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  1. Premise:

    The game has begun. You have come across the void, and it has changed you. You feel stronger. You might have the powers you always dreamed of, or you might have the powers you feared. But this crossing has made you different, and now in the arena, you must fight, or die. While many will be fighting for their lives, few, and only few, will be trying to find a way to escape, a way to save everyone within this endless game.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Pretty simple.

    Age: Pretty simple.

    Sex: Whatever sex your character identifies with goes here.

    Physical Description: Either a picture or a written one is fine.

    Canon: Where the character/OC/You come from.

    Two New Powers: Whoever you play, must have two new powers, and no other powers.

    Weaknesses: Add all the weaknesses your character has, plus two new ones based on their new powers.

    1. Its highly it's encouraged people play themselves! However, you do not have too.

    2. Every Character will have two new powers chosen by the roleplayer. But with these powers must come weaknesses.

    3. If you play as the Fighter role, you will be in a death match.

    4. When in a death match, the environment will help decide who dies.

    5. Some environments will have random events, and even monsters to add to the fight for survival.

    6. If luck strikes to often for a player, I will be forced to even out the odds.

    7. Death is permanent.

    8. Each match will end daily, so please be active during your match so you can end it before the time is up.

    9. The second role will be the escapist, who during each match will try to find clues to return everyone home. However, be warned! just because you are not in a fight to the death, does not mean you can not die.

    10. Duos are allowed.

    11. As a GM, I have the right to reform, add, or delete rules as I see fit. However, I must inform all Roleplayers of these decisions.

    12. Every stage will be different.​

    Cast List:

    @Hospes as Savannah

    @The Great Detective as Julia

    @DapperDogman as Joshua

    @TheColourlessRainbow as Cody

    @Mighty Roman as Owen

    @Wedge Antilles as Wedge Antilles

    @Forrest as Dec

    @Crimson Spartan as Dylan

    @Bomb as Alan

    @york as York

    @Ginutusu as Kira​
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  2. "They see me rollin', they hatin'~"



    Name: Savannah, Sav, Savvy, Sav the Zombitch, Seven-up... I'm a gal of many names

    Age: You may never know, my friend

    Sex: Female

    Canon: N/A

    Two New Powers:
    -Empathy: The user can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others without reading apparent symptoms, allowing them to understand introverts or discover one emotion is actually hiding another. They can attack someone in a personal and emotional way since they know exactly what emotion is flowing through themselves and can use this knowledge to play against them. Some users may learn to read emotional imprints left into environment or objects.
    -Nature Communication: The ability to communicate with any and all living things/nature. The user is able to communicate with nature itself. This can manifest literally, allowing one with this ability may become instantly familiar with his surroundings, talk to plants and tell them to grow, or discern events based on the movements of plants, rocks and trees. This may allow the user to 'manipulate nature' to a degree, such as talking to the sky to calm storms or invoking weather phenomena with their emotions (such as lightning if angry).

    -Disabled: Okay I don't want to go into details because I don't really like talking about this but Long story short, Savannah is in a wheelchair because a lot of annoying medical conditions. She's also extremely weak and fragile, physically, because of these conditions. You could more than likely bruise her or break her bones by simply grabbing her hand lightly.
    -Weak and scrawny: Yup. She is weak and scrawny as hell.
    -Looks crazy because of her ability: She probably looks a littleeee off of her rocker when she's speaking to the ground or some animal. Seriously.
    -Experiences the emotions of those around her: Empathy is something that's both good and bad. While it gives her an almost perfect understanding of other's feelings, it also makes her feel what they're feeling... And it affects her mood.
    -Physical Empath: Along with her regular empathy and her power of empathy, Savannah has physical empathy - AKA if someone is having physical pain she feels that pain, too.
    -Dizziness: Due to another medical condition, Savannah gets dizzy pretty much every time she moves.
    -Social anxiety & Panic Disorder: Yup. She is shy and nervous as hell because of her anxiety, andddd is prone to panic attacks.

    Appearance (open)
    please don't look (open)
    for your own good (open)
    really. ew (open)
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  3. [​IMG]

    "... I'm not afraid to pour the blood of people who want to hurt my love."

    "The Yandere"




    -Two New Powers-
    Magical Girl Transformation "Mad Love"
    big image (open)

    Relating to her nature as a yandere, Juju is able to transform into a magical girl form, and can do feats backed up by her magical girl power, which is stems from her affection poured in from her "beloved." These magic feats are primarily in the form of strengthening one aspect of her physical prowess, which can only be strength, swiftness, stamina, and endurance. One of these aspects can only be trumped up by her magical girl form.
    Blood Crystallization
    Whenever she spills blood from herself or her foes, she can crystallize that blood to either restrain her foes or use them as her weapons.

    A Yandere's Insanity
    Juju is purely obsessive to win her senpai's love, and because of this, she only does things that would presumably ensure this fact. She cares nothing for her well-being on a personal level, and would literally do anything for her beloved's survival. Anything related to her beloved is right, and anything related to hurting her beloved is wrong.
    After-effects of Blood Crystallization Overusage / Glass Cannon
    When using this technique, she goes far enough to use her blood when a foe's spillage of blood isn't enough. Because of this, she is prone to fainting from the blood loss, and that way, she can be seen as a glass cannon if she doesn't focus her Magical Girl form for the stamina output.
    Fear of Spiders and Snakes
    For reasons unknown, Juju is terribly afraid of spiders and snakes. No question. Just doesn't want anything to do with those two...
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  5. [​IMG]
    (I'm waaaaay ugly, so no RP pic for me XD, though there's a few out there, if you're willing to waste time looking)
    Name: Joshua

    Age: 19

    Sex: Male

    Two New Powers:
    In his life before the games, his accent was known to cause widespread confusion, with people being unable to grasp it, even people from his hometown are known to have questioned where he was from, this grew in power tenfold when he gained his new abilities, granting him the power to confuse his foe's senses with his voice, this is done by shouting loudly, and it causes something akin to a sensory overload
    This gets worse the longer it goes on, progressing from a mild difficulty staying balanced, visual distortion and hearing white noise, to outright blacking out

    His other power stems from his love of music, as he's almost never seen without his headphones on, and can't stand to sit in silence when not doing anything, this became something much more when he gained his new abilities, now, depending on what kind of music he plays, he can push his body to the limit, listening to fast music grants him extra speed, intense music can grant him more strength, loud music can make his shouting louder, and so on

    He is quite weak, due to his light weight, and generally non-athletic lifestyle
    He can be very cocky, and tends to leap into things without understanding them first
    He can be very reliant on his powers, as he's very mediocre without them
    He doesn't want to fight, and will look for any means other than direct conflict to end a fight
    He can't confuse you if you can't hear him!​
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  6. Name: Cody.

    Age: 18

    Sex: Male

    Physical Description:

    These are a bunch of photos that look like me (open)

    Canon: N/a

    Two New Powers:

    Teleportation- The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between.

    Spell Creation- The user is capable of creating brand-new spells and using them, sometimes on the fly.


    -Cody is not physically strong.

    -Cody is also easy to piss off, making him to sometimes lash out uncontrollably.

    -Cody will most likely over look something, causing him to sometime miss a important detail(s).

    -When Teleporting to many times in a short amount of time, Cody will become dizzy and winded.

    -When creating spells, the spell will be very literal when used.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Owen
    AKA: Dr Rictoffin, Romeo the Candle, Rupert Matthews, (Seriously, don't ask).
    Age: Young enough to wear hoodies, old enough to remember Goosebumps. :P

    Sex: Male

    Physical Description: Dark brown hair and eyes, fringe brushed over to the left. Wears a lot of Skinny Jeans and Hoodies. Watch on right wrist, bands all up the left. Really tall and thin.

    Canon: Earth-Prime, Earth-33, What do people call the 'Real World' nowadays?

    Two New Powers:
    Think Fast -Basically, he can mildly see into the future (only a couple of minutes, mind), as well as the various outcomes to different situations. Helps to make decisions. Really quickly, too.

    Slow Down-Mild ability to slow down time, but only for a minute or two, which is more than enough to get out of danger.

    Mild Aversion to killing-He doesn't like the idea of killing anybody, even if they ask him to.
    Non-Offensive Powers-Do they have their uses? Of course! Are they combat effective? Not really...
    Lover not a fighter Lack of combat experience.
    Low Self-Esteem -Really doesn't believe in himself.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Wedge Antilles

    Age: 33

    Sex: Male

    Physical Description: Medium height, dark skinned, short black haired Filipino. Slim, great physical stamina and energy, but not too heavily muscled, as evidenced by his Air Force Physical Fitness Test results with great run and situp scores but barely passes the pushup test.

    Canon: He comes from (parts unknown!)

    Two New Powers:

    Man of Machine: he has the power to become of one mind and soul with machines of all kinds. Especially guns, weapons, cars, aircraft, and power tools. This gives him the ability to perform with extraordinary proficiency with machines of all kinds. With the right tools and parts, this also gives him the power to envision and execute retrofits, upgrades, and multi-purposing of machines.

    Machine of Man: he can survive without oxygen, food or water, as he can adopt the long lasting qualities of the machines by turning his internal body (and organs) to a metal, inorganic state that proves to be invulnerable to many elements and weaponry. He prefers not to, as he can't resist the charms of beer, steak, and noodles.


    Women: can't resist them, even though it never ever truly ends well for him.

    Careless Whisper: he's just too carefree and reckless at times for his own good. See: Women.

    One track mind: when bonded to a machine, he loses sense of what his human body's status is, as his vision transfers completely to the machine's point of view. This weakness is less glaring when he is bonded as part of a vehicle, than with a weapon or power tools.

    Statue of Liberty: when he turns to a machine like internal state, he moves at 1/4th of his normal speed, and his body turns about 4x heavier.
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  9. Name: Dec (I mean, not actually, but I'm too paranoid to hand that out :P)

    Age: The youngest in our group :/

    Sex: Male

    Physical Description:

    I mean, with shorter hair as of like last year. And maybe a biiit manlier. But hey. That's just me. (Got my usual expression on point tho)

    Canon: REAL LIFE

    Two New Powers
    Aura of Bad Luck: Somehow, Dec's own bad luck can radiate off him when he pleases, interfering with the chances of others. People are more prone to messing up, doing a bad job, or generally not completing whatever they're trying the way they want to. (Essentially just making rolls more difficult.)
    Innocuous Form: Thanks to years of perfecting his skills of not being noticed by others, Dec can, at will, make himself almost completely unnoticeable. It's not quite invisibility, more of a mind-affecting ability, and if he did something such as sprint, attack, jump, or any other fast/showy physical activity, it would wear off. But, should he activate this and stand still, it's likely that even someone searching for him would walk right by.

    Klutz: Dec is prone to accidentally hurting himself, breaking things, and basically screwing up on a daily basis.
    Insomnia: Dec's perpetually tired, every second of every day, thanks to staying up for days at a time due to FREAKIN' INEFFECTIVE SLEEP MEDICATION.
    Anxiety/Eternal nervousness: Dec is prone to stuttering, fidgeting, blinking a lot, looking away/at the floor while talking, freaking out over small things, and having full-blown panic attacks on a roughly monthly basis.
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  10. [​IMG]




    Name: James

    Age: 15

    Sex: Male

    Canon: Canuckland (Canada)


    The Good Hunt!

    James can use a very wide variety of weaponry with unmatched skill, able to pick up and wield anything from a morning-star to a blunderbuss as if he had trained in using one his whole life. In addition, he faces enemies, man or beast (especially beast) undaunted, and thrives in bloody battles, able to use the blood of his foes to recuperate.

    Eyes like a Seer, Speed like a Beast

    He's incredibly quick on his feet, and paired with his keen eyesight, it makes him one hard target to hit, as well as hard to fool. He's got happy feet, with an excellent sword arm to back it up. Dueling certainly seems to be his forté.



    In life, a good trait to have. In battle, a weakness to be purged. No matter the thrill of the fight, in the end he sincerely cares about those he kills. As such, he can be somewhat hesitant to fight at first.


    The self-depreciation is strong with this one. With every swing and miss comes with an onslaught of self-doubt, turning him more and more brash the further the fight drags on without either party taking a hit.


    To him, a code. To others, a potential exploit. He will refuse to fight anyone, or anything, that cannot properly defend itself. Of course, looks can be deceiving...


    The sight, smell, and taste of blood can fling him into a brash and irrational berserk at a moment's notice, making him much more aggressive, but dulling his senses in the process.

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  11. updoot for calcium pls

    "aww yiss, motha. fuckin. missile packs."

    ((physical body))

    ((program appearance))

    VF-02JA "Icarus" Variable Fighter (VF) Mass-Production Model
    Jet Jaguar
    Meme Monkey
    Dank Lord
    His Dankness
    Half-Canadian Idiot



    Physical Description:
    As seen above, his "main" body appears to be a 16-meter high Variable Fighter, another word for "transformable giant robot". In his case, ICARUS (or Jet, fittingly enough) can transform from the humanoid ("Battroid" form, seen above) into two other forms; GERWALK form and Fighter form. The ability to transform allows him to adapt to different fields of combat, as well being able to fill numerous roles as he is needed to. However, in truth, he has no actual physical body after crossing, and seems to exist like a virus or program that can affect the "real world" to a powerful but limited degree. He currently exists within the operating system of the Variable Fighter, but may possess other appendages that he has managed to take control of. He is also able to move between different electronic devices, and has been known to be a snoop with people's private files at times. His program body seems to be able to vocalize freely aside from using the Variable Fighter's loudspeakers, and he is also shown to emote in various ways. When idle, Jet remains in Fighter form to occupy less space.

    [Extra 01]
    [Extra 02]

    Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again

    Two New Powers:
    - "DOWNLOAD" -
    Jet can simply create whatever munitions he wants for his Variable Fighter body, such as additional gun pods and missiles, out of thin air. The process is actually slow, and usually takes half a minute or so for a single missile. If he is forcibly interrupted before the process can be completed, the download will fail. Jet is also able to create other objects, as well as entirely new bodies for himself. The condition is, however, that he must "want" the object, rather than "need" it. Abiding by this, any object created out of negative emotions such as spite and sadness will undoubtedly malfunction and bring harm to himself.

    This is Jet's most powerful ability, but one that can only be used once his soul is genuinely roused by the events surrounding him, which has the probability of perhaps occurring only once in his life. It's only fitting, then, that Jet has gauged that the moment he'll use this ability is shortly before his death. Once Jet is pushed enough that he becomes involved in the conflict as well as the stakes at hand, he can finally manifest his form as the "Lord of Chaos", the product of a child's never-ending dream. He begins to bend the entire battlefield around him, wrapping himself as well as anybody else within his own time-space. Here, he is capable of manipulating each and every aspect of reality, twisting the light into darkness and the air into vacuum. However, he also loses any sense of reason in the process, and becomes a "malicious program" so to speak, unable to follow through with sound logic to produce the result he desires. Based on his own views, he unconsciously empowers others, even enemies, as he proceeds to enter the "final battle" with them, throwing thousands of burning stars their way in one of his showy displays of power as the Lord of Chaos. Despite this, his enemies will no doubt survive, and begin to thrive themselves due to the madness overcoming him. And with his greatest strength becoming his greatest weakness at the same time, all it takes can be a single spoken sentence from his enemy to cause his world to shatter, ending the dream.

    Social Ineptitude
    Lack of Identity
    Easily Distracted
    Self-Loath Issues
    Emotionally Hollow
    Chaotic Neutral
    Dependent on Fuel
    Powerful Antivirus
    Bleach Products
    Internet User
    Cuteness Proximity
    TV Tropes
    Broken Grammar
    This Video
    Walls of Text


  12. PHANTASMAGORIA is to OP. Would you mind changing it?
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  13. Name:

    Dylan (only doing first real name)/ More commonly Crimson Spartan/ Crimson/ or Spartan2961





    Physical Description:

    (I don't got no good pictures of me so description it is...)

    Standing at 6ft 3in

    Weighs about 280 pounds

    Brown hair and brown eyes

    Olive colored skin

    Not exactly fit

    Commonly seen wearing blue jeans, brown boots, and a black T-shirt with a black hoodie.

    Last but not least he has glasses and wears a camo baseball cap.


    Real life

    Two New Powers:

    Superhuman Durability: Dylan can take a beating but still will himself back to his feet to keep fighting. Possessing Superhuman durability it seems no matter how much you beat him down he'll almost always figure a way to get back up and keep fighting.

    Card summoner: As he carries around a deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards he can outright summon the monsters on the cards to aid him in battle. There is a great limit to this though as it will be shown below...

    Summoning these monsters puts a mental strain on Dylan... Causing him harm if he either summons too many or they get destroyed.

    1 to 4 Star monsters: He can only have up to three of these monsters out at once..

    5 to 6 star monsters: He can have up to two of these monsters out at once...

    7 to 9 star monsters: He can only have one of these monsters out at once...

    10 star monsters: He cannot summon any of these without putting a massive mental strain on himself. He only ever attempts to summon these out of desperation...

    None of the monsters summoned get their effects.

    He can use equip spells for only himself and only one equip spell can be used at a time..

    If an Equip Spell is used then it will only grant the weapon on the card.... No other effects will be used...


    Slow moving: While having his normal strength and superhuman durability Dylan is quite slow in moving.

    Eye Sight: Without his glasses Dylan isn't able to see all that well. He can make out where his opponent is but it'll be much more difficult.

    Low Stamina: While Dylan can fight pretty well he can tire himself out quicker than most.

    Mental Strain: If enough of his monsters are destroyed or he puts too much mental strain on himself he'll black out for a short amount of time.

    Will to Spare: Dylan attempts to usually spare his opponents as he hates the thought of killing. This can be easily used against him.

    Bad back problems: Dylan has always had back issues which can be also used against him. Even with super human durability his back will always cause him trouble.

    Doesn't like fighting: Dylan only fights when he has no other choice or when he needs to protect a friend or family member.


    Welp here goes nothing... Apologies for the shitty physical description but it's the best I can come up with. Please tell me if anything needs to be edited and i'll edit it.​
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  14. It's fine if I'm not accepted. I initially wanted to play a sociopath of a program that only does what he does for entertainment. But looking at it now (after a night of sleep) I'm not sure how to go about it in this case.
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  15. You can either fix his powers, or just make the CS for that other guy and see how it plays out.
  16. Oh no, I meant that Jet is the sociopath I'm talking about.
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  17. OH! Sorry I misunderstood. But have you edited his power yet?
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  18. I would, but after further thought I'm not too sure I have enough time left over to dedicate to this roleplay after everything else that's on the plate. I think I'll pull out now. Sorry about this, and thank you for your time and attention!
  19. Name: Alan (aka Bomb, or Crimsondude. Whatever floats ya boat)

    Age: 18

    Sex: Male

    Physical Description:

    huge image (open)

    Canon: Earth

    Two New Powers:

    Rhythm Gunblade Alan wields a gunblade that adapts to whatever background music that is playing or via headset. The blade can increase in power, and the gunblade shoots rhythm energy bullets based on how in sync Alan is in with the music.

    Luck of the draw! Alan has Yu-gi-oh cards that he can ultilize. Currently, he only has 6 cards he can use, and it's only available once (With the exception of Reload). Furthermore, a dice needs to be rolled to see which card is drawn first. (only one card per hand, and drawing the same card twice counts as not drawing that card.) The drawn card can be used on the next attack.

    (1)Kuriboh: Blocks Damage once (but multiple attacks can bypass this)
    (2)Pot of Greed: allows the next draw to draw 2 cards instead of 1.
    (3)Rainbow Kuriboh: Messes with the enemy for a few seconds.
    (4)Ookazi: Deals light fire damage.
    (5) Winged Kuriboh: Immune to most damage for a few seconds. (still vulnerable to heavy-hitting attacks)
    (6)Reload: Allows all cards used, to be used again, but back into the deck (this card included).


    Low Stamina: Alan gets tired easily.

    Predictable: Because of his straightforward tactics and rhythm based attacks, Alan's attacks are very easy to read.

    Not the best Rhythm Master: Alan can occasionally screw up, and go off sync for a bit, drastically reducing the power of his gunblade.

    Headset: Since music helps improve the rhythm, if it is broken, Alan will have no choice but to play the song in his head, reducing his rhythm accuracy alot.

    Luck or Skill?: To use the right card, Alan needs to have luck when drawing the card he needs. This can cause ridiculous situations.

    Card weaknesses: See the cards above for their weaknesses.​
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  20. Is it too late to join?
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