The most TERRIFYING moment of your life!


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It's really easy to remember awesome moments, or sad moments... what about those TERRIFYING moments? Have you ever been in a situation that scared the shit out of you? Something that left you screaming, or worse, huddled up somewhere too scared to make a peep? Or maybe a situation that was simply heart stopping?
So I've nearly fallen off a moutain twice, with the same people, during the same summer. Knowing the only thing keeping you from certain death is your fingers clawed into a glacier, or seein a revine coming closer and closer to you in seconds can make a usually mild girl cuss up a storm... Mom stopped letting Grandpa take me on hiking trips. Man I miss camping!
When I was younger I was always terrified of carnival haunted house rides as well as regular haunted houses. Those people that would dress up like zombies and grab you would always gain my ire.
I went to a mountain retreat/ team building exercise when I was thirteen with my school (it was only 70 people anyway!) and one of the activities was hiking up to one of the peaks. Well, I'm also a very severe asthmatic. My inhaler was carried in a bag, with my friend, who tripped and fell and went back down. I forgot to take the inhaler out and then, near the top, I had an asthma attack. It was such a high altitude and I couldn't breathe at all. I remember laying on my back on a gravel and dirt path looking at the sky. I really thought I was going to die! Fortunately, one of the teachers around gave me CPR and helped me to breathe again.

I'll never forget it though. x_x
I've been in plenty of terrifying situations. But we'll go with the most comedic.

I climbed up onto the roof to clean the gutters. Blagh blagh blagh. For years I had been over my fear of heights, or at least I thought. I go to get down and the ladder keeps sinking further into the ground and wobbly so I can not get myself to climb onto the ladder. I yell and yell with two people inside the house below. After an hour one finally comes and investigates the yelling and says, "I thought I heard you yelling but I wasn't sure so I just kept watching TV" and I got down.
My wedding. Only a man can truly appreciate just how terrifying that is. There is no comparison to anything else in the entire world - especially the part, two hours before the wedding when she says 'don't worry I have the ring' and then she says DURING the wedding that she told me to grab them. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-
It would have to be when I took my nephew to father son day at my job. For one, i am not a father nor do i have an interesting job, but the little tyke wanted to go. I worked in an office type setting as a receptionist. The little guy wanted to meet my boss due to the fact that all of the stories I told him about interested him no doubt. I paged the secretary and she relayed that I can step 'right on in' and that he was not busy.
I walked in hand in hand with my 6 year old nephew. And my boss was busy in fact. Screwing one of the other receptionist.
The terrifying thing was that my nephew said "We can wait."
Waking up.


Didn't know where I was.

Didn't know anyone else on the boat.

Ran, down the gangplank, down the jetty to shore.

It was 3 am.

The parking lot of the wharf-side hotel was near empty, the car was gone.

My parents had left me here, with strangers.

Despair washed over me and a sunk to my knees.

I was found, thirty minuets later by hotel security, one of the guards was a friend on my parents, took me home.

Story behind it was, there was a new-years party on the boat I fell asleep, parents decided not to wake me and to pick me up in the morning since the owners were old friends of theirs from the '70s, who I have never met before. Was about 8 at the time.