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SANDBOX The Multiverse Hotel [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Klutzy Ninja Kitty, Jul 28, 2015.

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    Introduction and Rules

    Welcome to 'The Multiverse Hotel,' a jump-in casual/sandbox RP for the Murder Game community and anyone else who is interested in participating. All are welcome! Just post a picture of the character you're playing in your first post and feel free to hop in! However, if you would like one character you have played in particular added to the cast list of this roleplay--just for a record that you have played them here--you may visit this thread and post the name of your character and their canon. They will then be added to the cast list.

    The setting of this RP is a hotel that connects to potentially all worlds and has an access point in all worlds, advertised or otherwise. It has no specific end-date. It's essentially a 'Nexus' type RP where anything goes, though at the very least structured around the idea that the majority of characters will be rooming there as opposed to randomly passing through. Any fictional character is welcome, whether they be an OC or a fandom character. Anyone participating is also more than welcome to make up rooms for this hotel, as it has unlimited space and nearly anything could be encountered in it, or you are free to use any of the rooms provided.

    This RP is considered non-canon in the Murder Series lore.

    Also, as par iwaku's rules, ooc chat is not allowed within the thread. If you would like to take place in ooc chat or discussion about this roleplay feel free to visit our group's General Chat, RP Discussion, or Discord Server.

    Posting Tips

    As the Multiverse Hotel is a rather large sandbox roleplay it may be difficult to know where others are located. A suggested idea is to use this posting method. This method is not required, but will be helpful to you should you choose to use it. It is great for keeping track of where everyone is, especially for new people jumping into the roleplay to know where other characters may be located. At the top of any post you make put in bold the name of the character you are currently playing, their location, and who you are interacting with.

    For example:

    Kim - Bus Stop - Steven

    If you are playing multiple characters in one post, just add their names in:

    Kim and Stacy - Restaurant - Each Other

    If there are multiple people in the same place and you don't know who you are interacting with at the moment, broaden the terms:

    Kim - Office - Everyone

    This way, no matter who replies, everyone who is currently in the office knows you might be interacting with them or can start an interaction.


    Across all of time and space exists a resort beyond your wildest dreams. Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, you've seen this hotel advertised; nearly all worlds in the multiverse have access to it via nexus portals, hence it's name. Founded by The Mira-Curtiss Partnership, The Multiverse Hotel facilities includes the latest in technologies, unlimited tastefully appointed and generously spaced guest rooms, a full service dining hall, a lounge, a night club, sparring area, water park, shopping area, garden, art gallery, and much more.

    This hotel has something for everyone, complete with a multitude of Prinny servants available to take care of any and every need the guests may have. They will also assist in the immediate repair of any damaged areas; no distruction or mess will be visible for long.


    Whether you've decided to come here for a business trip, vacation, or other purposes, you can be assured of having an extraordinary out of this world experience.

    Billions of people walk through the doors of this hotel every year. Every one of them is on a journey. Every one of them has a story to tell. What will yours be?




    The Nexus


    Our hotel contains it's very own Nexus room, complete with working portals. Most of the guests who arrive at our fine establishment use nexus portals from their own worlds, which are connected to our portals, to take themselves instantly to the hotel. Our nexus technology is safe, efficient, and as easy as walking from one room to the next.



    Come, come one and all! From filthy peasants, graceful troubadours, bold knights, and wise kings, we welcome one and all to our halls! Meats and wines greet you, for the fairest of prices, and enjoy the company of our lovely symphonies! With a respectful maid service and skilled jesters to amuse customers, The Velvet Dining Hall offers a variety of amusements for their guests. Weekends we offer special dishes that are worth to absolutely die for, with such examples including "Classic" honey rolls with every entree' and the King's Wine! Also, for any lovebirds out there, we offer our renowned "Red and Purple Wedding" celebration! So come on down, bring the family, and enjoy our lavish halls, with not a single soul to hear!

    The Flux


    For those seeing to get their groove on, relax at a the bar, or simply chill after a long day visit our Flux Night Club. This club, a near perfect replica of the one found upon the famous Citadel, has been constructed with the finest sound systems known to the multiverse and is decorated with a cascade of beautiful, neon lights for your enjoyment. The club is open for guests to visit twenty-four hours a day, with live entertainment including musicians, standup comedians, and karaoke provided for you every day from 8pm until midnight.

    Splash Zone


    Get set to get wet in the Multiverse Hotel's famous Splash Zone indoor water park! It's fun for the whole family, and open every day from 8am until 11pm! If you like small water slides, try our green water slide that's easy for beginners. Our medium sized slide is our blue slide, which is also a world of fun! Lastly, if your up for a thrilling, fast-paced slide give our yellow slide a try! This water park also has a kiddie pool, a public swimming pool, a raft ride, a wave pool, a lazy river--which pushes those swimming in it along with a gentle current, a public hot tub, and an adults only hot tub. Life guards are always on staff so if you have any questions or need any assistance, you're most welcome to speak to one of them.

    Sparring Arena


    Fancy yourself as the rough, tough fighting type? Then come visit the Multiverse Hotel's Sparring Arena! This arena comes equipped with the latest in battle simulation technology. Choose from thousands of holographic backdrops like jungle terrain, snowy terrain, cities, mountain cliffs, and many more to be projected on the walls around the arena, creating for unique fighting environments. You many also select weather elements such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, and wind to create a more challenging situation during your matches. Don't have a sparring partner? No problem! Our arena comes equipped with holographic data creatures you may face, ranging in difficulty from a beginners level to more advanced levels. We also have practice weapons such as firearms, swords, knives, bows, and much more! Remember, no weapons you borrow are allowed to be taken outside of the arena.

    Multiverse Hotel Gift Shop


    What would a hotel be without a gift shop?! Come browse our fine selection of items for modest prices down at the Multiverse Hotel's Gift Shop! Our selection of items consists of apparel, footwear, swimwear, jewelry, knickknacks, artwork, toys, snack items, and much much more. These products have been collected from all across the multiverse from different locations and time periods for your enjoyment. We also make custom t-shirts and jewelry which can be designed to say whatever you might like. So come down to the gift shop today and browse our unique assortment!

    The Kitchen


    The Multiverse Hotel's spacious kitchen is designed especially to resemble the cooking area found in Lara Croft's very own manor. Chefs can be seen entering and exiting the room all throughout the day, preparing delectable meals for their customers waiting in the Dining hall. While the kitchen shoots for a look of simple elegance there is no shortage of food or highly advanced technology to be found inside. It's equipped with a walk in freezer, refrigerator, and many other highly advanced appliances to make cooking not only a breeze, but enjoyable too!

    The Gardens


    Tired of being cooped up inside all day? Not a problem! All registered hotel guests are welcome to visit our unique gardens modeled after the wondrous display found upon the famous paradise planet Apalapucia. Our gardens are filled with many species of flowers, trees, bushes, and other plants found all throughout the multiverse. This large garden also contains, but is not limited to, fountains, decorative statues, picnic tables, and hedge mazes. If the historical facts about the plants interest you, we even have tour guides available to explain the facts and information behind every plant our garden contains.



    This room has all sorts of games, whether it is tabletop, arcade, video games, or more! The game room is designed to be comfortable, meaning you can enjoy gaming without getting tired. Need a refreshment? Don't worry! The baristas can serve you snacks or drinks!

    Closed off Wing


    This wing of the Hotel was closed off a while back due to a series of murders. The people in the wing, were trapped. Including the killer. Some died, some escaped (somehow) and others went mad. The hotel wants to open it to those who want to try their luck at survival, or to those who just want to explore. The mad ones are still alive (somehow.) and they say it's haunted. The ghosts are mostly harmless. Except for the one of the killer.

    But you don't believe in ghosts, right?

    Art Gallery


    Are you an art devotee? If that’s the case, visit our hotel’s famous art gallery. It’s free for all registered guests. Our selection has been procured from all across time and space for your viewing pleasure. We have works of art ranging from the beginning of time to the far future including paintings, sculptures, vases, and many other works of art--including replicas of a few famous pieces. We also have several curators and professional art tour guides on staff to assist you with anything you may need. Tours start at noon and last until 8pm. Come visit our art gallery today!




    The Grand Ballrooms


    These rooms can be used for any event. Be it a ball, a Conference, or a party. They come in all different forms. From a Sports stadium, to the Roman Coliseum. Their uses range from hosting whole conferences of people from the Multiverse, to a War Room during times of conflict in a world, or even just a large dance. No matter the event, be it War, meeting, conference, or Comic-Con, the Grand Ballrooms are the perfect places to hold them.

    Conference Center


    Are you and your business looking for the perfect place to host a meeting? Are you a big business, but not large enough to have a meeting in our Grand Ballroom? Then look no further than our Luxury Conference Center! Outfitted with tables and projectors, and even roll out things for those not that technologically advanced. We have Catering tables, and eating tables, and then we also have Meeting tables for when your group all wants to gather around one table instead of sit separately. All Conference rooms come fully stocked with everything you require to host a full on meeting.

    Lexicon Library


    Searching for knowledge on something? Hoping to find a good fantasy novel to bury your nose in? In need of a new spellbook, or an instruction manual for that odd gadget that shady troll sold you last week? You name it, we've got it! The finest library in the Multiverse, Lexicon Library owns and lends out every last book in your world and the next! So if you're a bookworm, this is the place for you.

    The Security Department


    A secure base of operations filled with the latest in technology Aperture Science Industries has to offer, the Multiverse Hotel's Security Department watches over the hotel 24-7 with its very vigilant security team. This department is well equipped with turrets, segways, hello kitty bandaids, free cake, and everything that a good security team needs to take down delinquents. And in case those delinquents don't straighten up, they have their own jail cells that neutralize any and all powers of those contained inside them. So stay in line, hotel goers! The cake may be a lie, but this badass team sure isn't!
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  2. [​IMG]

    Aeric looked around with confusion at the Flux. What the Hell was all this stuff? What were those people doing? Why was the music so loud? ​
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  3. [​IMG]

    I swear to god, if one more asshole spills his drink all over the fucking counter... Shizuo growled to himself as another lightweight made a mess and grabbed a towel. With only a heated glare towards the man to scare him off (thankfully, the man had already paid), he set to work cleaning up the shards of glass and alcohol, "Just stay calm, Shizuo, you know Kasuka wants you to do good here..."​

  4. A faintly Scottish voice rang out of his helmet fairly loudly to be heard over all the noise. "Excuse me!"​
  5. [​IMG]

    Oh, you should not yell at a clearly pissed off Shizuo. A painful-looking smile twisted onto his mouth as he glared at the helmeted man, "Let me guess, you want me to help you drink away the sorrows of hearing that your princess is in another castle?"


  6. This earned an irritated reply. "No, I wanted to ask what the fuck these people are doing. Is that supposed to be dancing?" The armor clad man crossed his arms. "Princess? Look, mate, I'd love to shag one as the next guy, but that's not what I have in mind."​
  7. "... Listen, sir, I'm not paid to judge drunk dumbasses' dancing skills. If anything, you're the weirdo here because you're in a group of sci-fi geeks while wearing a suit of medieval plate armor," Shizuo bit back, already tired of the man. Finally getting rid of the last of the shards, he threw aside the towel and placed both hands on the bar counter as he glared at the knight, "Now then, are you going to buy a drink or are you going to leave me alone?"​
  8. [​IMG]

    The DARK DRAGON IDOUN: *bursts through the front door, headbanging as she listens to The Smashing Pumpkins*

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  9. Shizuo turned a perturbed eye towards the clearly mentally unstable woman, "Lady, I can't legally serve you a drink if you are enraged and or intoxicated. Clearly, you are both, so shut up."

    @Rock Knight @BarrenThin

  10. Aeric tilted his head... and started laughing. He had a peculiar sense of humor, like many from his world. "I like you, lad."

    "... Oh, goody."

    @The Tactician
    @Gummi Bunnies
  11. "... Goddammit, I should be paid extra for dealing with this shit," Shizuo muttered before turning to grab a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass. Turning back, he set them down on the counter before Aeric, "Listen, if I pay for whatever tab you run up and let you drink, will you leave me alone?"

    @Rock Knight @BarrenThin
  12. [​IMG]
    A peculiar maid of some sort was vacuuming the halls with a strange looking vacuum cleaner, made entirely out of bones... She was grumbling alot under her breath as she worked, not looking to be the happies of people to be doing what she was currently doing.​

  13. "Probably not."​
  14. While Idoun could not hear Shizuo speak - she was jammin' out to X.Y.U., her favorite song, for crying out loud! - she could feel the vibrations of his voice. Such was her IMMENSE POWER. She reflexively turned to face him, screaming the lyrics as they came, droplets of spit violently scattering from her mouth like a fine mist*


    The headbanging continued. It didn't stop. It couldn't stop.
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  15. [​IMG]


    Dipper, Mabel and Stanford Pines entered by the Flux. They had recently been given rooms here by Stan's twin after he came out. He needed be alone in Gravity Falls for a bit and sent Grunkle Stan, Dipper and Mabel to The Multiverse Hotel. They had just got out of The Flux and had their suitcases in hand. Ooohh! That was SPAAAACCEEEEY! Said Mabel, making swoooshing motions with her hands. Calm down, Mabel. That light almost permanantly broke my cataracts. Said Grunkle Stan, still donning his traditional suit, eyepatch and glasses. It looks like they have some mad engineers to be able to work that thing. Said Dipper, adjusting his cap. They then went to their rooms to pack. At this point it was evening. They then went to the dinning hall and saw some knight in shining armour. As they sat at the table and ordered their food, Mabel had disappeared. Looking around, Dipper saw the girl, looking at the man. Hold on, I'll go get her. Said Dipper to Stan as he ran to Mabel. HAVE FUN KIDS! MAKE SURE TO NOT TAKE A DRINK FROM GROWN MEN! Said the man before their drinks arrived.
    Mabel looked at the man in armour, bedazzled. HELLO SIR! Yelled the 12 year old girl, amazed at his "realness"

  16. [​IMG]

    "Well, this is quite a place, right Mir?" Evan said.

    "Wow, so this is a hotel... is there any food?" Mir, the baby dragon said.

    "Hmmm... let's find somewhere to eat shall we?"

    @anybody who want's to interact yo​
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  17. ~V E N T U S~
    A boy of light


    "May I have that? Please? It belongs to a friend of mine," asked a boy of blond hair and bright blue eyes. His entire presence seemed to glow, as this boy had a heart of pure light. Presently, he was visiting a world known as Neverland--off having adventures. He was hanging around with his new friend Peter Pan and his gang, as the kids all mulled over items they planned to put in a treasure chest. Their little group was making a chest of keepsakes. But, apparently, Tinker Bell had found one item that the boy, Ventus, recognized. It was a small, blue star-shapped object called a star shard that could be used to travel between worlds. It belonged to his friend Mickey.

    The small fairy, Tinker Bell, pouted as she attempted to fly away with the object. Peter Pan frowned. "Tink, now that isn't polite. Hand it over."

    Frowning in response, Tinker Bell reluctantly handed the object to Ven. He smiled and thanked her.


    "I really appreciate it. I know my friend will be glad to have this back."

    "Any time!" Peter responded, saluting Ventus. "Anyhow, how's about we stay and head back to camp for a while?"

    Ven glanced away sheepishly. "Actually, I really need to be going soon. I have places to go and new friends to make." Making friends and growing as a person was really the only reason Ven wanted to travel. He also wanted to locate his friend Terra, but as of late it seemed that the older male was too busy with his own ventures to pay Ven any mind. Then there was Aqua, but all she wanted him to do was go home! No way! Ven was definitely not going to go home and be forced to stay while his other two friends were allowed to do whatever they wanted. It just wasn't fair!

    Peter and his gang groaned in unison.

    "Aww!" said one of the children.

    "Will you at least come back and visit us soon?" said another one.

    Ven nodded, grinning brightly. "Sure! As long as we're friends I'll always come back and--"


    Suddenly, the star shard in Ven's hand began to glow brightly. Peter and his gang gasped as Ventus was engulfed in a bright light. Ven seemed to become a ball of light after her was engulfed, which was shot up into the sky.

    "Waaaaaaah!" Ven cried as the ball of light he was trapped in sporadically bounced off the world he was visiting and thrust him into space. The ball of light bounced to and fro until eventually it crash landed him on another world. The little ball of light bounced down to where the Multiverse Hotel was located, flying right through its doors. The ball of light smacked down against the ground, eventually releasing Ven from it's hold. He flopped against the floor, groaning as he quickly sat up. He frowned, looking at the star shard which had reappeared in his hand.

    "Ohh, I forgot. Mickey said this thing acts crazy sometimes and takes you to random worlds. I should've been more carefu--"

    The star shard suddenly began to glow again. Ven quickly dropped it, not wanting to be whisked away again. Once it was dropped, the shard flew off--flying off in some random direction inside the hotel. "Aw man!" Ven groaned, holding up his hands. "Now I'm gonna have to look all over the place for it." Oh well, at least it didn't fly off to another world. He would have to look around the area to find it, but hopefully it hadn't gone far. With that thought in mind, the boy stood up and brushed himself off. "Wonder where I am?" he mumbled to himself.

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  18. Aeric's confused reaction was to try and knock whatever listening device she had away. "Gwyn Almighty, don't be so bloody loud!"​
  19. Already, Shizuo was reaching a critical point of rage and unholy vengeance, wiping away the spittle the woman had sprayed in his face, "Wait here, renaissance boy..." The growl carried a warning, one that promised great pain for the man if he caused trouble. Waiting for the perfect moment, he grabbed her head with both hands, ending her headbanging and making her look straight at him.


    "Listen, you. I was already on a short fuse, but you just had to light it. I usually don't punch women or children, but in your case, I might just make an exception. Now then, you have three choices. Take off the headphones and sit down for drink like a normal fucking human being, leave the club and get out of my hair, or continue to piss me off," His teeth grit together in rage as he wondered if the woman could even understand it. Letting her go, he stomped back to the counter and hopped over it and faced Aeric.

    "How about you just tell me a story or something, maybe that'll be something that won't piss me off."

    @Rock Knight @BarrenThin
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  20. "... what's happening here?"

    "Umm... that guy is scary, I think we should goooooooooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~"

    @Rock Knight @BarrenThin @The Tactician
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