The most hilarious advertisement I have ever seen.

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  1. The following Danish advertisement is slightly NSFW, but it has made me laugh more than any other.

    Personally, I think that they are being really clever with this marketing strategy, because they highlight an issue, but do it so in a humorous, tongue-in-cheek way, not to mention that they manage to appeal to a person's sense of nationality while doing so. It is simple, hilarious and effective.

    What about you guys? What do you think and are there any other advertisements that have the same qualities according to you?
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  2. That was awesome, two thumbs way up xD
  3. I love how they included gay couples in a positive light
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  4. That was absolutely beautiful. I loved it. Though I can't say I know anything that pulls it off well enough and I don't have cable TV so my chances of seeing commercials are pretty much nothing, lol.
  5. That's pure gold! Love it! Better than the ads I have in Australia. -_-'
  6. Gah-priceless. I'm sure they did a wonderful job of making people want to have babies. :P
  7. LMAO
  8. This I thought was hilarious

    Real vintage adds though are SUPER hilarious or SUPER CREEPY O.O


    I'm just laughing so hard at these old ads, Thank you @Lstorm for inspiring me to look these things up!!

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  9. Oh, if you want hilarious, you should see what Japan does for their video game adverts. Short, sweet, and hilarious.

  10. How I wish I lived in Denmark.

    (For more than just this reason)
  11. This is a new advert for a British DIY chain store called B&Q. I first saw it a couple days ago, and it is still funny!

    The UK tends to do commercials very much in line with usual British humour, which is either physical or tongue-in-cheek and coded. I love them.

    Oh, and the joke for the guy who's change doesn't quite 'work' at first, he's dressed as a Morris dancer, which is a traditional folk dance in England. It is often teased and is looked on as quite silly. It has some very funny elements in it as well, so even people who do Morris dancing don't take themselves too seriously.

    This is another one I love for insurance.

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