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  1. [​IMG]
    Have any questions/comments/critiques? Contact US:
    GM: @Librarian Cat
    Co-GM: @Raven
    Co-GM: @Verite

    This takes place after the events of the game, and no knowledge of the game is needed!
    Our game take place after the events of the game, The Raven Corporation is down to a few fanatics, and 'The Order' has been completely wiped from the face of the galaxy. Governments are working together to clean up the mess, and get rid of the dangerous substance known as 'Fuse'
    But all of a sudden they all stop, why? Because a new way to use it was found. This was not for weapon enhancements, or anything violent, in fact it was used to achieve something more useful...
    People rushed to find the resource and attain immortality, but since the incident, this resource was scarcer than Uranium. Luckily, there was ONE manufacturing plant that still made and harvested the Resource, and they also mastered the use of Fuse Bonding to create Singularity. The problem? The people who did make it, were a cult of deranged followers conveniently called The Cult of Singularity, They started their own religion, their goal? To turn everyone into robots who achieved singularity, but sometimes, people didn't like the religion. So to give a good PR standing with the world, The Cult of Singularity's leader, dubbed only as 'The Prophet', hosts an event called The Tour, where you take a tour of the Facility, and if you like what you see, you get free Fuse, The Prophet's Powers, and all the parts for Singularity, Basically, for just taking a tour, you'll be set for life, All these things will grant you infinite money and power, plus, you'll be immortal, who doesn't want that?

    Your Character, for some reason, wants to take part in The First Tour for whatever push or pull factor, the Prophet takes anyone from any planet, realm, or dimension, for he has infinite power, and he wishes to grant you it too! But the catch is, it's the first one, so you don't know what to expect! BUT INFINITE POWER THOUGH!!!!
    Fusion Facility & Labs (open)

    (Above: An aerial view of the Fusion Facility & Labs, where singularity is achieved
    Below: A layout of the Facility)

    Fuse Collection facility (open)

    (Above, the Fuse Collection facility, this is where Fuse is made and processed.
    Below, a map of the facility, with areas listed in code)


    There will be a specific number of roles in the game, to spice things up, There will be three Factions of players in this game, The people who are trying to survive the Tour, those who like the Cult of Singularity's ideals, and get special powers and goals. And of course those who are trying to kill all players for greater rewards.
    These roles will also be PMed to you when the game starts

    Your role is simple, execute all traitors by vote, Defeat all of the Cult of Singularity's puppets, and survive to see the end of the tour and earn your reward, dont worry if you die, you can come back, the place IS full of Fuse, you know.

    The number will vary depending on the # of attending players who join. Your goal is to kill everyone until # of traitors = # of survivors, CoS Puppet kills are entirely optional, but it might be best to keep them alive.

    one of you have already bonded with fuse thanks to The Prophet, and achieved singularity, you are capable of wielding unspeakable power, but you must be a part of the system in order to wield it, you are still organic, and You must die to enter the system. Your job is to get yourself executed by the players by vote, When that is achieved, you may choose ONE player to kill. You will win and receive reward at the end no matter if the traitor's win/lose. You can also win without dying if the Cultists win. HOWEVER, you will LOSE if the Traitors kill you, so be wary of that.

    Two of you work for the Cult of Singularity for reasons unknown and you want to achieve the untold riches a different way, you will receive four tasks to complete given to you by the Prophet, and you are expected to complete these tasks with the help of the Singularist. Trust me in that these will be relatively hard tasks to achieve, and that you can't do them all in one post. You win if all the tasks are completed before either all CoS Puppets die or before The Prophet is killed. You will receive the reward and choice of the fates of remaining players upon completing the 4th Task. (please note that I will Publicly announce the completion of a task in the RP, and EVERYONE will know about it, HOWEVER, they won't know who did it.)​

    -All Iwaku Rules apply
    -No OOC Flaming
    -Anyone can join, not just MG fanatics.
    -There will also be no god-modding/Power-playing. Anyone found doing so will have their character stripped of their everything, then they will burn down and fall into the swamp, then kicked! The only ones who will G-mod here will be Me, and my Co-Gms, @Raven and @Verite, and that's only because of plot.
    -Only one character per person
    -Posts can be as little or as long as you like, however, don't post too much in the IC, and don't post OOC in the ic
    -I will only allow 2 OC's this session, everybody else must come from somewhere!
    -If you read the rules, please tag yourself at the end of your CS by 'Secret message?'

    This is a roleplay, and nobody's perfect, there will be times where this might be slow, so just BEAR with us during those times. Like most RP's there's always something that will make you like "ugh gawd it's this crap again, time to leave!" But I trust that you will have a fun time rping in this, and will stay the entirety (or at least mildly enjoyed something else besides the beginning) So here are some tips to make sure you have the best time flying with us.

    + Might I suggest, if you haven't already, Try joining us!!! we don't bite, in fact we're all great people here. (except Josh M)

    + GET A PARTNER!!! THEN SWITCH PARTNERS!!! as GM I will personally make sure someone's paired with somebody, then forced to work with another, thanks to my godly GM powers.

    +Play some Town of Salem, you may realize some of the roles in that can relate to this RP, plus, you can feel the suspicion that will go on here :3

    +It always helps to tell us a bit about yourself, here at the lovely world of MY BRAIN, I want everyone to feel like people, and not just some third-rate nerds with no life.

    +and finally, PM, A LOT!!! I mean it! heck, even if it's just saying 'hi' to me, PMing is a great way to prove or ensure that you're still active and willing to continue RPing. I will respond back eventually, I pwomise.

    Appearance (Picture and a small description):
    Where did you come from/Crossover/Game/Place:
    Why did your character decide to take the tour?
    Link about character?
    Secret Message?

    *beware, there WILL be references, lots of them *o*
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    @york - Quote (Cavestory)
    @Verite - Touma Kamijou (Raildex)
    @Atomyk - Cole MacGrath (inFamous)
    @Siren - Trina (OC)
    @Mari - Hua Mulan (Mulan: Rise of a Warrior)
    @Wedge Antilles - Pietro Maximoff (X-Men, Days of Future's Past)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT - Mr. Jane Doe (Team Fortress 2)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty - Elizabeth Keen (The Blacklist)
    @CCC Kouhai - Sheimi Moriyama (Ao no Exorcist)
    @The Pimp Tactician - Naoki Kashima (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne)
    @Gummi Bunnies - Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou Project)
    @Ziogen - Nanami Yasuri (Katanagatari)
    @Raven - Rose Wilson (Teen Titans Young Justice)
    @A Wild Sav - Gaz Membrane (Invader Zim)
    @MrDubWubs - King Satan (The devil is a part timer)
    @BarrenThin - Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist)
    @Thuro Pendragon - River Tam (Firefly)
    @Mirage - Ika Musume (Shinryaku! Ika Musume)
    @Yiyel - Garnet (Steven Universe)
    @Librarian Cat - Himself (Books and Dragons) [TECHNICAL NPC]
    @Emperor of Gallifrey - C-3PO (Star Wars)
    @Solarāœ¹Golden - James Noble (OC)
    @TheColourlessRainbow - Jeffrey Sprit (OC)
    @DapperDogman - Natalia (Team Fortress 2)
    @Jenny - Ellie (The Last of Us)
    @Krieg - Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
    @Xibilation - Johnny Cade (The Outsiders)
    @Poetic_Justic3 - Mathew Micheal Murdock "Matt" (Marvel Comics/Movies)
    @Josh M - Ellis (Left 4 Dead 2)
    @Nate Dawg - Springtrap (Five Night's at Freddy's 3)
    @MagicEternal - Yuki Cross (Vampire Night)
    @CrimsonLaurana - Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)
    @Jeremi - The Stalk (Saga)
    @FireDrake150 - Hope Estheim (Final Fantasy XIII)
    @smdzTheCakeGodL - L Lawliet (Death Note)
    @TheBombMan - Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    @SirDerpingtonIV - Hester Shaw (Mortal Engines)
    @SPARTAN Bennett - Jameson Locke (Halo)
    @Dinoteen - Perfect Cell (Dragon Ball Z)
    @Mighty Roman - The Doctor (Doctor Who)​
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  3. I'd like to reserve a spot, please. c:
  4. Can I haz reservation? o.o
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    also, that cat thing doesn't work on me...I am a cat.
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  6. I'll be reserving a spot! :D

    Name: Touma Kamijou

    Appearance: Standing at roughly 5'5, he has spiky black hair and is usually seen with an orange shirt under his school uniform. Physically, he's nothing to write home about, but he's a sharp tool when he needs to be.


    Alias: The One Who Purifies God and Slays Demons

    Canon: Raildex

    Why he took the tour: Upon hearing about the mysterious tour and the potential danger of giving someone such immortality and power, Touma's friend and mysterious ally, Motoharu Tsuchimikado, assigned him the mission of taking the tour to investigate the place and see what he can do about it.

    OC?: No.



    Personality - Though something of a reckless and hardheaded young man, Touma is well-meaning and aspires to do everything in his power to protect those around him. He is young and naive, yet thoughtful and fearless. Essentially, Touma is the definition of a young man who works to become the hero who can protect those around him.

    Abilities - For the most part, he is, for all intents and purposes, a normal 16-year old teenager. However, he has a few tricks up his sleeve that make him stand out from the ordinary boy.

    The most obvious is the power of the Imagine Breaker in his right hand which can instantly nullify the effect of any tangible power, whether it be a product of magic or science. For example, if someone were to use their power to shoot fire, electricity, or something of the sort at Touma, he would be able to instantly dissipate the attack by having it hit his right hand without taking any damage, essentially negating its existence.

    His second "power" can only be described as Precognition which allows him to identify and react to attacks that move at him at almost hypersonic speeds at best, though he himself is not aware of his precognition, believing that he merely has good reflexes. One could describe this as a mixture between experience from street fights. There are ways around this precognition, but that's for his enemies to try to bypass and figure out.

    At this point of the chronlogy, the Touma here is as he appears just after the Academy City Invasion Arc, or rather, Novel 12 and the end of the anime.

    Secret Message: If you're going to try to bypass his Imagine Breaker by cutting off his arm or something to that degree, it won't end well for you.


    I'll probably add more later since it's like midnight here, but we'll see.​
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  8. Spot reserved Kthxbai
  9. Is this still open for sign up's? Just been recommended to take a look.
  10. Name: Quote

    Appearance (Picture and a small description):
    Huge freakin image alert (open)


    Alias: Red

    Where did you come from/Crossover/Game/Place: Cavestory

    Why did your character decide to take the tour?

    Quote hopes to liberate his home and his friends... Since in his world, after the defeat of the Tyrant Doctor and fleeing the crashing island, the fight wasn't truly over. Amidst the now grounded island, the demon crown lay dormant, awaiting a new "master", and one day, many years of peace later, one came, claiming the crown for his own and raising the island out of the ground. As the following year passed by, this new leader began converting the island into his own personal fortress, and upon it's completion, rained terror upon the unsuspecting population below. Without having found out about this new dastardly plot, Quote realized the truth too late; his home was already devastated by this new threat... Even he, strong as he was, couldn't compete with it, that was until he heard about these "tours" and the powers they might grant, reigniting hope in him that he might put a stop to this menace once and for all.


    Link about character?

    Secret Message? @york
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  11. Name: Cole MacGrath

    Appearance: jesus christ, you want me to actually describe my character? what is this, a serious roleplay or something

    Cole is a 23 year old with a slim but athletic frame honed by spending way too much time with parkour and biking. He sports a shaved head, light stubble, and various tattoos running up and down his arms. Of particular note is a tattoo dedicated to his late ex-girlfriend, Trish Daily, on his left forearm. The tattoo is a caduceus with Trish's initials rendered in Gothic script.


    Alias: The Prime Conduit

    Canon: inFamous

    Why did your character decide to take the tour: This particular Cole took the heroic path in life and ultimately sacrificed his life and the lives all Conduits in order to wipe out the plague that was spreading across the planet. From there, Cole wandered the afterlife and eventually broke into a game called The Reapers' Game. There, another Murder Game was taking place, and Cole briefly assisted the survivors in taking out a former enemy of his. After this, Cole was pulled from the afterlife by the Prophet, and given a chance at a second life. Cole is not participating in the tour just to live, but to gain the power to revive the Conduits, keep away the plague, and to achieve harmony between Conduit and non-Conduit kind.

    OC?: No.

    Link about character: Cole at the inFamous Wiki

    It should be noted that this Cole is specifically the good karma Cole, who largely put others' lives before his own and looked out for the good of all, rather than just a few. From this, Cole has access to ice manipulation powers in addition to his electrokinesis. He is also predisposed toward using his powers to heal rather than hurt, and to capture or secure his enemies rather than outright killing them. This is also the same Cole that appeared in The Reapers' Game.

    Secret Message?: I don't know what I'm supposed to put here but sure. @Atomyk
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  12. Yep, still open! :)
  13. Reserving.
  14. Name: Trina

    Appearance (Picture and a small description): Trina is a highly skilled assassin, she's wanting immortality to limit her occupational hazards and further her career, wanting to work higher up the food chain so to speak. She's respected and highly sought for her work. She's talented, creative, resourceful and even without her weaponry packs quite the punch. She has a tattoo on her lower back- shown below.

    [​IMG] Trina

    [​IMG] Tattoo on lower back

    Alias: Theina (birth name) TK, Scope (nicknames)

    Where did you come from/Crossover/Game/Place: Original Character

    Why did your character decide to take the tour? She's wanting to further her career and as such needs immortality.

    OC?: Yes

    Link about character? N/A

    Secret Message? Well since it's a secret I'll leave it as such @Siren
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    [BCOLOR=#008000]GOT IT YET?!?[/BCOLOR]​

    Name: Nanami Yasuri
    From the series Katanagatari
    [Go ahead.
    Try typing it.
    It's fun! Katanagatari~ Katanagatari~ Kah~Tah~Naaaaah, Gah~Tah-Ree!]

    More~ (open)

    Misleadingly small, and thin as a twig.
    She's actually pretty old though! About 23!
    She's pretty stacked too, though it's hard to tell.
    She has dark green hair with a few pink markings.
    Her eyes are purple, and her facial expressions are somewhat dull~!
    Pretty nice smile though!

    What a beauty!
    Dresses in traditional Japanese, oh my!
    Very elegantly~
    Looks that could kill?
    Sounds very good!
    Or does it sound very bad?

    Alias: Why would she need another name?
    Don't be silly.​

    Why she went to the factory?
    Because it sounded like an eloquent adventure!
    Ahaha, just kidding.
    She doesn't have a reason.
    Just wanted to see if see if she could find something enjoyable~
    Something that could ease the pain that's wracked her body since birth~
    Maybe a bit of love?
    Ah, maybe some hate too... ~
    It's a little complicated,
    Or is it not complicated at all?

    Her wiki can be found [BCOLOR=#003300][BCOLOR=#003300]here[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]. There's spoilers, of course!!!
    Secret Message? [BCOLOR=#003300]@Nanami2great [/BCOLOR]@Ziogen

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  16. Name: Hua Mulan
    Appearance (Picture and a small description): Short, fit, with typical features of a Chinese woman, though slightly on the boyish side (as she disguised herself as a male soldier)


    Alias: Mulan
    Where did you come from/Crossover/Game/Place: Mulan: Rise of a Warrior (movie)
    Why did your character decide to take the tour? To wield great power is one way to achieve peace and prosperity
    OC?: No
    Link about character? Hua Mulan
    Secret Message? @Mari
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  17. Reserving a spot as well.
  18. Name: Pietro Maximoff

    Appearance: Young adult male, silver/grey hair, sometimes wears hats, goggles, headphones.

    Alias: Peter, Quicksilver
    Where did you come from/Crossover/Game/Place: X-Men: Days of Future Past
    Why did your character decide to take the tour? He feels something is worth stealing here
    OC?: No
    Link about character? Quicksilver
    Secret Message? Whhhhhiiiiiiippppppp Laaaaaaaasssssshhhhh @Wedge Antilles
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  19. I'm also a CO-GM XD


    Name: Rose Wilson
    Appearance (Picture and a small description):
    Show Spoiler

    Ailas: Ravager
    Where did you come from/Crossover/Game/Place: Teen Titans DC Comics Universe
    Why did your character decide to take the tour?: To take a break from the Titans. Maybe to even find my father while I'm at it and farther prove him wrong.
    OC: Nope
    Cannon: Teen Titans and Young Justice
    Link about character?:
    (You could have just asked. Actually you could ask me for almost any Titan lol)
    Secret Message?:
    Please don't tell Robin but I stole the last cookie. @Raven
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  20. Reserving~ c:
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