The most amusing fight ever.

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  1. Clearly he has some kind of Thorn enchantment so when hit the attacker takes damage.
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  2. I bet the defending guy was also a Drunken Fist Monk.
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  3. I see no reason to disbelieve that.
  4. o.O That didn't even look like a real fight. The dude throwing punches hits weaker than my eight year old....
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  5. Wow, that was such an intense battle, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    That was plenty of excitement for me to last for a while.
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  6. That was wonderful. I'm surprised there wasn't a worldstar logo somewhere on the screen.
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  7. *Claps*


    lol I think this was staged; I wouldn't lol so loudly if I was filming two strangers fighting, and if he knew the people, at least one of them woulda told him to shut up or acknowledged him in some way.
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  9. Maybe the guy filming was an Iwaku staff member.
  10. You underestimate the lack of giving a fuck people exhibit when they're show boating.

  11. I think they were just too drunk to care about their friend laughing at them.
    Hell some people laugh at their friends shit constantly, where it's a sort of norm.
  12. Yeah, good points.
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  13. I don't really like the show myself.
    But there's something about two Midgets fighting that makes me look back and go "Say what?".
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