The Monsters Inside Us

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  1. ((OOC))

    It happened again.

    It always does about this time of the month. Like a woman's period, but with a lot more blood and others being hurt more than me.

    Where am I? Forest. As usual.

    Hm. Finger's aren't healing as fast as normal. Oh, no, never mind.

    I'm sick of this. All the death. All the blood. All the blackouts.

    I need answers.

    Alan began to look around at his surroundings. It was the usual spot. The trees here grew tall with warped wood, having been fed with the blood of hundreds of victims over the past few years. He liked this spot, but he also hated it.

    He tried remembering where the lab was. That dreaded lab. It gave him the shivers to think about. He remembered when he woke up there. And how he escaped. As much as he despised his "re-birth place", it was time for another visit.

    "I'm going home."
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  2. Screaming.

    The screaming was what woke her up. It always woke her up. Blinking her eyes, bright blue orbs looked around in clarity.

    od. It was everywhere. She checked her hands and made a face of disgust. She used to make such pretty dolls without messing herself up. She longed for the day she can get her hands on an artisan knife again.


    Raising her eyes to the figure in front of her, she tilted her head slightly. That was rather mean. She may look young, doesn't mean she's a demon. People can get so boring. Truly boring, no one appreciated artistic dolls anymore. They all call it inhumane. Which was nonsense, of course. They were just truly boring.

    She turned around and skipped away. She ignored the pained cries or the growling inhuman sound behind her. She doesn't remember where she is, but it looks like a happy place. And it was always, just always, just at sunrise. Well, almost.

    She hummed a happy tune as she washed away the blood casing her entire form. She really did like this dress, despite it's dirty mud caked look. It was comfy and it reminded her much of the dresses she used to wear back in her auntie's mansion. She missed Auntie. She was sweet.

    She made the prettiest doll. The Prettiest.

    She looked over in her reflection in the water, which had slowly turned red while she washed. What had happened this time? Did she had to move again?

    She trailed her blue eyes around her and found she wasn't sure where this happy place was. She can't go on like this. She was tired of not remembering the dolls she made. She wanted to make sure that those dolls were proper. She didn't want her name associated with half-assed dolls, like the ones they sell in stores with horrible, horrible names. Barbie...

    She shuddered in revulsion. That thing wasn't a proper doll.

    Enough of that.

    She needed to find out what was happening. She needed to know how to control this...whatever this was. She needed it to STOP messing her dresses. They were so lovely, after all.

    And there was only one place with all those answers.

    She needed to go back to the labs. She needed to back home, now.

    She gave a smile, covered in blood and grime. She smiled.

    This was going to be SO much fun.
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  3. Darkness surrounded Dorian, it was always so dark. He opened his eyes. A half formed mass of flesh and bone appeared before him. An abomination mashed together from the parts of what he assumed were about six different people. He shook his head with a sigh. He had no reason to kill. His revenge had been completed. He was tired of waking up with these poor souls surrounding him. An eye blinked at him and the forsaken one launched a fistful of wires through the poor creatures, shredding them into pieces and killing them instantly.

    He was tired of murdering innocents. He knew he had to end it. He turned around, catching something out of the corner of his eye. The same thing he always saw there. He found it darkly ironic that he, the former doctor, was plagued by a plague doctor. Still, he knew he had to do something about it. There was only one place where he could find the answers he sought. The place it all began. The place he would have to end it.

    He remembered waking up. He remembered the shock and confusion as he made his way through the building. He remembered the corpses, and he remembered watching the video as he surgically redesigned the bodies of the guards. He remembered every detail. It never left him. He didn't know why it had been done to him, but now, now he was going to find out.
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  4. Seth hated this shit. Every freaking month, this "split personality" would take control and ruin his work. There was a method to Seth's madness, but this monthly outburst had some other agenda. He had been busy making his recent victims look like it was a quadruple ero-suicide, but the outburst covered the goddamn walls red, and stuffed one of their tongues into his pocket. He was absolutely disgusted when he came to. It's like he turned into the type he despised the most. He needed to look for answers, so he headed toward where this crap all began.
  5. Sophie Keating had no purpose. She had nothing to live for. She had killed the one person she loved so much who didn't love her back. A person who had a terrible taste in relationships and a strange knack for getting molested. She was sick of it. The disgusting act of molesting and her friend's stupidity for falling in the same trap too many times. She was sick of her friend's endless rant of how terrible life is, of the disgusting feeling of being used, of her friend's wanting to die.

    So she killed her friend.

    But the absolute control intrigued her, mystified her. What would it feel? She loved her friend so much she wanted to become that person. Oh it was terrible when she found out. So terrible that she remembered her friend. Sophie didn't really put up a fight. She let the man do whatever he pleased. And it was horrible, so horrible.

    So she killed him.

    She liked it, the feeling of stabbing a person; the plunge of a tool in their skin where there isn't an opening? And how the blood oozes and splatters like a crimson fountain. Much better than shooting. Shooting was rather impersonal. She loved the intimacy of stabbing a person, hearing their cry of pain really close, watching their eyes run through so many thoughts and feeling the life drain from their body with her touch, oh it was too good.

    I'm a monster. She thought sadly. All she wanted was to protect her friend. Why didn't her friend ever love her back? Why would her friend seek others-others who would rather inflict pain? Why would her friend speak of wanting death but fear it just when Sophie hands it?

    The nightmares pointed to this lab. She stood before it, hoping to find answers inside. About her friend, about herself, about her killing. Somewhere deep down, she wanted to be normal. She wanted to be loved.

    The psychiatrists, the orderlies and the others at the high security mental facility she escaped from didn't love her.

    Maybe someone here will. Someone she can protect.

    Someone she can kill for.
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  6. It happened again. The world would fade into black, and then, red. Bodies would surround her, bodies of men, women and even children. All of them painted with their own blood. It was really a masterpiece.

    But Zaira didn't like it.

    When she woke up, her body was covered in blood, her hands specially. Not her own blood though. Corpses were lying on the ground around her, there should be at least 10: 3 men, 4 women, 3 children.

    Now, Zaira didn't care that those 10 people were dead, everybody will die someday. What she did care though, is that she couldn't watch the life drain through their eyes. She couldn't feel her knife rip their skin. She couldn't see their blood spill everywhere, painting everything that was near. And, she couldn't hear their voice screaming in horror, screaming for mercy. Just thinking about that made her laugh like a maniac, made her heart pump in excitement.

    But, if she blacked out every fucking time that she would kill someone, there would be no fun. And she needed fun. Otherwise, her life would become boring again, and if that happens, she would kill herself. But, as mom used to say, keep the best part for later.

    Zaira knew what to do; if you want to fix a problem, search for the cause of the problem. And that's exactly what she'll do. And she already know where to start. The place where it all began.

    The laboratory.
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  7. Drip, Drip, Drip. . .
    What was that sound?
    Drip, Drip, Drip. . .
    It was near midnight, the moonlight shinned through the glass window while the lights were off making it seem more dramatic then ever. The eerie sounds of something dripping made her stomach turned and made her more curious as to what was causing that sound, then the sounds of footsteps approaching filled her ears. She remained still in her bed while feeling her body tremble in fear, What was this? Was it a true Nightmare that made it all seem as if it was reality? These questions raced in her mind while she remained silent and still while focusing her hearing on the frightful sounds. Her blond hair crossed over her beautiful blue eyes while her dainty, little hands grasped onto her white blanket and pulled it up over her head as she felt frighten and uneasy. The sounds of footsteps came to a stop and that was when she slowly pulled the blanket from over her head and stared over at her closed door. She felt relieved that the door did not snap open at that moment and sighed while thinking that it was all in her head, after a few more silent moments she heard it again.
    Drip, Drip, Drip. . .
    She felt the fear rise once again within her and just then.
    The door flew open and a dark figure stood within the dark doorway, it's eyes closed, It's twisted, sinister smile plastered across it's pale toned face that held blood splatters. It's white clothes were now covered in fresh blood stains. The knife held in it's right hand was the cause of that sound, the sounds of blood falling from that sharp tip.
    She screamed while throwing herself from off the bed and landed harshly on her back after she watched the figure run to her, she quickly scrambled to her feet to only be tackled to the ground. She fought the thing off by throwing blows aiming for the head and kicks to the gut but she then felt the sharp, jagged edge of the blade slice through her throat, it was clear and deep. A tear escaped her eye before she fell into darkness after moments and laid limp under the figure. She was now pronounced dead. Her slender body pouring out a large amount of blood as the knife was sent through it at least seven more times after she was already gone. The finger slowly reached to her throat and dapped it's fingers into the blood before finally rising back to it's feet and walked over to the white wall. It's arms moved while it's fingers ran against the wall. It would come back every now and again o gather more blood on her fingers. After several moments it stopped and stared at the wall before turning it's body towards the doorway and started walking to it with a smile while singing.
    "London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down, My fair lady."
    The tone was high and beautiful, she finally walked out the door as the blood written message laid on the wall it spelled a name.
    Willow only got a small distance away from the door before her eyes snapped open and a gasp was released, she had no idea what was happening to her, the moment she is walking and then she falls into sudden darkness and after that when her eyes open she is covered in blood and holding a blood infested weapon of any kind. She dropped the knife and listened to the high pitch ring of the blade as it made contact with the ground. She then stared down at her hands and shook her head while noticing that they were now covered in the warm, red liquid. She turned her body around and was shocked on her discovery. A hallway littered with dead bodies and blood, bloody footsteps leading to her.​
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  8. Drell rubbed his forehead, and burped. Along with a splitting headache his stomach was filled. As a fugitive he didn't eat much and the feeling of being full was absolute bliss. Opening his eyes he took in the surroundings, the floor was cement and a bit rough. Also the air was different. A bit thinner, the wind picked up and he bit his lip. Catching his bottom lip between his ivories, he huffed. The wind confirmed his placement. He was on a rooftop, high above the streets...

    He sighed and kicked a flower pot off the roof. It was completely frustrating to not know how he got there..He figured he must've blacked out again. Then something moved..In his peripheral he saw it..It was like a leopard only with batwings..Turning his head to focus on it, it disappeared.. He bit his lip hard seeing it appear in the corner of his other eye. Shifting on his toes he darted to the stairs and entered the lobby. He needed answers.

    "What's Happening..." He leaned on the wall and looked out into the rain. He was in an apartment complex by the smell of things..He crinkled his nose at the stank that flowed through his nostrils..Yet he could smell people around. He hungrily ran his tongue of his sharp canines. He was a bit hungry, or greedy you decide. Though food could wait. He needed to know what happened ever since the lab. "The Lab" He spoke aloud as he stepped out into the rain.
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  9. She walked down the empty road with odd signs and thinner air. Odd. But that doesn't matter. She skipped down the street, the way was familiar to her. She was so good with remembering places. Really good. She hummed and she skipped.

    She twirled and she danced. A drop of rain hit her squarely on the nose and she stopped. She giggled. Rain! Oh so glorious rain! Finally! The dress can be clean now. She twirled forward, giggling like mad.

    She rubbed her hands as the rain fell, and the blood and dirt caked washed away. She smiled. It was nice to see her hands were still white. Rosie was a little vain like that. Posie, on the other hand, couldn't care less.

    Blue eyes turned to her left and smiled. Nodding to nothing, or rather to something, she ran forward. Gleeful of the chance to be clean.

    Rosie and Posie, Pudding and Pie
    She kissed the girls and made them cry.
    When the boys came out to play,
    Posie grabbed Rosie and ran away!​

    She chanted happily as she skipped. Just as she was about to repeat it, she a figure just ways off from the main road. Looking at the other closely, it was another girl with strange colored hair. A little taller than her, but that was okay. She liked making taller dolls. They seem more real that way. More beautiful.

    She crept closer. Curious and curioser. Intruiged. Fascinated. Interested.

    "Hello!" she called out, joyfully at the brunette in front of her. The other seemed to be so lost in thought. Why was that though. She shrugged, it wasn't her place. "I'm Rosie" she introduced herself. "--'m Posie."

    She shook off that odd disconcerting feeling and blinked back. It was always so very odd when Posie talked. It was like she blanks out. It was truly, truly odd. Feels, oh so, very weird...and wrong. They used to tell her that it means---

    Peace, Rosie. Peace!

    She turned her blue eyes slightly to her left and back at the girl in front of him. She gave her another big sweet smile. One that her aunt used to love so much. She said it made her much more prettier. Rosie liked to be prettier. Like her dolls.

    She giggled and spoke again. "What's your name?"
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  10. Sophie winced in surprise when a child spoke to her. She stared for a long time, processing the existence of children. She had forgotten they exist.

    She wanted children. She had just remembered. She wanted children and her friend did too. It would have been wonderful, her friend told her, if they could have children. A part of them to live with, to love. This child had bright blue eyes. Sophie loved those eyes, they gave her a glimpse of a past she had long lost, a past before she met her friend. And the child had lovely blond hair. She saw it clearly despite the rain and the stains of blood at the tips. That didn't really startle Sophie. Blood is always around where she was. Her friend hated blonds for no comprehensible reason, but Sophie quietly liked the hair color still.

    She remembered then. Her friend had once taken her in like a child, too. Sophie is younger than her friend. Back when her friend cared for her, it was wonderful.

    "Hello, I'm Sophie." She smiled. "Why are you out here in the rain?"

    That's a question that should be given to her too. She was barely dressed under the rain, but ever since that happened, it's all been different. She never felt cold, she never felt hot. She rarely felt. She was in a tank top and cycling shorts, barefoot. She didn't need more than that anymore.

    "Oh I know, are you looking for your mommy?" She felt excited. Maybe she could take this child for herself.

    Someone to love, to protect.

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  11. She giggled at that rather stupid question. She loved the rain, and it washed away the blood and the dirt and the mud, leaving only flawless skin behind. "I love the rain" she said "It makes me clean!"


    Her blue eyes dilated slightly and she backed away. She crouched away and snarled. Why was she going to take her to her Mummy?! Mummy doesn't care! Mummy doesn't want her! Mummy wanted to make her into a doll!


    "Don't you dare!" she heard Posie but it seemed so far away. "Don't you dare take us back to Mummy!"

    Rosie watched detached as two dolls walked from the forest. Oh. She forgot she made them dolls and left them there. She tilted her head as they approached. She raised her hand to stop them and she fell to the ground. The dolls fell too. And they all fell down.

    Blinking, she tilted her head to the side. "I'm filthy!" she whined. Looking up, she blinked back her blue eyes at the other. Raising her arms, she looked at the other for help. Sophie.

    Sophie? Her name. Recognition flashed through those blue eyes, and she met the other's.

    "Sophie, up!" she instructed with a pout. "Up!"


    Maybe Sophie can become her new Mummy?
  12. Hm. People. I'm not too fond of people...

    Alan was in a tree, off to the side of the road, where he saw a woman and a little girl. He had been following the woman for about a half hour now, and it seemed she was headed to the same place he was. Which was odd, as he was the only experiment he knew of escaping from that place.

    What if there were more...?

    He watched as the little girl brought dolls made of people out of the forest. Danger was sensed on animalistic instinct, but what was he anymore than an intelligent animal? Either way, it made his bone shards extend, ready to be thrown at the necrotic menaces or their master.

    And then they fell down. Everyone down there fell. For some reason, he didn't. He stayed right in his tree, rain beating against his back, watching the scene. There was no doubt now that the girl was like him, an experiment seeking answers, but he was still skeptical about the woman. Until he figured out her powers it would be best to just stay back.
  13. Seth drove down the road in his car, it was a nice car, it was the same model car of Carrie from King's book. He drove past a girl and a woman walking along the road, he also saw zombies walk out of the woods only to collapse. It was odd, was his insanity getting to him? Seth didn't care, he's seen worse. He ate a jawbreaker in one bite as he made his way to where the lab was. It was weird, he had travelled hundreds of miles to get here, but how did he remember where it was? He simply explained to himself, the same way salmon and sea turtles find their birth place to lay their eggs.
  14. Samantha was back there, back there in that horrid place. Strapped to a table, men all around her, poking and prodding, and........ laughing? He startled awake from the dream in a place she id not recognize. Not that this was anything new. This had been happening to her far too long. She barely remembered a time when it didn't, yet, what did she remember? A few years? All of her life? It seemed so messily blended together and she couldn't piece it together right. All the parts were there, but what order did it go in?

    She was torn from her thoughts when she wiped the rain off of her face. She looked at her hands, straining to see in the dark. Was it dark? She felt that it was dark, so it must be dark. She stared at the scarlet liquid on her hands, watery from the rain. She looked up and her eyes scanned the woods. She saw nothing. She sat there for a moment, not knowing whether to feel tired, or full of energy. It was a strange feeling, even to her. She felt exhausted, but something was compelling her to move on. Move to a place she barely remembered. The place with the table and the men.

    She washed herself off best she could in the rain. She was already soaking wet, and it was cold. Most of the blood was gone from her face and hands, and she began to walk blindly through the woods, aimlessly. She needed to find shelter. She wandered about for a while before hearing voices. Two of them, both women. No, one of them was a little girl. She wandered towards them, not caring whether they were real, or another production of her mind. Either way, it would mean company.

    As she walked, a breeze came in and made her even colder. She wrapped her damp jacket around herself, reaching for a bit more warmth. She stepped out onto the road, out from under the thick trees. it was no longer so dark, and the sun seemed to reach out from the clouds and touch her with a distant warmth. She felt grin forming on her lips. She saw a girl, and a woman, on the side of the road. She also notice two limp forms over on the side. She dismissed them as products of her mind.

    "Umm, hello?" She asked timidly as she approached the two, "You wouldn't happen to know where I am, would you? I seem to be lost, so ever lost and I cannot find my way." By the time she finished speaking she was only a few feet away from them.
  15. Matthew was setting up his camera on a wooden table. Once he hit record, he invited his friends in.

    "Let's see if this crap you're talking about is real." One of his friends smirked.

    Matt shook his head and frowned. "It's real. Remember that day in juvenile school where I had blood all over my hands?"

    Matt looked out of the broken glass window of his apartment and saw car driving around. "Witnesses, shit." He mumbled under his breath.

    One of his other friends laughed. "When can we get to poker?" He asked, looking towards Matt. Matt felt anxious and looked at the clock. Almost time.

    After a few minutes of sitting around, his eyes widened. He would kill his friends. How did that not occur to him earlier!? He thought he would go straight out the window as the monster... but his friends were in the middle of that. He was so stupid! Matthew felt bad chickening out, but he had too. To save the friends who at least cared about him.

    "I have to go take a shit. I'll be right back." He tried to say as manly as he could be, but inside he was afraid. Once he reached the bathroom, he hopped out the window, getting a few scratches on his ankles, and ran into the dark forest. He was going to transform. He didn't want to kill anyone else, after the school shooting he committed. He was driven insane, and he remembered. He truly felt remorse. But, he had to hide, to keep his record of no-killing ever since the last incident active.
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  16. Sera Harris

    "Fifty two...Fifty three...Fifty four!"

    A voiced whispered within the area as heels gently tapped against the path they walked on, thin and nimble fingers twirled around raven locks as lightly glossed lips parted to form a soft smile. White teeth bit lightly into the pale pink flesh as purple eyes turned to the grey sky with interest and glee. Sera reached up, dragging her hand across her cheek to wipe away the small droplets of water that had settled there, leaving a smirk in its place. Considering her situation she previously had no reason to feel happy or giddy but instead she had pushed her thoughts to an interview that took place two weeks before her 'death'. It was such an interesting event that the killer made sure to engrave every detail into her mind, believing that it would be the last thing she would recall.

    However she didn't die.

    Ignoring the thoughts that would surely lead her to anger, the woman thought back to that day. She was settled into a wooden chair that was by no means comfortable, cuffs adorned her wrists and ankles, keeping her sat within the wooden frame as she was presented with a young brunette woman. Cameras were set up as people hurried to place the final touches to the reporter's makeup and outfit before they disappeared, hiding behind equipment that would not save them if she was free. The whole time she smiled, expression still as she watched them all like a predator would prey while her fingers tapped against the arm of her chair. "They were so adorable when they squirmed." She purred as she turned her gaze to the building that loomed ahead. "And those questions! It only proves to me how useless some people are..." Pause. "If only I was free then, she would have definetely been victim fifty five!~"

    'How do you feel knowing that you are going to die?'

    'Do you know how many people you've hurt?'

    'You are considered a monster you know?'

    'They say you did it because you enjoyed the fear...that's why you took people in pairs.'

    And the best one, the one question that even now causes her to laugh in amusement.

    'Do you regret any of it?'

    Laughter filled the air as Sera placed her arm comfortably over her stomach, eyes clenched tightly closed as she tried to stifle the sound with her hand. Even now, weeks after her death sentence was supposedly executed she found the whole thing completely hilarious. 'Do I regret it?' Once again she felt the soft but threatening smile come to her lips as lidded orbs stopped glancing around to stare blankly ahead. Then she spoke, the words slithering past her lips as they were accompanied by a pride filled huff. "What is there to regret?" She trailed off lazily, folding her arms over her torso. "I took pleasure in every moment, glance, fearful expression and scream. Why would I even dare feel the slightest amount of remorse for it? If anything the public should thank me for what I did." She pointed out as if she spoke to someone non-existent. "If that makes me a monster then so be it." She was only a monster to them because they did not understand what she had done for them by killing those people.

    After a while, the woman rubbed at the sides of her eyes, narrowing her eyes as she looked around. She doubted she would encounter anyone else here but the fact she heard voices proved her wrong. Gently she felt her lower lip stick out as she turned upon her heels, ignoring the weight upon her shoulders as her clothes had long since become soaked by the rain, she took her time going towards the tree. Lazily she pressed the pads of her fingers against the bark, leaning forwards as she tilted her head to peer around it. Then she took notice of the two people, one child and one female, standing on the other side of the tree as they spoke to each other. Uncaring to their conversation, she only remained since she was curious to why they were so close to the damned laboratory. With a soft shrug she turned around, resting her back against the tree as she took a seat, drawing one knee up towards her torso with a slight grin. "Might as well stay here for a bit." She whispered, placing her chin upon her knee as she shut her eyes to listen.​
  17. When York finally woke up, he felt an overwhelming, but familiar sense of extreme rage, the unfortunate scientists that were gathered around him were about to see the results of their "work". His body seemed to go limp, and lifeless at first.. Or at least it seemed that way. "Goddam it! Not another one!" A scientist screamed in frustration, thinking york had not survived the modifications they made. Then, his body began to warp and change, his eyes were... Glowing, glowing a crimson red, his skin seemed to warp and decay, his body became twisted, slowly, but surely becoming some sort of cross between a demonic ghost and a zombie. His hands began to change, the skin on both of them becoming rough, red, almost raw, and a little leathery, his nails began to morph into claw appendages. His mouth, opened, revealing a row of sharp, jagged, and blood stained teeth. An inhuman screech emerged from his open jaws, as the scientists began to run for the door. "What the hell IS that thing?" One yelled, but before anyone could answer, york tore free of his restraints with a roar, running towards the scientists, brutally slaughtering each and every one, ignoring their screams and pleas for mercy before breaking open the door, and lumbering out into the corridor..... Then york stopped, the transformation process began to reverse itself as he fell to his knees, with one last blood curdling screech he gradually returned to his normal form.

    He gasped, worn out from the process. He stumbled to his feet, shakily looking at the blood on his hands. "What have they done to me.." He thought to himself... Then he looked back at the room he burst out of, spotting the eviscerated bodies laying around. They were almost unrecognizable, but he realized they were the same scientists that had strapped him to the table. "They got what they deserved!" A twisted voice that was all too familiar whispered in his head "What have you done to them?!" York asked the voice in his head "Don't you mean... What have YOU done to them?" It replied. York stopped, knowing the voice was right about that.. A lone tear managed to make its way out of York's eyes before he wiped it away... His emotions were getting the better of him now.."They lied.... They said they'd get rid of him..... They only made him stronger.... It's my fault... If I'd just... Warned them about this, maybe I wouldn't have killed them... Now I'm just a monster.... They were my only hope.... And they failed..." York turned away from the carnage that lay before him... He couldn't bear to look at what he did any longer... He stumbled along the halls of the lab, tears streaming uncontrollably from his eyes now. He burst out the door, with tears streaming down his cheeks... "They lied to me, just like the others... They left me, a shadow of my former self...." He thought to himself "I don't care what happens now... I should have died when I had the chance, but I even fucked that one up... No-one cares anyways, to them, I'm just a monster that needs to be locked away... They never bothered to understand me, they all just hated me, hated me until I hated them too... I wish someone would just understand me for once.... But I just scare them all away..."
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  18. She found herself in her lab.

    Well...It wasn't really her lab.

    But it was a lab all the same.

    Her lab in particular was actually her living quarters, her 'bedroom' if she were to try her hand at humor. There was a cot that she had shoved to the side, and a little dresser that she had filled with various tools. Sharp things, dull things, samples in jars and what not. She always kept everything organized by the letter, but whenever she awoke from her slumber that she didn't quite remember initiating, her dresser was wrecked.

    Okay. Maybe 'wrecked' was a bit of an exaggeration, but her carefully organized dresser always seemed to gain a few new additions every month. A new eye, a few fingers, sometimes even a paper with an address on it. But the words were always crossed out so she couldn't decipher the exact location.

    Oh how that infuriated her. She had obviously written down the address for a reason! Perhaps she had found a perfect specimen!

    She would never know. The scientist of the lab where always missing. Cecilia remembered a time when they were always around watching her, asking her questions and even giving her injections at times. But then suddenly after a long slumber, they were all gone. Just like that. Poof.

    She hadn't minded at first, because she liked being left to her own devices. But then after the things began appearing in her dresser, and little spots of blood could be found on her cot or on the floor, she became curious and irritated.

    "I suppose I should pay them a visit then." She said out loud, and turned on her heel to face the door of her bedroom. Pulling it open slowly, she ventured out into the hallway and around the corner, seeking out the answers and their providers.
  19. After running for who knows how long, York began to calm down again. He stopped running, and wiped away the tears with the sleeve of his hoodie. "I've got to get out of here...." He thought to himself... He looked around, hoping to find a map, anything that could help him escape this accursed place.... He hated staying here... He wanted answers... "They knew there was a monster within me.... What did they hope to achieve trying to make it stronger?" The voice in his head spoke again, it always does so at its own leisure... "They wanted what they always want... Power.... Control of something that can grant them power beyond their imagination... You were simply their experiment, Guinea pig.. They never cared for you... Or wanted you to get better... They just wanted to use you..." "What do you know? All you do is hate, hate, who the hell are YOU to say what they wanted for me?" "You've forgotten... Haven't you? I AM you.... They've simply separated us from being united..." "Just leave me alone..." York began walking again, ignoring his other sides response, not wanting to hear it. Then he saw the corridor come to an end, finally, something that wasn't row after row of shut doors he knew all too well... He rounded the corner, hoping it would lead to an exit... Or at least a window.....
  20. Sophie smiled happily and it didn't suit her. She had forgotten how to, it's been so long since she did. Somehow it made her look very ecstatic.

    That wasn't a good thing.

    She took the child, lifting her up and Sophie embraced her. "I'll be your new mommy." She announced, her voice breaking as she shed tears of joy. Oh, her friend would be so jealous. Sophie has a child now, her friend never did, That friend would rather get raped won't they? The fool. The bitch.

    How sad. Her friend never had a child and now Sophie was living that dream. How sad. The little girl had no father. Sophie had no husband. She better find one. One that won't hurt and won't run. Or Sophie can keep him from doing either.

    Sophie didn't realize she was gripping the little girl too much until she heard a voice.

    A pretty red haired girl, grimy and muddy spoke with a polite voice. Sophie assessed her too. She was pretty sure she heard a car. And she can hear another person in the trees. There were several people in the building but she wasn't so sure. She was focused on the little girl. the other one, was asking for directions as Sophie looked at her closely.


    "Have you come to take her from me?" Sophie said apprehensively, but there was a growl in her voice. She's not going to let anything happen to her daughter. "You will not take her from me." She declared fiercely.
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