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  1. Have any of you ever wanted to be apart of the book series: The Mortal Instruments? Well here's your chance!
    This Role Play is slightly based off of the book series, it does have the species of "Shadow Hunters" as well as some new species. You can either play to be a demon[vampire, succubus, incubus, Lycan] or an part angel, full angel, shadow hunter, or one of the species that are listed below:

    Angel-Like Species:

    Umbră înger [oo-mb-ray] [in-jer] : If you were to call this creature by any other name, you would call it "Shadow Angel". Although, everything you've ever known is that angel's fight shadows, this one still does, but it also is a "spy" so to speak. With shadows enveloping it's every step, these types of creatures are beautiful and seducing. They do not carry the scent or look of a regular "angel" type creature, so the shadows that we fight are confused and think this creature is apart of their own world. Normally found in Romania

    Leóailé [Lee-o-ale] : Although this creature may appear to be human, can't you see in his eyes that he has the look of a feline predator? When this creature came down from the heavens, it was originally exactly what it's name says "Winged Lion". A favored intelligent pet among the angels, it was sent down to earth in human form to defend the innocent from evil, this creature has the power of fully feathered wings as well as changing into it's original form.

    Shadow Hunter [Sha-doh-Hun-tur] : A demon hunter that is part angel part human they use runes that a full blooded angel has marked upon them to vanquish demons and protect themselves. Usually only a rune by itself on the shadow hunter will not kill the demon, but if it is applied to a weapon that it does more damage.

    Demon-like Species:

    Deletaine [Dell-a-tane]- These are human like creatures, with two elements infused into their blood. Which means they can control two elements. They also have the essence of an animal demon locked away inside of them. This animal demon can be any type of animal, it can even be any type of creature found on the Island.

    Cysgodol [Kye-s-god-ul]- These creatures are more animal like, although they have human like intelligence. They have a snout of a wolf, ears of a fox, body of a horse, and a tail of a feline. They are predatory animals and mostly live near the forest. They are creatures of Shadows.

    Mellerkine [Mell-er-ki-n]- These are human like creatures that have control of one element. But this element is apart of them, and they can control it, bend it, and even engulf themselves in it as an armor. They are very skilled at making weapons with this element.

    Being modern day, technology and the times have developed and mundane human beings are starting to come to realisation that there's possibility of other worlds. Already there has been many sightings of people claiming to have seen ghosts, figures and heard incredibly un-natural sounds coming through their windows at night. Were the glamours which the down worlders (Demons) and supernatural beings (other races not demonic) wearing thin?

    The council had started to come together - no race got along very well.. The races were just civil around one another, especially in the council. However the demons did not console with the council - for they were the ones being hunted more regularly than the other races by the shadow hunters. Each race had its own council, but for a balance in their survival - this one was put together for emergencies.

    This was an emergency. Would it be that they had to move? Develop their magic and glamours? Where would they go? If they left - the demons would surely stay to feed on the human life force that Earth would give them.

    Are you interested? Would you like to join? Comment here! If you have any ideas to suggest for this plot to add/change then go ahead and run it by either me or Charlie in this thread! We are doing this together, so we both can be asked questions! :D
  2. I'm certainly interested :D aha! I'll be doing it for sure ^^ x
  3. Haha, aren't you funny (;