The Multistoried House of the Dream of Rain OOC/ Plot Discussion

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  1. Plot inspired by the vocaloid song of the same title:
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    English Lyrics:
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    They're fragile words, aren't they?
    "I’ll come to take you away... Wait for me."

    Though time has passed by and seasons have turned, still
    I believe your word and I'm waiting

    Gently falling snow danced in the night sky
    Wearing kimono with open seams
    Poor lonely young children shivered with their shoulders huddled together

    The brightly smiling eyes
    The melancholy downcast eyes
    Reflected the wounds of each other and they pledged to live on

    Those who beckon at evening twilight are flowers of courtesans
    Butterflies of night fly around for sweet honey dews
    Fluttering beautiful kimono
    I lose myself, I bloom myself
    I’ll be the brightest blossom than anyone else and enchant them

    Hey, they're fragile word, aren't they?
    "Let’s be together forever"

    Though seasons have turned and we have grown up, still,
    Can I believe your word?

    Everything began on that day
    The setting sun shined our promise

    Not to let anyone notice my loneliness
    I’m drown in a dream that never ends

    On a street shined by the setting glow, I secretly fell in love
    I couldn’t even tell my feelings and I just gaze

    Before the tenderly smiling eyes was the blossom who has a smile
    With noise the hidden love broke up

    To be in love with each other is a tone of the endless night
    Ah, it’s a fantasy of the colourless darkness

    I should be… You should be…
    Happier than anyone else

    Ah, it’s a fragile word, isn’t it?
    "I’ll come to take you out of here... Wait for me."

    Every time I am told “I love you”
    I felt I could believe life was worth living

    But, then, why don’t you take me away with you at once…?

    A meaningless cry swelled
    But I couldn’t put it into words and it disappeared
    Corpses of pseudo love disappear as the dawn breaks
    If everything had been a dream, I wouldn’t have had to cry

    "I’ll wait for you forever”
    I pledged that and made the promise at evening twilight
    With the fragile blossom
    It was gone

    It was at dusk of the bygone day
    Do you remember the promise?

    "Let the two of us be side by side”
    Surely, someday

    Ah, what fleetingly disappeared are
    The lovely blossom and the first love

    Though seasons have turned and we have grown up
    A permanent scar remains

    At dusk of a summer day, now, the promise will never come true
    I’m alone, all alone
    I keep on waiting without any reasonable prospect
    As we pledged it at dusk
    I wish everything had been a dream…

    Original comment by the creator:
    Rin is a girl who have grown up in an orphanage, and she is of a cheerful disposition. Miku was an orphan and of samurai stock. She was shy and lonely girl. They were courtesans of houses in licensed quarters. They belonged to the different houses and the top courtesan of each house. They used to be friends but now they became rivals. Len was a third son of a wealthy merchant and known as a playboy around there. (He had a long hair.) Len promised Miku that he would buy her and asked her to wait for him, but he didn't come back and Miku died of a disease.

    Historical Background:
    The setting of the story laid is the premodern era in Japan. In those days, impoverished girls or young women were often sold and forced to be yuujo (遊女,a prostitute or a courtesan) and stay in licensed quarters where were closed districts. They were in tightly-controlled environment and didn't have any freedom to go out of the quarters or choose their lives. The ways to get out of there were to work for a definite period (normally about 10 years), to be regarded as pernicious disease, to be dead or to be bought by men who wanted to marry them or keep mistresses.

    *花魁 (oiran)
    Flowers/blossoms often stand for beautiful young women/girls. Also litereally 花魁 (oiran) means "leader of flowers"
    *花魁草(oiranzou/oiransou) .
    This is an old word for "many-storied building".楼閣

    Positions available:

    Rin: Yue