The Mortelle's and Their Motley Crew

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The Mortelle's live in a small one story house(And a finished basement) in Little Falls New York. They have seven children, six adopted one of their own. They get strange looks in public because of their kids and whisperes behind their back. Some congratulate and thank them for bringing needy kids home, most don't though. Everyday brings new challenges and hardships, but it also brings successes and joys.

This is their story.


AIDAN- 1 December 2015, 4:31 PM.

Aidan stood in the darkened bathroom. He splashed cold water over his face and ran it through his hair. They were going out to eat dinner tonight and Aidan had been told to go clean up and look presentable. They were supposed to leave at 4:40.

It was a rare occurrence for the Mortelles to go out for meals. With seven kids it was hard to find a place to feed all of them without spending a lot of money. Also it was hard to go out with some of the kids because they had varying amounts of behavior based disabilities which meant keeping them under control in public a near impossible task.

Aidan went to his room and grabbed some clean clothes. They were going out tonight because a storm had knocked the power out so the house had no electricity. The Mortelles were hoping by the time they got back from dinner that the power would be back up. It was cold out and a night without heat would be miserable for some of the kids.

After picking out a set of clean black cargo pants a plaid button up Aidan shut the door and pulled his clothes on. He was buttoning his shirt up as he opened his door up and went to the laundry room. He opened the dryer up and started to sift through the clean clothes for some clean socks.

GUSI- 1 December 2015, 4:31 PM

Gusi lay on the floor of the family room rocking. The little girl had had a terrible day. She'd gotten overstimulated and freaked out at school which led to her getting sent home for scratching her face and banging her head into the floor. She was still upset even at after being home since lunch. It didn't help she was cold and hadn't been sleeping well either.

Gusi pressed her fingers into her eyes and rocked back and forth her other hand was bunched into a fist around the collar of her pink Henley shirt. She was sucking on her shirt and making quiet get sharp sounds as she rocked. She had had several meltdowns throughout the day and was just calming down after one. She would kick her feet a bit, but had mostly settled into just rocking and sucking on her shirt.

Gusi was wearing a pink Henley shirt, a black and white striped t-shirt, a pair of jeans, her purple canvas belt, and white toddler socks. She'd managed to kick her shoes off during her tantrum. One was under the couch the other was by the bathroom door. She had wanted to wear her sister's hoodie, but hadn't found it, which is the reason for the most recent meltdown.

Under normal circumstances Gusi would not be taken out today, but the house was cold and there was no way to heat up food or anything for her. Plus making someone stay behind with her would mean that person didn't get hot food either so the family was going to risk it and take her out.
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