The Most Humorous Superpowers

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  1. So we can all come up with pretty crappy superpowers but can you come up with crappy humorous superpowers?​

    The funniest one gets a prize, which will be determined by voting in a poll once we get some in. (Prize may or may not exist) :P
  2. The power to control toasters.
  3. The fear-triggered power to hide in a parallel dimension where the complete silence and lack light and of oxygen calms you enough to return.
  4. The ability to fart streamers and to go blind when in danger.
  5. The ability to give someone a hemorrhoid by snapping your fingers.
  6. The power to sense diarrhea as thought waves.
  7. The power to grow pizza and spaghetti from your armpits.

    Also known as the Italian dream.
  8. The ability to sense the exact temperature of any room (or outside) just by standing in it.
  9. The ability to destroy all trollz. And Magibon.
  10. The power to stop time, but when you stop time, you can't move anyway.
  11. the power to bestow Anatidaephobia upon someone aka the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is staring at you
  12. The ability to possess someones body, but it causes them uncontrollable and never ending diarrhea while you possess them.