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  1. So, I currently only have one or two active roleplays at the moment. And I'm kinda bored. I have a few ideas, but they all need a little bit of development.

    I'm looking for a partner who isn't going to disappear after a post or two, and who can help develop the story. I'm looking for a decent level of literacy, with one or two decent sized paragraphs per post.

    I am not going to do smut. I have no problem with romance, and the characters can be sexually involved, but I am not writing those scenes.

    I am comfortable enough playing either gender. Generally, I play males, but I really don't mind who I play.

    I do generally prefer MxF.

    Still reading? Awesome. Let's get to the fun part.

    Some of the ideas I have might only be a line from a song or a very, very rough idea, so developing it will be the fun part. If the lyrics/whatever give you an idea that's completely different to what I have, feel free to suggest it.

    "Tell me, would you kill to save a life?
    Tell me, would you kill to prove you're right?"
    "There is a fire inside of this heart
    And a riot, about to explode into flames.
    Where is your God?"
    "These violent delights have violent ends
    And in their triumph, die, like fire and powder
    Which as they kiss, consume."

    I'm lumping these lines from Hurricane by Thirty Seconds To Mars together with a quote from Romeo and Juliet because I think they could be something great. I'm thinking something along the lines of two people, who are desperately in love, but who are in circumstances that generally don't allow for romance. They'e fighting to be together, but also fighting against a greater cause. They could be on the same side or not.

    "How do you say goodbye when you've hardly said hello?"
    "We're young and in love,
    Heart attacks waiting to happen,
    So come a little closer,
    Tell me it's all in our heads."

    Two quotes from the same song. I'm not so sure about this one, but I'm thinking something like two teenagers/young adults who are in love, but one or both of them have a secret that's tearing them apart. Things start to fall apart, and they have to make some difficult choices.

    Something based on each of the following videos:
    You Are Not- Young Guns
    By Now- Marianas Trench
    Ever Enough- A Rocket To The Moon

    So, you can PM me or post here or whatever. :3
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  2. Hn... This catches my interest.
  3. I've mailed you to discuss details. This post also serves as a bit of a *bump*
  4. Hmm.. First one sounds intriguing xD
    Maybe more details please?^^
  5. The first part really did spark my 'romantic' creativity, and for a moment, in my head played a personal favourite from 'All Time Low'; "Oh Calamity!" (the lyrics are not in order, though I'ave placed here some 'relatable' lines to it I suppose).

    'We get older by the hour
    Watch the changes from afar
    Keep forgetting to remember
    Where we've been is who we are
    Now all I do is wonder
    Why we ever set the scene
    Oh, calamity!'


    I'll remember nights alone
    And waking up to dial tones
    Always found my greatest moments
    In the sound of your hello's
    Now I struggle to recall
    The reasons you would come to leave
    Oh, calamity!


    If I catch you on the corner
    Will you even know it's me?
    Will I look familiar to you?
    Do you offer me a seat?
    Can we find a new beginning?
    Do you turn the other cheek?
    Oh, calamity!'

    Though I'am not good with 'hefty and lengthy' replies, perhaps we could discuss this and create an even awesomer (it's a word!) plot and enjoy ourselves with the role play?

    That'd be seriously, amazing.
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