The Music Masters: Audio Supremacy

"Enjoying it..." Seth said, with a heavy sigh as his voice almost deepened. "...enjoying it would be an understatement."

He could feel it now. His hands gripped themselves on Billy's back, their palms becoming quickly slick with sweat. Seth let out another groan as he began to pump faster and faster, to the point where his head felt like it was spinning a million miles an hour. His vision was starting to blur, but he shook himself, focusing on Billy's beautiful face as his body screamed at him for more.

Finally, he felt himself burst. A rush of uncontrolled ecstasy emerged from his lower body, causing Seth's legs to buckle and his whole body to shake as he struggled to prolong the sensation. For a full minute he was poised over Billy, before weakness overwhelmed him, and he collapsed over her, his mind and body spent.

His breathing was heavy, and his heart was pounding in his chest, but the smile on his face showed his obvious happiness, as he brushed Billy's hair aside to look into her eyes again.

" was that?"
Billy moaned loudly, her moan almost becoming a scream. But she bit her lip and tilted her head back. Billy arched her back slightly.

She was breathing heavily, her cheeks a little red. It took her a while to reply to his question as she gasped for breath.

"It was..." she began, "It was wonderful." Billy smiled weakly. Now that he had stopped, her legs were sore and she was tired.