning down like a little kid and wondering if Rickie might be hiding underneath.

But alas, he wasn't there either. Michael put the record player down on the counter and scratched his head.

"Where's Rickie? I know he said free of charge but I feel like giving him something for this..." Michael remarked, with sympathy apparent in his voice.

Michael wondered how long Rickie would take. From where he was standing, he could see that Denny and Kim were still talking. With the record player in tow, Michael approached them, a somber look now on his face.

"I guess we should go. Rickie must have left for some reason..."

A surprised look suddenly emerged on Denny's face.

"Wait! You can't leave just yet!" She said quickly.

Michael raised a curious eyebrow. Denny just smiled and giggled.

"I...uh...can I get your number? You know, so I can see if you're ever around to chill or something."

Michael answered uneasily. "Well, I really can't..."

The smile faded off of Denny's face. She had her phone out, but her arms had slackened to her sides in response to Michael's statement. Then he thought about the prospect.

She was too nice to really be from Zero Beat. It would be fine for Michael to give her his number. In fact, it was more than fine. After all, when was the last time a girl had actually asked him for his number? This was a rare occurence he should take advantage of.

"Actually, that would be cool. You can have my number." Michael said with a grin. Denny smiled wide, maybe a little too wide, before handing him his phone. As Michael began to input his number in her contacts, he looked up at Kim.

She was probably pissed at him for taking so long. She probably hated him right now.

"We'll go in just sec, Kim. Let me just finish this for her..." he said, hoping to quell and anger or impatience present in Kim's mind.

Michael wondered if she really cared that he was giving Denny his number. Then he shook the thought away.

Why would she care anyway?