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  1. Okay, so maybe a human Pokemon isn't so unusual in the roleplay world, but I got you here, didn't I? I'm looking for an exciting roleplay in which I can play a human Absol. Mega evolution is optional, and I have a couple of ideas for themes. Anyhow, the main thing here is that I want to play an Absol gijinka, even if the roleplay isn't Poke-verse. (Mature is optional if you're in the adult classification. Just keep in mind I like a balance of ero and story in mature roleplays.)

    Rescuer-Pokemon Experiment
    Your Ideas are Appreciated

    And now this thread is put in the right place! :D Giving me a chance to put up pictures for my lovely Absol!
    Here They Are!
  2. I'm interested and would love to hear your ideas. :D
  3. Well, then, I first ask, do you want to be in or out of the Pokeverse?
  4. How about outside the Pokeverse.
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  5. Well, then, Absol would act as a sort of death omen, though she'd be more of a natural disaster omen. Perhaps your guy is an investigator and finds the link between her and several natural disasters, more than a coincidence could cause, but he has no way to actually track her. She then ends up in the city he resides in, the natural disaster of, say, an earthquake hits, and he goes after he before she can escape to the next city to find out her connection to the natural disasters.
  6. Interesting, I'd also like to hear your idea for the Pokeverse. Thinking about it, choosing the pokeverse may be a better setting for your character.

    Edit: Cool, let's go with that then. Lights, camera...action. XD
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  7. WhiteBane: Sweet! Can you put up a forum post with simply going over research, or should I put up a sort of prelude?

    Hades: Thanks!
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