The Murders in Teedle Town

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  1. So I'm still pretty new to Iwaku but I thought I'd give making a roleplay of my own! When I began thinking of, "The Murders in Teedle Town," the idea of a murder mystery took hold of my imagination and ran around my thoughts until I finally put the idea to paper. While I'm nervous about putting this idea out there for everyone to consider, I'm far more excited about the possibilities that the idea presents. Not only do I want to keep players/writers on their toes, but I want to encourage them to explore their creativity in a modern fantasy setting where the boundaries are set by the limits of your want to explore them. "The Murders in Teedle Town" will be bizarre, fantastical, curious, visceral and suspenseful (hopefully). I hope to create a murder mystery that everyone is not only engaged and interested in, but also feels invested in.

    Now, depending on who is interested, this can turn into a libertine roleplay or at least have avenues to provide that for those taking part. Should this be something that people want to do, it will incorporate all manners of fantasy as there's not telling what one character wants from the next. I wouldn't want to exclude people.

    Thank you for reading this far and if you think, "The Murders in Teedle Town," might have a little something for you, please keep reading! After you're done, if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or post them here!

    ~Introduction: Welcome to Teedle Town~​

    "Why hello there, stranger. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Walsh and I'll be your guide to our lovely home, Teedle Town.

    In a world so wide, there is no place quite so curious as Teedle Town. Neither too big or too small, Teedle Town is the home of many peoples and personalities; charming some might say. Sure it's neither Here or There, but it is home. You might be wondering, "What's so special about a town hidden away between Here and There?" A wonderful question to be sure! Teedle Town isn't punctuated by any landmarks of note, no famous artist has ever been born to or taken up residence and nothing of historical significance has ever seen the town's name written in books. So what's left? What has kept Teedle Town from being consumed by the ho-hum doldrums of time? The people of course. Or perhaps more truthfully, the relationship between the people and Wont. For you see, there are few secrets in Teedle Town which a Wont won't make perfectly evident if not tended to. If not properly satisfied.

    What is a Wont? Now isn't that a question. Your Wont is the part of you which pulls you from the warmth of your bed every morning. It compels and motivates you whether you like it or not. Simply put, it's the part of you without which, there would be no you Practically speaking, there are few secrets of self that manage to stay hidden here. In Teedle Town, a person is never without their Wont and must always take steps to satisfy it, otherwise it can become quite unmanageable; growing louder, more pronounced and demanding as time goes on. Mrs' Landry for example, the old gal has always had a thing for sweets: you could say she's insatiable. Not long ago, the local bakery was closed for renovations and Mrs. Landry couldn't get her daily cake. At first the poor thing tried to hide the fact that her Wont, the cutest little dog you've ever seen, had suddenly taken to be as tall as her waist. She had to beg the Mr. Franklin, the baker, to start baking out of his own home. She even paid double.

    There is no shame in satisfaction, only in denial and the trouble caused by doing so. It is based upon this understanding that the people of Teedle Town live alongside and learn to accept one another. But don't worry, there is more than one way to satisfy an itch. So don't be shy, lord knows we aren't."
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  2. ~Plot~​

    (This is a rough plot at this point, a skeleton at best. So read it with that in mind!)

    Two weeks ago, something unthinkable has happened in Teedle Town: one of its residents was found dead on the steps of his home. Both body and Wont had been battered beyond recognition. There were no clues left at the scene, even the carnage was strangely contained to the steps and immediately surrounding the body. Nothing seemed out of order otherwise. Then again, just last night, another body was discovered: this time it was a woman. Just like the victim before her, the violence visited upon her was strangely contained; it's the only thing tying them together. Without any leads to follow up on, Investigators have been left to clamor for answers in a town where secrets are the hardest thing to keep.

    Who or what is committing these ghastly murders? Is it possible that the murderer is someone born and raised in Teedle Town? Could it be a tourist? Who will be next? Is anyone safe from this faceless terror?
  3. ~Notes~​

    I'm still developing various ideas for this roleplay, so there are still a few things that have yet to be set in stone. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I'll take them into consideration. I love feedback!

    Magic Realism: Not to be confused with escapism or surrealism, magic realism takes magical, fantastical or otherwise "unreal" elements and fuses them into the reality of a plot, setting and characters of a story. As far as every character knows, things have been and always will be the way that they are: nothing that the reader thinks of as magical is unusual to the character. This is their reality, it informs how they think, how they act and what they do.

    Wont: This is a physical manifestation of something that your character feels the need to do every day. As you may have noticed, I'm taking this idea from the root word: wont, which means a habit or something you are predisposed to doing. In doing so, I've taken that concept and brought it to the extreme logical conclusion and made it something that boarders on OCD. If a character does not fulfill the Wont, the creature, object or whatever you have it as, will grow bigger, irritable and difficult to manage. As you can imagine, this will make the character's life difficult and cause a good bit of mental and physical strain.
  4. Ooh I love this idea! I just have one question: Must your Wont have a specific need or can it be more broad? Such as a Wont to love?
  5. It should be something more specific than that. I mean, something as broad and mercurial as love would be pretty hard to satisfy on a consistent basis. If you could make a convincing argument that love would be a manageable Wont, then we can talk about it.
  6. I was just thinking that maybe if your Wont was something such as that you'd have to give someone at least a hug every day or else your Wont would get angry. Idk. Maybe it'd be better to have a Wont to touch people or something.
  7. That sounds like something that would be doable. I wouldn't mind you using something like that.
  8. Alrighty, now just gotta see if anyone other than yourself finds this interesting :)
  9. Hopefully. I kind of imagine Teedle town as a very wacky quaint little town.
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  10. Mmhmm, that's how I imagine it being. It makes for quite a setting for a murder mystery :)
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  11. I'd be interested in this. It seems really well thought out. I think I might already have a character in mind for it :)
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  12. I'm super happy to see that you're interested in my idea :) I'm even happier to hear that you might already have a character in mind ^_^
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  13. I'll even give you a sneak peek of what she looks like :)
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  14. I really like the picture you chose for her. I still need to think about who I want my non NPC character to be.
  15. you mean your PC? lmao. "Non Non Playable Character"
  16. Yeah, yeah. You can't see it, but I'm sticking my tongue out at you. ;)
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  17. The interest struggle is real.
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  18. Apparently so. Btw I'm also going to make a female character. I think it would be interesting/funny. To make a character with a Wont to have physical contact who is more or less a hermit/introvert to the extreme.
  19. Go for it! I'm probably going to work on my character pretty soon.
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