The Monsters

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  1. It's been ten years since the creatures called the Bone Maulers broke out, and nasty thing.
    Their skin looked like burnt human, their flesh was a bloody red mixed with a pus yellow color. The things crawled on all fours as their sharp fangs craved human bone, biting into you and taking only the bones leaving a bloody sac of skin, flesh and blood left.
    Any human that was bit once but left to survive were the ones with the worst fate, for they would turn into the beasts within three days, there was no cure.

    Millions died within the first couple of months. People then started looting, turning or doing their best to survive...
    The FBI declared this a level 10 crisis (the numbers ranging from one to 10) making this their first priority. The best team of scientists from around the world tried finding a cure for this disease while The United States Army, along with other armies along the country issued an alliance just until this situation was under control.

    It first started in Australlia, then slowly Europe, the only place that was safe was The United States...where the rest of the survivors and Military experts started staying. This place was humanity's last hope of survival...The Military ordered a curfew at 5, o'clock, gave everyone food stamps for working on important things, and if they didn't know then they were tutored.
    As patience to find a cure wore thin, there was a rebelling against the Military and The Government all together for freedom to do what they want, when they wanted causing a Civil War between humans...eventually leaving some to follow the Rebels, making them drift off in another safe part of The United States, they were called Dificianato...

    Within the Difficianato was a girl who grew up around their culture and their fighting day she was bit by one of the creatures but had never both sides fight for the girl to try and find a cure faster.

    "Adeline are you listening!" Ellen asked as she put her hands on her hips, "you need to pay attention more in this is the last time I am warning you! No more doodles..." the teacher said handing Adeline's notebook back to her, "your'e the cure to this horrible plauge...please...your humanity's last hope now act like it!"

    The young woman rolled her eyes as she snatched the book away and shoved it into her backpack. She knew why she was so special, she survived the bite for a decade now and as very few people survived the bute...they didn't nearly survive as long as she did.
    Classes were over now, but she didn't bother telling anyone that she was the cure, she didn't want to be treated any differently than the others...besides today was her 18th birthday, she better make the most of it.

    However, what she wasn't aware of was that the United State's government was plotting to kidnap the girl and force them on her side.

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  2. Ooh, I'm sensing some The Last Of Us. Mind if I play one of the kidnappers? Tell me if you would like me to play any specific characters since I'm not familiar with how this site works and all :I
    So is there any any to kill a Mauler? The good old fashioned shiv and face-whacking with a baseball bat?

    "Don't tell me it's another mob out there," Daniel muttered as he followed his superior, Ashley down the dim lit corridors to the meeting room. A decade ago, this building might have smelled of cheap air fresheners and fresh paint, but such luxuries were no longer affordable. Nobody bothered to turn on the lights, or change the paper towels in the toilets. At least, not as often as they did. It was hard enough for the government to maintain their dignity with all this chaos going on. "Feels like we've got more rebels than just the Dificianatos, with everyone in a state of panic."

    Slightly ahead of him, Ashley was running a shaking hand through his hair. He was probably late 30s, like Daniel, and already had a head of grey hair. It could have been stress, or genes, but Daniel thought it suited him and his name sake. They were about the same height, but Daniel was starting to overtake his partner, and probably in looks as well. Despite the mountains of stress to find a cure, Daniel maintained his dark brown hair, parted in the centre ever since getting a regular haircut became something of a problem. Unlike most of the government officials who were wasting away in their offices filing and documenting, he had a healthy tan and rough hands from physical training. His expression was set into one of calm determination with a slight grimace.

    Ashley was walking a lot faster than usual, and he probably hadn't heard a word of what Daniel just said. "I'd rather not look like a complete dumbass when we get there," he added airily. Ashley's grey eyes blinked and he looked over his shoulder at Daniel's lazy smile.
    "Sorry," he muttered.
    "I hope this isn't wasting my time."
    "It's kind of a big deal. Intelligence says we might just have found a cure..." He left the sentence trailing, which annoyed him. A cure? That was a big deal.
    "What? Are you saying after 10 years of scraping to get by, some cure just... miraculously shows its face?" he demanded, but Ashley hushed him and opened a door to the meeting room. Plenty of people were present, most of which were those Daniel never bothered to memorise.
    "Ladies... Gentlemen, this is FBI agents Daniel Banford and Ashley Phippen," someone said. Ashley sank into a chair, and Daniel sat down beside him. He felt quite out of place, being a man more of action than of talk and discussion. He listened as they went over what they knew of this cure. Apparently it took the form of a young girl aged between 17-19 who sided with the Dificianato.

    "We know they will not give her up," said a wiry old woman who was trying to convince them of her plan. "She is too valuable to lose. The rebels could demand for anything they could possibly want."
    "Should we be treating her as a human being rather than an object to bargain with?" someone argued.
    "In times like these, we must take desperate measures. We cannot predict if such an opportunity were to arise again."
    "I have my chosen agents for the job," another one added.

    Slowly, surely, Daniel could see it unfolding. He didn't like the idea. He had just finished training and joined the force when all hell broke loose, and in his heart he knew what he thought was right and wrong. But for a police officer, an agent, a pawn and defender of the law, it only mattered to do what was necessary.

    How's that?
  3. Sure, be whoever you want! The more the merrier!
    You can shoot it, beat it, set it on fire, all the works...

    Suddenly, there was a hush over the crowd when a woman spoke!
    "They are armed on the outside and will pretty much do anything to protect their precious jem...but listen...I found a place to sneak in from..."

    It was Tanya, one of the best survivalists out there and a personal friend of Daniel...
    Everyone turned to her and she ignored them, walking past the crowd; "I have a friend who snuck in posing to be a rescuer...the girl is going to resist but we would have to lie to her, tell her we are secretly from the other that girl seems like a smart cookie so I made three fake badges so I would need two volunteers, assuming you people are good with their acting skills..." the woman said as she climbed on stage.

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    Jack was laying down on the roof of an adjacent building with his rifle slung over his shoulder. He heard his earpiece go off and clicked a button to answer it. It was his commanding officer. "Jack how is the package." Jack shrugged his shoulders as he replied. "She's fine. When I signed up I was expecting to be fighting not babysitting. " The officer still maintained his stern voice. "Remember jack, the government wants her. It's your job to keep her safe." The officer hung up the phone as jack looked through his binoculars, surveying the area. "Man how did I go from special forces to babysitting."
  5. The afternoon turned into a late night as Adeline was done practicing her fighting skills. By law you weren't suppose to have a gun on you until you were 18, so the young woman was forced to carry a sharp switch blade with her at all times.

    Her door slammed open as she staggered into the room, collapsing onto her was particularly tough, especially when it came to defending herself...beyond her training every other trainer knew that it was because there was going to be a war over the child.

    Adeline had decided to wear a gray tank top with jeans and combat boots that were specifically meant for lasting long, as she had taken her muddy shoes off she looked at her window, she had always hated when her blinds were open; with a sigh, she closed her blinds and started undressing.