The most AWESOME person ever!

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  1. STEPHY! You must all now go here! Be her friend and post all sorts of nice and cute things on her profile! You will be so amazed at how wonderfully Stephanie-like she is that you turn into a unicorn and run off into the sunset! Then explode into a giant pile of icecream!

    Wonder if she remembers this...


    All so this is a turtle...

  2. Funny story that burger though.. Did not plan that it sorta just happened to turn into a turtle..
  3. Oh my goddess! I adore that Stephanie! Did you know she likes YARN?
  4. I saw the name of the thread from the main page and thought you were talking about me.

    (Wow, self-centered much?)
  5. I thought it as going to be some kind of contest. XD I do remember that picture! Craziness.

    I'm going to add every person who posts in this thread to my friends list and shine awesomeness on you all. :P
  6. I think Elyd is a very nice person! Easy to talk to and awesome!
  7. One would think you were having sex with this Elyd person, Isaboo.
  8. Only you because you are guided by your short end, Darkness.

    Also yay Stephanie :D
  9. Pretty sure the only one who would think that is you. Then again, a few of us from "that other site" knows that Unicorns are more likely to have sex with a Basselope.
  10. That other site sucks balls. >:(
  11. You mad, bro. You mad.
  12. Me too, Fel. Me too. I mean, I even have a cult.

    But ah, yay, woo, Stephanie! :D
  13. Yay Miss Stephanie! Or as I used to call her Sutefanii-San!
  14. I saw it was by Pan, instantly concluded either about Vandoosa or Stephanie.

  15. I do not get these jokes.
    As this is the case, I'm not amused.

  17. **Deports Koori**
  18. *illegally immigrates*
  19. NotGod's pretty predictable isn't it? XD I should've realized it. He did a thread like this at MW once. Anyway. Go Koori for calling it!

    Fluffy: Don't need a cult when you have an Isabella. ;)

    Kitti: Aww they're not really jokes. I mean, I don't know what you call Isabella's post... because... actually that's not really a joke either. He's weird.

    It is weird calling NotGod Isabella for other people. xD;
  20. It was planned as a joke! But a funny one that has to stay on topic.. just think.. all most posted this in insanity... Would have been hijacked before Stephy could ever see it! Served it's purpose though! Stephy is getting many new friends!