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  1. Name: Melody Rose
    Age : 16
    personality: melody is really shy and timid at first when she doesn't know people.
    But once she gets to know the people around her she's quite outgoing. But if you do get on her bad side she does have a little temper. Overall she's a very happy person and loving and she always tries to make everyone happy.
    Bio: she grew up in a home without a mother. Her mother died when she was quite young , her father had to take on the responsibility of both parents but with his work schedule he was barely home to take care of her at all.
    Looks;: she has black hair and light purple eyes
    Hight : 4'11
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    Justin Kaze, 17, gold eyes, 5'11
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  3. Name: Mark Kaze
    Age: 18.
    6ft tall
    The second son and the most serious of our brothers . I will make sure they will respect the rules or they will face my punishment .
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    Jason Kaze, 17, 5'3, Emerald eyes
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  5. Name:Shu Kaze
    Personality:Shu is usually seen sleeping in the living room or the music room. It is noted that he is always listening to music, even when taking a bath. He loves classical music, ranging from piano to violin. He has a lack of motivation and is lazy enough to do almost nothing, He's somewhat bored with life due to all that happened in his past. Despite him being the eldest son, he doesn't take any responsibility to look after his five brothers and the house and mostly complains about how he has to "deal with their problems." He mostly pushes this job to Mark. He is also somewhat of a pervert and usually teases melody.
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  6. Howdy, @LittleMissTinkerToy! :D

    Iwaku policy considers OOC posts in an IC thread to be spam, so I've created an OOC thread for your roleplay so that you can keep your IC thread clear of non-IC content! I hope this helps you in the future. :3

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