The Music In Me



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In the starry night sky a war begins. The invading forces seem to not retreat, not stop, despite casualties they keep going and it seems they are aiming all their might on the most vulnerable of spots!

Kenji smiled from back stage. The last song had just finished and their was a roaring round of applause with people screaming her name, "Norichan, NORICHAN." The stadium was quite possibly louder then it had been during the whole concert. Every now and then the little idol's manager wondered if this time their would be a mob that tries to rush the stage, but as he saw the small figure of the woman walking back, he knew this wasn't going to be the day.

The fans loved her. And why shouldn't they? Of course they only saw the stage persona. Noriko was much more complex when she wasn't being an idol. Perhaps she wasn't as confident, but she was ever lively and curious if but very small.

"You did wonderful tonight," he told her as he handed her a bottle of water and smiled down on her. He lead her over to a chair in a manner that told everyone not to bother her. Kenji was a brilliant manager when it came to singers, but he was every extra cautious when it came to his current bright star.
Noriko slid in to her chair, opening up the bottle of water to take a quick drink with a relieved and weary sigh. With a shake of her head, she shook free some of the faux snowflakes they used to give ambiance to the final number. Her favorite piece for the concert! The song moved her, expressed some sort of emotion that she felt so deeply... tonight especially. It was like she was singing to the stars and hoping they'd wake her up from a dream.

She smiled up at Kenjisama, a mask she wore so he wouldn't worry so much. Sometimes after concerts she was so spent and exhausted, if he knew her thoughts, he might worry enough to cancel her next concerts. That wouldn't be good for anyone!

"Thank you! Do you think they liked the winter scene? Everything sparkled so much I was bedazzled myself just to be on stage!"
"Yes, I believe they did. I think they're still chanting your name even." The manager grinned at her and waited for her to finish her water and look a bit more refreshed before allowing the costume and make up personnel to deglamour the star so she could go home. Not that she was any less lovely once the glitter and shine was taken off. In fact Kenji had to admit he preferred the more real Noriko then the illusion that the fans got to see.

While the idol was busy, Kenji took care of some last minute business for the evening and made sure the limo was waiting for them once she was done. "Ready for dinner?"

Truth be told it wasn't really dinner, since it was so late in the evening, but Kenji always made sure there was a good meal waiting for Noriko after a concert. She was always so expressive and energetic that he felt it was wise to make sure she had a hardy meal afterwards. He had no idea how right he was about this however.
Clean of make up, hairspray, extensions, glitter, and ploofy costumes, Noriko looked like a totally different person as herself. Pale hair pulled back in a ribbon and tiny crown barrette, and dressed casually in a dark violet velvet dress. The dark fabric made her complexion look paler than it actually was, but she loved how soft it felt.

"I think I could eat a whole herd of cows today." she responded, climbing in to the limo and plopping on to the seat. Noriko arranged her skirt neatly over her knees and crossed her legs at her ankles.

She leaned to the side as something in the sky caught her eye. Little sparkling streaks dancing across the black. A meteor shower! "Ooo, there's a meteor shower, Kenjisama. Did we get a room that has lots of windows? Oh look! They're colorful!"
Kenji leaned over and looked out the window Noriko was looking from as their limo drove through the city. Indeed the sky was alive with the meteors. It was quite lovely. He watched for several minutes until the limo turned and it was difficult to see the sky any longer.

"Yes," the manager finally said, remembering the question Noriko had asked. "You have a penthouse suite so it shouldn't be difficult at all to watch while eating tonight." It would seem tonight was really extra flashy.

Soon enough the limo reached their hotel and after Kenji got out of the car he offered his hand to the small woman inside.
Noriko took his hand, grinning wider than was really appropriate. It was only because he was wearing that really nice cologne that smelled so good. The scent reminded her a lot of big trees and warm moss. Which might have been unusual for her to get such vivid mental images just by a smell, but then she always seemed to think that way.

As they entered the hotel, she didn't say much. That wasn't uncommon for her. After concerts sometimes her voice would be a little raw. She liked that she could be with Kenjisama and it not feel awkward with the silence. Some people felt like they needed to talk to fill the silence, which made her feel bad for not responding to them and keeping up the conversation. But Kenjisama always knew what she needed when she needed it, without her even asking!

Their elevator arrived up in the penthouse suite, as Noriko gave a squeal of delight as she bounced her way over to the windows. Almost the entire wall was windows, giving a perfect view of the skies. She might have stayed there with her hands and nose pressed up against the glass, staring up at the stars all night had her stomach not growled in complaint.

She turned, swishing her arms back and forth in that tell-tale way that was a surefire sign she was tired but trying to keep herself awake.

"Do we have any appointments for tomorrow?" The way she asked meant she wanted to stay up late.
Kenji stayed quiet as they went up to the suite, knowing that Noriko needed to recuperate after the performance. He'd never met anyone that put so much of themselves into a concert as her, and he knew that each and every one of her fans felt as though she was singing to them, not just to a faceless crowd. In a way she did. Noriko adored her fans and was somehow able to make a special connection with everyone in a room, no matter how brief.

It was her own personal brand of magic.

Yet, it cost her when it was all said and done. Her small frame did not have boundless energy, though most people that met her thought so. She had her limit, and she went to her limit each and every time to make those around her happy.

Kenji smiled as he watched her go up to the window, happy that she was able to take a bit of pure selfish joy for herself. The delight she had over the simple pleasure of a wonderful skylight touched the manager in a way he was not willing to admit.

Smiling to himself, he watched her turn back around. Of all the stars in the sky, she still shone brighter.

"No, I think you've earned a day of rest, don't you?" He only wished he could enjoy it with her.
"Perfect!" Without wasting a second, Noriko kicked off her shoes. Bounding off to her bedroom, she swapped out her clothes for some comfortable pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Despite how tired she was, knowing she could stay up late and didn't have to worry about any plans the next day gave her just enough exuberance to bounce around the suite with giddy glee.

Noriko finally plopped down in a chair at a set table. Food was already laid out by the room service and smell so good! Hamburgers weren't exactly a traditional meal or the most fancy of things... but they were one of her favorites and so satisfying! Noriko was having a hard time watching what she was eating with the way she kept staring out the window at the falling stars.

Between swallowing mouthfuls she'd cast frequent grins in Kenji's direction.

"What will you do tomorrow Kenjisama? Not working yourself to death, I hope? You could use a day off too!" Kenjisama worked so hard, Noriko wasn't sure if he EVER took vacations! Ever so often she would cheat and pout a little bit so he would do something with her. She wasn't trying to be deceitful and felt a little guilty taking him away from his business... but his whole life shouldn't be on the telephone! She wanted him to have some happiness too!
Kenji looked, having picked up a french fry. "Caught me," he chuckled. He would have tired to play it off as nothing but when she cornered him before he even had a chance, what could he do.

Kenji had been pretty much on the go since Noriko had started her latest tour. However there wasn't another show tomorrow, no photo shoots or interviews, nothing that the idol needed to do. Granted there were still future bookings and contracts and that like, but nothing that had a deadline.

Noriko deserved a day of rest. Kenji wasn't so sure about himself though.

"What about you?" he asked after finishing his fry. "What are you going to do with yourself tomorrow?"

Kenji blinked in startlement. One of those shooting starts seemed extra bright for some reason.
"Maybe we can visit the zoo." Cuddling cute animals and walking around a big park with Kenjisama sounded like a delightful day! Noriko was eating so fast, it was a moment before she glanced up to see Kenjisama staring out the window. She followed his eyes and... amazing! It was so bright! White and orange tints, shimming in the sky like a tiny fireball. Bigger ball. ...Even bigger? Her eyes were widening as it seemed to be drawing closer! Towards them! Almost at the glass of their windows!

"NO!" Noriko screamed, throwing both of her hands up at the windows. Nothing happened. Not the shattering of glass or the terrible fiery pain she was expecting.

As Noriko glanced up... time seemed to have stopped! No... it was in slow motion. A giant meteor covered in ice and blazing hot was right there feet away from the windows. But it was still moving ever so slowly. Kenjisama looked horrified, trying to move out of his chair towards her. Yet she was moving perfectly normal.

Terrified was an understatement, but if the meteor was still heading towards them, she had to do something! Noriko hopped out of her chair and practically tackled Kenji. Almost instantly, the slow motion ceased as the two of them crashed to the floor across the room. SMASH went the walls and glass. Shattered pieces flying everywhere. The meteorite tore through the floor where they had previously been sitting, skidded across the room and collided against the far wall. Fire from the collision triggered the sprinklers and water rained down over the entire room.

"Kenjisama?!" Noriko shook the man. He was breathing and didn't seem to be hurt, but he was unconscious! A weird sound behind her caused her to turn. The meteorite was cracking opened with a hiss of steam. Long spindle arms jutted out, pulling free a twisted monstrous body from it's insides. The moment it spotted them, it's mouth opened in a toothy snarl and charged!

Again, Noriko screamed, throwing up her arms to shield herself and Kenji. Confusion registered a second time. Slow motion...! The monster was near frozen in it's leap towards them. She could see the water from above still in the air, barely moving. She could protect Kenjisama again. But how...!

Her chest felt warm and Noriko pressed a hand to it. As she pulled it away and glanced down, it was as if she had a shining piece of the sun right there in her hands. Unquestioning of how she knew what to do, Noriko held it outwards. "SHINE..!" Bright and blinding! It glowed white hot! Everything sped up again, the monster leaping towards them. But as it struck the wall of light it's body burst in to ashes. Falling and mixing with the sprinkler water.

Noriko turned quickly to Kenji, grabbing his jacking and shaking him to try and wake up. "Kenjisama! Kenjisama, please wake up..!" ...maybe she was dead and dreaming..! Staring over him as a ghost!
Someone was calling his name.

Swimming from the darkness of nothing, Kenji followed the sound of the voice. The voice lived in a warm place of light. This Kenji knew without a doubt. It wasn't hard to escape the darkness, and quickly Kenji stretched for the light.

Slowly opening his eyes, Kenji saw a goddess over him. Kenji blinked and realized that the haloed individual was more obtainable then a goddess, and yet so much better.

"What happened?" Kenji asked as he tried to sit up, realizing that Noriko wasn't haloed but it was the affect of the sprinkler system and smoke making an illusion. Smoke? "Are you alright?" That's when he so the meteor up against the wall. If they hadn't moved, but how did he get over here? Kenji looked at the singer again, still barely believing their luck!
Noriko's relieved smile was her first response. He was alive! As she helped him sit up, she launched in to a flurry of words. Meteorites, slow motion, monsters shiny things. It all came out in a jumbled mess that sounded a lot like crazy nonsense.

At his confusion she finally closed her mouth tight and gave a second glance at the room. She must have sounded so crazy! It was crazy. Monsters couldn't come out of meteorites. Looking at it now, it wasn't even hollow. Just a huge geode rock.

Noriko sighed, looking a bit embarrassed. Her hands drifted to check Kenji's head for injuries. "I... don't really know what happened. It happened so fast! Maybe we should take you to the hospital?" He wasn't bleeding and it didn't feel like he had any knots on his head. But you could never be too sure!
"No, no, I think I'm okay," he said though he didn't move her hands away. It was very endearing that she was so concerned about him. The look she gave him though made him prudently add, "but if I start feeling funny I'll go. Promise."

By this point there was loud pounding on their door. "That's likely the hotel staff," Kenji gave her a smile as he stood up. "We're okay," he shouted as he walked to the door. Opening he talked briefly to the staff member that was there, then closed the door and looked over to Noriko.

"It's wet in here, let's wait in my room until they can get you a room of your own." If he let her get a cold he'd feel awful, and not because of anything related to canceled shows and that like.
Noriko nodded slowly, looking at the damage done to the room. She felt so displaced. As if she were standing somewhere she didn't belong. But at Kenjisama's concerned expression, all Noriko felt then was warmth as a smile spread across her face. She crossed the room quickly, stepping around the fallen and charred pieces of the meteorite.

Taking his hand, he led the way down the hall until they reached his own rooms. No where near as large of elaborate, Kenji's hotel room was more of a subtle cozy suite. While he closed the door behind them, Noriko frowned down at her now dripping clothes. She was dripping water all over his carpet! With a bounce, she hopped over to the bathroom to get them off.

"Next time, I don't think I'll wish for a better view of a meteor shower." her voice chimed from the bathroom in good humor. All of what happened must have just been a hallucination in her panic. It had to be!
"That might be for the best," Kenji chuckled in agreement from the other side of the door. He then looked around. He was wet, horribly so and with Noriko in the bathroom, if he wished to dry off he'd have to take his clothing off out there.

At least Noriko would find the hotel robe in the bathroom.

Kenji paused at that particular thought, then shook his head and headed over to his suitcase by the bed. Opening this luggage, Kenji unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, glancing once or twice at the window.

"That was far too close," he said to himself as he walked over and firmly closed the curtain. The night sky no longer holding the allure it usually did for him. They could have died tonight and it would have been so completely random.

Kenji put a hand on top of the small table and frowned at the now covered window. The last few moments, as the fiery rock came barreling towards them, replaying in his mind. The young manager barely noticed the fist he'd made out of the other hand, anger and fear sweeping through him so fast he barely had time to make heads or tails of the emotions that were bubbling out now that they were both safe. It was because of the conflict of emotions that he didn't hear the bathroom door click as the handle was turned to open.
Noriko stepped out of the bathroom, her hair still damp and falling down loose and slightly curly over her back. Around her was wrapped a thin but oversized bathrobe. The sleeves falling well over her hands, but it was cinched tightly close with a knot at her waist. She paused, just a few paces outside the door. Peering curiously at Kenji, Noriko might have given anything to know his thoughts. Standing with a bare chest and fist clenched, his expression didn't seem to match his pose. He was pensive and she wanted very much to ease his worries.

Without a word of warning, Noriko ran and lept on to the bed. Landing with a PLOOF of cushions. Sitting on her knees, she rest her hands on them and cast her widest smile.

"So! What would you like to do for our sleepover, Kenjisama? We can make it fun! After a brush with death, we should have as much fun as possible, don't you think?"
The sound of Noriko jumping onto the bed evaporated the semi-trance Kenji had put himself in. He turned and looked over at the smiling face of the idol and his worries and fears lifted from his shoulders. She looked absolutely adorable. More then that really.

"Well, I'm not sure," Kenji started as he took a step over to the bed. "I haven't done a sleep over in a long time." That was more true then just the innocent sentence implied.

Still though, it would be good to do something. Kenji finally sat down on the edge of the bed by Noriko. "If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. About the only thing I can think of is going down stairs to the bar, and I'm not sure you'd want to do that in just a robe." He placed a hand on top of one of hers as he grinned at her. He was just foolish enough to entertain any notion that the idol came up with.
If she were with girls, Noriko would have suggested things like painting fingernails or doing hair or watching adorable romantic comedies! But those sort of things she didn't want to torment Kenjisama with. Though, she was sure he could appreciate a really good movie.

His hand on hers was warm and she picked it up to examine his palm. "First, I will start with telling you your fortune!" Noriko had a lot of interests, and fortune telling had to be one of them. She loved palm reading, astrology, and other strange mediums. "Hmm... interesting..." What was 'interesting' was that she really wasn't very good at it, despite reading all of those books. However, she still kept a very serious expression while examining his hand. The size dwarfed hers, and though he worked in the music business and not manual labor, you could still tell his hands were strong.

"I see that... tomorrow you are going to have a fun day! There will be animals, a lake, and... sweetbuns?" The last part was phrased as a question. After all, you made your own future and sweetbuns sounded like a nice treat at the park!
Noriko's serious expression while examining his hand, made Kenji grin. He didn't believe in fortunetelling or any of that other nonsense, but figured what the small idol did for entertainment was for the most part harmless. He wondered if she realized that her light touch was almost tickling his palm.

"Sweetbuns?" Kenji asked, trying to keep his voice serious. "I suppose in this wild and crazy world, even that could happen. I won't doubt your reading." By this point though he caught her eye and his grin was more then obvious. "Is there anything about eating outdoors in my future?"

Relaxing with Noriko, he was able to keep his mind off the events from earlier, though the hotel staff could not. They were in an uproar, the hotel manager had driven back to see the damage of the room and fretting about the insurance companies. Then learning who's room it was fretting about the media as well. The hotel's PR firm was called, damage control could not start early enough.

Mean while other PR personnel were just being informed of what happened at the hotel.
After such a long day and an exciting evening, it was nice to just sit in the hotel room chatting with Kenji. Soon they had a movie popped in and were curled up with pillows and blankets in the bed to watch.

Before long it was morning. Noriko was wrapped around something nice and solid. And warm! With all of that weirdness of the night before feeling like nothing more than a really fantastic dream, she was more than content to sleep away the rest of her morning.

When she did finally open her eyes, she found herself clinging to Kenjisama and her head rest over his shoulder. For a moment she tried to decide it that was embarrassing or just nothing important. She decided it pleasant, and almost wished this was how she could wake up every morning.

Without wanting to wake him, she snuggled closer. It wasn't really taking advantage, was it? He needed a day to sleep in just as badly!