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The most important meal of the day.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Breakfast


    What do you eat for breakfast?
    Do you have the same thing every morning, or do you switch it up?

    I'm pretty boring, unless I'm on vacation or something. I always have a banana and bowl of cereal. Although I love eggs and bacon it seems like i rarely eat them. Omelettes are pretty amazing too.
  2. Everything!
  3. Eggs, hashbrowns, sausage/bacon, toast.

    I get the rest of my vitamins, nutrients, fruits, and veggies in later meals.
  4. Grits.

    Grits with bacon, eggs, toast, and a huge glass of sweet tea. *_* MMMMMM MMMM. <3
  5. Grits are amazing, good choice.
  6. I'm not a big fan of most breakfast food, so If I eat it, I have to really be in the mood for it! o____o

    But some of my preferred items include:
    - Bagels with cream cheese!
    - Fruit!
    - Oatmeal!
    - Cheesy Hashbrowns!
    - Scrambled eggs with cheeeese!
    - Bacoooon!
    - Sausage links!

    With orange juice or milk. :D
  7. Depending what choices I have available, I go for a cereal that doesn't have a cartoon character on it and a bunch of fresh fruit if I can get it
  8. C'mon Tain, You know you want them.

  10. Nothing beats a bunch of scrambled eggies for me! With ketchup (sometimes) coupled with hashbrowns and some ham. Now I'm hungry... D:
  11. I likes the Flavored bagel with cream cheese, but some scrambled eggs/cheese/ catsup with hashbrowns is good too!
  12. I always have to eat a good breakfast otherwise I can't function in school xD
    I eat breakfast at 6:30 am ~ and I'm in school until 4:30ish x)
    Sometimes I eat a snack in between or have lunch (occasionally) @ 12:00 :P


    I eat:
    -cereal, milk, and a fruit (mostly
    -omelette (sometimes only if its tamagoyaki- more often
    -granola & milk (too much fiber makes my stomach hurttt x3
    -ICE CREAM xD (only when Im feeling crazyy
    -Bagel & Cheese, Juice (yeahh
    -CHEESECAKE (sometimes
    -DunkinDonut, Milk, Fruit ( yumm <3
  13. It differs from day to day.

    If I eat eggs one day I won't follow it the following day with more eggs. Same goes for grains, pancakes, etc.
  14. Does beer for breakfast count?
  15. ^^^ Yes!

    I don't eat breakfast. :P I eat brunch. Normally consists of eggs (either scrambled or fried), crispy cubes, and perhaps two pancakes. Sometimes, I'll have an egg and cheese on a toasted croissant. Sometimes I add bacon on it, sometimes I don't.

    The only time I really enjoyed breakfast was when I was in the Waffle House in South Carolina. Their breakfast was awesome O_O
  16. Blair

    "Multitasker." She teased as she finished up the first one and started on the second


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  17. Ray

    "You know it. How else could I do what I do?" He set up two pans and poured the first pancake and started working on the bacon.


    "You let fear dictate your actions and that will get you killed. You need to be more careful and level headed. That facility was an illegal black site set by a paramilitary organization."
  18. Reese's Puffs.

    Or pancakes.
    Or french toast.
    Or crepes.
    Or Oatmeal.
    Or leftover chicken wings/ pizza.
    Or a cajun omlette.
    Or ice cream
    Or some yogurt.

    But those are when I'm hungry in the morning.

    Otherwise I don't have breakfast.