The Move Back

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    Winchester School

    London, England
    Winchester School was located in London, England. This was Usui's new school after he moved back to England from Japan. It was a prestigious school for both genders, and his parents first choice of the school that they originally wanted him to go to. All the rich, talented kids came across the world to go to this school, and Usui turned it down to travel to Japan and learn abroad there. He went to a small school at the time, Seika High, it was finally turned into a co-gender school but he wasn't around for long before moving back here to England.

    The past few days were spent moping, missing Japan and Seika High. More importantly, he was missing Misaki. They were finally getting along, she was beginning to warm up to him. She was the first girl that he actually cared about and was interested in. She was different from the rest, she always argued and fought with him. She didn't think he was perfect, and that was one of the few things he loved about her. She treated him as another person, while the other girls threw themselves at his feet. He always told them no, never stringing a girl along even though he could if he wanted to. That just wasn't him, and it would never be him.

    Usui sat in the final period; it was meant for studying and socializing before school got out and everyone went home for the day. Instead of using his time wisely, Usui sat in the corner of the room, picture in hand as he stared at it with a blank expression. It was a picture of Misaki, and he still couldn't get over it now. Maybe in a few months he can move on, but not now. Misaki was probably happy that he is gone, no longer having to put up with him and his antics. Giggling of girls, chatter of the new student sitting in the corner and how he was cute. He could hear them, but he didn't care. It was the same thing at every school it seemed like.

    "Why do I miss you so much....Misaki." He mumbled under his breath. He knew it was just a phase, they were in High School and it was always possible they would move away from each other, but he wasn't expecting it to be so sudden.

    The sounds of footsteps approaching him, a shadow falling over his face and blocking the view of his picture. It was a girl, her name slipped from his mind and she stood there nervous and blushing. "Would...would you like to go out sometime. Usui?" The girls voice was soft, cute even but he stared at her blankly for a moment before setting the picture facing downwards. "I'm sorry. I'm not interested in going on any dates at the moment." He replied back calmly, but he sounded cold in his answer and she looked away in dread. Thinking she was foolish now for being so stupid and asking him out. "O-Oh...Sorry for bothering you then!" She quickly turned away back to her friends who all began whispering to her about what happened and what he said.

    All Usui did was go back to looking at the picture once again. The clock ticking, class ending soon. Waiting.
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