The most immature role play you have been apart of...Everyone's welcome!!!

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  1. Hi, this is the most amazing role play you've been apart of...first of all: Good spelling...out the door, who needs that. That's it, have fun!

    "Henry, get over here! Now!" The golden haired boy looked up after drooling in his history books, the history teacher looked back at him. "That's the fourteenth lunch detention today...Can anyone explain why China wanted to bomb Egypt?" The teacher explained. After that the room went the ground started to shake and the room split into two. As the room was tearing, a portal opened and out stepped a frog... with a message in his mouth.
  2. "Eeeep! What is that disgusting toad doing inside here?" Josephine, a classmate, screeched at the top of her lungs. She had black braids and had a pompous look about her.
    The frog looked at her annoyed, dropped the note, and spat it's tongue out at her and it stuck.
    "Ewewewew get it off get it off get it of!" She squealed disgusted, and spun in circles, the frog spinning also.
  3. "Canidorna!" A knight riding a humongous dragon without wings (that was very sensitive on the matter) ripped out the portal. image.jpg
    "Now who-" ,the knight began but saw the letter on the floor and very unread. He pointed at the woman who was spinning around for some reason with his flaming weapon and angrily yelled, "read the damn letter woman!" He then wondered if he had put the note though Google Translate before he sent it.
  4. "But," she started, disgusted" it's all slimy! There's no way I'm touching it!" And she continued to fling the frog off, who, if it was even possible, turned even greener. His tongue had extended between two yards or meters. She was hitting people with it left and right.
  5. Krystal was sitting quietly in class until a frog came out of some portal. She was bored in class to begin with, so everything that was happening gave her a good laugh... that is until the girl with the frog on her started flinging the frog around, and ending up hitting her.
    Her eyes turned red out of anger and she shot a blast of fire at the frog that was getting flung around.

  6. It seems Cara's not going to get some peace after all.

    She's in the middle of writing her plans of world domination when a portal suddenly rips open and a frog jumps out from it. On normal days, Cara just doesn't care at all, but Josephine - dear mother of god, Josephine - suddenly starts screeching and went about the room, running in circles--is that the frog sticking on her?

    Cara's one of the people who got slapped by a froggy ass, and she feels as if her temper's rising. Clenching her fist, she bites her lip, until she got so fed up and fired lasers from her eyes, and nearly destroyed the classroom.


    And it doesn't really help that her skin tore open and showed the entire world the cyborg underneath it.

    Double oops. Time to move to Africa.
  7. Krystal ducked when a laser almost hit her, snapping her out of her evil side.
    "What the hell was that?!" She exclaimed as she looked in the direction it came from, apparently Cara is a cyborg.
    Krystal has had a problem with cyborgs in the past, so she shot more fire, except at her.
  8. Silicon skin hangs off from her 'body,' and she's totally out of control. The frog's hit some kind of switch in her body and now she's barely sentient. Or as sentient as a lump of metal can be.

    Then came the blasts of fire. Cara moves away from the heat source almost immediately as she's programmed to, and still having an inkling of sentient, she exclaims, "What the actual hell!?"
  9. The frog stopped, suddenly and didn't move but cleared his throat "hello, you have all been chosen to join a league called " The League Of Very Specific Ordinary People" yes...I know it is vague but bear with me..." he says as he waves for everyone to follow him back into the portal.
  10. The knight and the dragon both grew very angry. "No, wait! You must read the letter! It tells you how to defeat-" But he was cut off by a massive red laser beam blasting out the portal and incinerating them, a single ember brushing against the letter and causing it to burst into flames. The beam then dissipated and Kate the school janitor came in, saw at the ruin the school had become, and decided that now was a good time to take a holiday. She looked at the frog and the cyborg and the fire slinging lunatic and simply said, "lead the way Frogger." image.jpg
  11. A massive WWII era battleship sailed down the...street. It's bow plowed through the concrete as the propellers somehow churned the concrete behind the ship, propelling it forward. The road was left unusable in it's wake. At the helm was Captain Doot. A skeleton teenager. "Shit I'm late for class!" He pulled the lever to request more speed from the engine room. But he was the only one on the soil faring ship so it stayed the same speed. The vibrations of the vesel could be felt for miles.