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  1. IC thread for the Moonlit World. Information and sign up found here.
  2. I don't know what I expected, but it certainly wasn't anything along the lines of what I found.

    Ever since Gravity Falls, where I stayed with my twin Mabel at our Grunkle Stans tourist trap I had opened my eyes to the possibility of wonder. Gnomes in the woods, angry spirits, Trickster Outsiders as the journal calls them and a lot more. They were as real as I was and far older, as far back in the stories as I could research. Gravity Falls was just the tip of the iceberg and the possibility of more places and things of the likes of my summer childhood haunt both thrilled and terrified me. How many others like Bill was out there? How many other weird and strange creatures lurked, playing at being human among us? I don't know.

    But I was going to find out.

    ....Once I graduated.

    Time passed, me and Mabel stayed close, among our other circle of friends we made back at the Falls. I guess when you team up to take down some eldritch abomination who sees reality more as an optional choice, it builds up some pretty strong bonds. But Gravity Falls had left its mark on me and and I saw things in my life, that I otherwise never would have before. I even solved a few, as always with Mabel in our growing years. The journal grew in its additions and I began to change.

    Cue present times.

    Colombia University was a very prestigious school in New York City, and when I got the scholarship all my friends came to celebrate. Mabel would be coming soon enough, once she got her stuff all organized and I was sent to be the forerunner. Just me, an apartment meant for four paid for- In part by Pacifica, as part of her gift to us(I laugh, thinking fondly on how much things have changed) and partly by Grunkle Stan.

    I miss them all.

    Still, New York City has a lot to offer and I was just playing tourist, walking around through Central Park with a degree of fondness, as its the closest to greenery I can find in this city. One chapter of my life has ended.

    A new one begins.​
  3. "...just go around the other way. Ouch! Not that way! The other other way! Oh, you're just being contrary now." came the female voice from nearby and... up. Like maybe in a nearby tree, up.

    "Maybe." a decidedly male, very gruff voice replied.

    "Listen, if you don't cooperate I'm going to get stuck here and none of us is going to get any dinner." This was said in the manner a parent would say to a child.

    "I can get free. You probably can't" The male voice replied.

    "Come oonnn!" She pleaded.

    No further words, just an exasperated sigh came to Dipper's ears as he closed in on the location.

    "Uh... hi. Could you maybe... help me out here?"
    She asked this while hanging upside down from the tree, seemingly tangled there by a couple of long dog leashes. On the ground near where she was, were a Jack Russell Terrier and an old Chocolate Lab, the latter of which appeared to be sleeping.

    "Make her promise you some treats first. That's what I'd do." The Terrier said.

    "Shh! You're not supposed to talk around other people! Uh, yeah, I guess I can't really say I'm a ventriloquist now, can I? A performance artist? Uh.. yeah, guess not. I'm Doreen. I'd shake your hand but they're both sort of tied up right now. Could you help me get down?"

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  4. Dipper stared.

    The dogs presumably stared back.

    Finally, he just shook his head and put his backpack down as he looked at them.

    "Umm...Hi? Could you- Watch my bag for me please? Thanks."

    He then climbed up in an effort to assist her as he frowned, tongue tip slightly sticking out of the corner of his mouth in concentration before he asked.

    "Soooo....Good walk?"

    He didn't even think Mabel could have gotten into something as convoluted as this.

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  5. "It was, until someone saw a squirrel." Doreen replied.

    Once she was freed the expected fall to the ground didn't quite happen normally either, as she swung around and landed, catlike on the ground before standing to rub at her wrists. The Lab woke up and shook himself, while the Terrier was just staring intently at Dipper's bag, as if it was expecting something to happen to it.

    "Yeah, they don't... normally do that. It's because I'm around. It's pretty hard to explain, and unbelievable. But thanks, anyway." She stuck out her hand for a handshake.

    "I'm sure I would have gotten out of that, it just would have taken time. I thought that dog walking was my ideal job but..."

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  6. "But squirrels, right?"

    He said warmly, shaking her extended hand with a smile.

    "Dipper Pines. I'm a student over at Colombia University."

    He thought for a moment about asking about the dogs, debating several ideas before just asking straight out.

    "Soooo....Whats with the dogs then? Soul transfer or-what?"

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  7. She blinked.

    Then she laughed. "Of course! Of course someone who'd believe me would find me. It's my luck. Gotta love it."

    "Actually, I've got a fairy godmother. Literally. Well, more accurately, grandmother. So, sometimes animals talk when they're around me. And usually, they do what I ask them to." Doreen said, pointedly looking at the dogs, who were pretending to be just regular dogs now.

    "That's not the only thing. I live a charmed life. I just... win. Like, nearly all the time. I often get into strange situations. Like one time I was stuck in the bathroom on a train for twelve hours, but when I finally got out, I was at my stop, and half of the other passengers had gotten super sick from eating the pulled pork sandwiches they served for lunch. Today... I guess I needed to..."

    Doreen stopped and giggled. "...hang out here long enough to meet you, I bet. When bad things happen to me, it's because something really good is around the corner because of it. If that makes any sense. Since your eyes didn't glaze over when I was explaining, I guess it sort of does?"

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  8. "I've seen stranger."

    Dipper said wryly as he smiled politely before adding.

    "And while I'm not...Magic in the slightest, I have a little experience with all this."

    He looked around, hand rubbing the back of his head. He missed his old cap.

    "Sooo.... Dog walking? Doctor Doolittle cornered the market on talking to animals?"

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  9. "You have? That's kind of unusual isn't it?" Doreen replied with a smirk.

    "I... am just trying to earn a little extra money. I wanted to go to a better school than just CUNY." CUNY was the City University of New York. Not exactly the most prestigious school around. "My usual job is waitressing. I figured since I could talk to dogs, walking them would be a cinch. Squirrels listen a whole lot better."

    "Dipper, huh? Is that some sort of nickname? And what are you studying at Colombia?" She asked, finally getting the dogs wrangled up. "If you want to keep talking, I have to head to the parking lot to get these guys back to Furreals. That's a pet salon nearby, where these lovable dogs belong."

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  10. "Aren't we all?" Dipper replied with a smile as he walked alongside her in step.
    "Looking for a side job myself...At least, after I get my class schedule in check." He responded easily as he took in Central Park before adding.

    "Psychology, History, some general studies and some math. Just base classes right now, till I figure out more as to what I want to do." He actually knew what he wanted, but he didn't want to say it aloud and come off as weird...Er then how most people saw him.

    "Actually, speaking about unusual from before- I was wondering if you'd know more about the New York areas of...Paranormal interest? I'm new and I'd like to know I'm not stepping on toes if I poke around."

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  11. "Pretty much. Most people just don't realize it." Doreen agreed.

    "Well, here in Central Park there's the druids. For the vampires I hear there's a restaurant they hang out at, I can dig up the name. It's not a place I'd go." She walked ahead of him and backwards, keeping his gaze, and oddly, now the dogs were behaving perfectly.

    "Oh, have you been to the Elysium here yet? Or the Troll Market? I love the Troll Market. You can get the best food there. I got a standing seat at this one place... you pay the guy with a little bit of your hair. Isn't that freaky? Even for, you know... people like us?"

    The sign for Furreals was visible from the parking lot. "Hold that thought. I'll be back in ten."

    She dashed across the street with the dogs and returned momentarily without them, her hands shoved in her pockets. "I guess I could show you around, Dipper, if you want."

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  12. Wait, what?


    Gravity Falls was one thing, isolated and strange. But New York City? Just how extensive was this hidden society after all? It was mind boggling to consider and briefly, Dipper wondered about his own home town. Just how many people were actually magical beings or stranger things after all? Only one way to find out and he smiled outwardly.

    "Um, sure. Is it alright if I take notes? I keep a journal inherited from my uncle with this kind of thing, I like to add down my own thoughts myself."

    @Michale CS
  13. "I guess so. I mean there's a lot of that stuff going on in town. Maybe the Troll Market would be a little much as a first experience. We could go to Elysium. You have an Elysium back where you come from too, right Dipper?" Doreen asked, blinking and watching for a sign of recognition.

    Meanwhile a squirrel ran up to them. "Skateboards." it said randomly.

    "Skateboards? What does that have to do with anything?" Doreen asked it.

    "Step aside." And when she did, over the nearby rise came two teenagers on skateboards. If she hadn't moved, there would have been a collision.

    "Thanks." Doreen said with a smile. The squirrel didn't say anything else, and just went back to acting like a regular squirrel. "Dipper... you said you've seen some strange things. I think you might be sort of a weirdness magnet. Generally I have to talk to animals first before they talk to me. Not that I mind, but we're going to have to do some fast thinking and talking if random animals keep coming up to us and talking - if other people are around that is."

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  14. "Umm....I've never visited." He said aloud, which was partly true. He had no idea what they were, so there was never a chance to do so.

    Watching the skateboarders go by in silence, he smiled briefly at how she described him.

    "Oh, I might have some stories. Though about your...Magic. Can't you turn it off or something?"

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  15. "I've never tried. Not sure how, really. It's just natural. Should I just think really hard about being normal or something? I think once we're further from the park we'll be okay. The park really amplifies magic, it's right on top of the ley lines. That's why the Druids use it. If you don't mind walking a few blocks we can go to the Elysium, though. It's not far enough for a cab trip. Unless you have a car parked here somewhere?" Doreen rattled off.

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  16. Dipper laughed nervously, one hand rubbing the back of his head.

    "Umm, no. I walked and rode a taxi part of the way. Honestly, I'm a little intimidated to drive around in New York City. You need a killer instinct."

    Like Mabel for instance.

    Dipper thought darkly to himself, grateful at the idea of his twin sister yet unleashed upon an unsuspecting city.

    Poor New York City.

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  17. "I don't have a car either. I've got a scooter. I left it at home today though. You remember the trick of how to find Elysium in every city, right?" Doreen asked. "Though, granted in New York that could still take awhile..."

    By this time she was walking a bit ahead of Dipper, and backwards, so she could face him while doing so. She luckily avoided all obstacles and people coming the other way while she talked.

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  18. Wasn't she worried about bumping into anyone? Or was it just some magic trick? Second sense?

    Dipper wondered idly, about to mention it before deciding against it ultimately.

    He'd seen stranger after all. That and suddenly, being put on the spot had him laugh nervously.

    "Um...Not really. Never had a chance to visit it before."

    And the book never actually mentioned such a place either. There was so much recorded, yet so much unknown as well.

    What better way to honor his uncles then to add to the book with new information?

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  19. "Huh. Well it's easy." She moved around to walk side by side with him. "You just walk, and think about what the safest place would be to go to. And then, once you feel it in your gut, you make a left turn. It's always a left turn. Usually after the third one you'll come across what looks like a normal restaurant or bar, but once you walk in... boom! You're there!"

    She clapped and giggled a little. "And the coolest part of it, since you haven't been, is that there's really only one Elysium, but it's in every city. Well, there might be a few of them, but it's sort of like an MMO, a new instance doesn't spawn unless the first one is full. And the bar is hardly ever full. Of course there could be like a dozen or so of them and they spawn at a certain level of filling? I'm not quite sure, but the neat thing is, if you need to meet up with someone from you know, the Idden-Hay Orld-Way, you think about meeting with them when you look for the Elysium. And for sure, if they're doing the same, you'll both pop up in the same one. Cool huh?"

    That's when they got to the corner and she took Dipper's arm to make sure he made the left.

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  20. Huh.

    Dipper almost didn't notice when she tugged him, his journal open and a ready pen already scrawling down notations and the information given. This was actually fascinating information and he wondered how such a sanctuary might have helped them against someone like Bill, back in Gravity Falls. Speaking of which- He looked up, curious.

    "How often does violence occur? I mean, if the werewolf and the vampire both get the same table, doesn't er...Well, you know?"

    Did it have rules? Was it anything like the old stories of hospitality or was it enforced by greater powers?

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